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Ladies Only! Cannabis Retreats for Women

Written by Sarah Friedman

Cannabis retreats are big, and now there are options for women only. These excursions from life provide self-improvement, rejuvenation, and female-bonding

It’s great to get away and enjoy a program of self-improvement; particularly when it involves weed. Here is a listing of some of the best women cannabis retreats, that only cater to the fairer sex.

Cannabis retreats

Sure, its easy enough to spark up in your own living room, with your butt glued to the couch, and your favorite Netflix program on. But sometimes its nice to change things up. Sometimes its nice to incorporate our favorite therapeutic drug, with an actual therapeutic program. And for the ladies out there, it might be nice to do this without men around.

Cannabis retreats in general offer a way to enjoy nature, like-minded folks (or time to oneself), and programming geared toward self-improvement in some way. They also provide a haven for those still living in states where cannabis is not legal. For these people in particular, cannabis retreats offer something even more – a way to simply use legally.

A cannabis retreat can involve different activities; last for days, weeks, or even months; and can be a part of some other programming. An example of the latter is the 4 Night Radical Silence Meditation Retreat; which centers on yoga and meditation, but which is not only weed-friendly, but encouraging of its use during the program.

A retreat of any kind might have stipulations as to who can attend, especially concerning age. As it turns out, in the world of wellness programs, there’s a large and growing market for women only cannabis retreats. What kinds of programs are offered, and who are they geared toward? Read on for the top cannabis retreats that service only women.

Dank Girls, LLC

If you’re a lady interested in a cannabis retreat without large amounts of testosterone involved, Dank Girls has a bunch of options, and they all sound pretty sweet. These retreats are exclusively for women, require participants to be 21 years old, or 18 with a medical card, and are priced within reason.

This year, Dank Girls has several retreats planned. The first is scheduled at Apache Junction in Arizona, from February 22-25. Participants stay in a mansion with in-ground pool, hot tub, three meals a day and snacks, and a complimentary Bud/Dab Bar, with access to cool group activities. Each participants will walk away with a T-shirt to commemorate their experience. The price for each person is $900, but if you and a friend choose to share a king-sized bed, you can knock the price down to $850. Some beds are in single rooms, and some in shared rooms.

Next, from April 25-28, Dank Girls has a retreat planned in Tampa, Florida. The beautiful 11 room mansion features a pool, hot tub, pool table, kayaks, and much more. Participants are fed three meals a day plus snacks, have access to a complimentary Bud/Dab Bar, get a shirt to remember the experience, and can involved in all kinds of activities. This retreat also costs $900 per person, with the same stipulation that two friends sharing a king size bed can bring it down to $850.

Next up is Lewiston, Michigan on June 27-30. This retreat takes place at a private cabin resort on the lake, in the middle of the woods. Activities include kayaking and paddle boating, scavenger hunt, group games, tie-dying, and tons more. It includes three meals/day and snacks, complimentary Bud/Dab Bar, goodie bag, river tubing trip, and a commemorative t-shirt. For all this, the cost is $800 per person, which can be brought down to $750 if friends choose to share a king sized bed.

Last for the year is in East Peoria, Illinois, from August 15-18. Here, participants will stay in Medley Manor, which boasts 13000 square feet, and themed rooms (like Harry Potter, or the beach). The mansion has a game room with Skeeball, table shuffle board, a pool table, air hockey, fooseball, corn hole, and arcade games. Participants get their three meals a day plus snacks, complimentary Bud/Dab Bar, and much more. The price is $900, with a discount to $850 if friends share a king sized bed.

women cannabis retreats

Sacred Gaia Gathering

Another option for women centered cannabis retreats, is Natural Wellness Academy’s Sacred Gaia Gathering. This is a women’s plant medicine retreat, which according to the site, is “a sacred journey, a celebration of the divine feminine spirit, wellness, and the profound connection between humans and earth.”

The retreat takes place April 19-21 (yup, you’ll celebrate 4/20 there) in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, in a place called Meadows of Dan. The retreat “combines the wisdom of ancient herbal remedies with modern holistic practices, providing a breathtaking sanctuary for self-discovery and rejuvenation.”

The retreat is not meant to be a huge crowd, but rather only allows 10 participants. Participants stay in a log cabin with modern amenities, and sleep in bunk beds to foster the idea of community and togetherness. Activities involve expert facilitator led workshops on mind, body, and spiritual healing; meditation; art classes; plant medicine ceremonies; stargazing; hiking; bonfires; journaling; one-on-one meetings with facilitators, if desired; group bonding; and shared meals provided by the retreat.

This amazing getaway is priced at $1,050 per person. This package includes lodging, meals, workshops and activities, plant medicine, integration sessions, one-on-one sessions (if you like), and a journal. It does not include transportation costs to and from the venue. Aside from everything else offered, participants will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery, in the company of like-minded women.


I think my personal favorite of these offerings, is Sol Spirit’s Cannamom Retreat. As the name implies, this is a melding of cannabis and motherhood; meant as a way for hard-working moms to get a break, and spend some time with other moms, and some really good weed.

Cannamom Retreat takes place this year from August 8-11, in California’s serene and beautiful Willow Creek. Retreat providers understand the hard work moms put in, and that not all moms live in places (or in situations) where cannabis is accepted. It provides this space as a safe space for women to relax – away from the stresses of everyday life; and to enjoy some really good ganja.

women cannabis retreats

In this spirit, rather than being the cook and maid, moms at the retreat are cooked for, cleaned up after, and spend their time in a luxurious setting, where all their needs can be met. Moms can go on river adventures, take part in a bend and blaze yoga class, experience a sound bath under the Milky Way, participate in pelvic floor Pilates sessions, CBD massages and facials, and lots of support for life’s overall journey, wherever a mom happens to be in it.

Cannamom offers all this starting at $995 for a double tent. For those who prefer single occupancy, the cost is $1,595. The price can be brought down even more if you want to bring your own tent. Cannamom understands these costs can be difficult, and also offers work/trade possibilities for those who can cook, clean, or have photography skills.


I’m putting this last one up more as something to keep in mind for the future. Ganjasana’s Queendom Retreat goes from January 11-16th, meaning unless you’re all about super last minute excursions, you probably won’t be able to make it. However, this soon-to-start retreat gives an idea of what Ganjasana provides, and what can be expected in the future. Those interested should keep up with the company to stay abreast of future retreats.

Another reason it’ll be hard to do this one last minute, is because this particular retreat takes place at Equilibrium Healing Resort and Spa, in the Sierra Madre Mountains, close to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The retreat is centered around ayurveda, yoga, nature, and sound healing. Participants can soak in natural healing pools (hot and cold); hike on the beach; and take part in yoga classes, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, dance, cacao ceremonies, skin-care treatments, group connections activities, and private cannabis ceremonies.

Retreat-goers stay in beautiful rooms that are 100% electricity free (nope, no lights, phone charging, or TV). As this retreat is about to start, those who want to do it last minute, have limited options. The $1,800 triple package is sold out; however $2,200 double rooms, and $2,500 private rooms are still accessible. For most who have no chance of making it, this gives a general idea of pricing for these events.


Life is short, and should be enjoyed fully. These women only cannabis retreats create wonderful experiences for self-improvement, rejuvenation, connection, and an overall good time. But remember, they aren’t for everyone; no men allowed! If you’re looking for cannabis retreats not just for women, look here. If you’re looking for psychedelics retreats, take a look here. And for those who want a psychedelics retreats, but of the super high end variety; check out this article, and this one on Jamaica‘s industry.

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