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Jamaica At the Top of the Magic Mushrooms Tourism Game

Jamaica magic mushrooms tourism
Written by Sarah Friedman

There are a lot of key player countries in the cannabis industry, and the news is always full of stories of different countries changing regulation to allow for greater trade options. Now, as the psychedelics industry starts to pick up with legalizations coming in all over the world, Jamaica shows itself as a top player in the magic mushrooms tourism game.

Jamaica is leading the way with its legal magic mushrooms tourism industry, which includes resort stays in some of the most beautiful places on earth. We’re a wholly independent news publication specializing in cannabis and psychedelics stories, which you can follow along with by subscribing to the The Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter. This will net you daily updates, as well as getting you in first place for all upcoming product promotions.

Jamaica and magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms encompass a range of fungi that contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. These mushrooms are known for producing trip experiences in which the user hallucinates, essentially having sensory experiences that are not real. This means hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, or smelling something that isn’t there. They’re also known for bringing on feelings of euphoria, wellbeing, connection, and spirituality.

Magic mushrooms themselves sometimes fit into a legal loophole in that the plants aren’t always illegal, even if the active compounds inside them are. The US is not a country that does this, instead making both the mushrooms and the active compounds illegal.

But a country like Brasil is a good example. The actual plants are not mentioned in any law in Brasil, but psilocybin and psilocin are illegal in the country. Jamaica, on the other hand, has no illegalization for magic mushrooms as plants, or the psychedelic compounds they house. In fact, Jamaica has a thriving magic mushrooms industry, that operates right out in the open.


Jamaica simply never illegalized mushrooms when the rest of the world did, maintaining its open market the entire time. Now that legalizations are happening all over the world, Jamaica is already immersed in the industry. Not only was Jamaica responsible for the first psilocybin export in 2021, but it’s also the main country for magic mushroom tourism. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy psychedelics in a beautiful and legal environment, head over to Jamaica and take advantage of one of its many deals for magic mushroom retreats and adventures.

First psilocybin export

As its legal to grow and produce mushrooms in Jamaica, and to export them out, that’s what Jamaica is doing. But mainly for scientific purposes at the moment, because of regulation in other countries. This trend started last year when the company Mydecine completed the first global export of psilocybin from Jamaica to Canada.

Mydecine Innovations Group (CSE: MYCO) (OTC: MYCOF) (FSE: 0NFA) is a biopharma company out of Denver, operating out of Canada. The company announced in late 2020 that it completed its first harvest in Jamaica of 44 pounds (20 kg), and that this would be delivered in multiple shipments to Canada. The mushrooms were grown in a cultivation center that focuses on mycology research.

The first shipment was completed on March 1, 2021, and went to the company’s Canadian Current Good Manufacturing Practice facility. The facility already obtained a Health Canada Schedule 1 Dealer’s License, allowing it to legally import and export psychedelic compounds for medicinal research and development, cultivation, product production, and sale of compounds commercially.

Said Mydecine CEO and Chairman Joshua Bartch, of the import to Canada, “This milestone is significant to our 2021 goals as we are now able to access a quality source of much needed product for both our own research purposes, as well as provide CGMP naturally-derived psilocybin to sell and transfer to other licensed research facilities around the globe.”

In the year since that time, at least one other psilocybin export occurred out of Jamaica for magic mushrooms, by the company Havn Life Sciences Inc (CSE: HAVN) (OTC: HAVLF) (FSE: 5NP). This company successfully completed a psilocybin export from Jamaica, where it works with Hypha Wellness and P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Company, for the cultivation and processing of psilocybin. The psilocybin was imported to California through the company’s supply partner Mycrodose Therapeutics, which already has an import license from the DEA.

magic mushrooms

Jamaica and magic mushrooms tourism

Since Jamaica has a thriving magic mushrooms industry, you can take part as well. Anyone looking for a place to legally trip out, and plan a whole trip around legally tripping out, should consider Jamaica. Where should interested travelers check out to take advantage of Jamaica’s magic mushroom tourism industry? The following are some great programs that can get you on your way.

MycoMeditations is a company that puts together psilocybin-assisted retreats which incorporate traditional understandings along with modern research. They are not shamanistic retreats, but instead lean toward a more modern medical psychedelics setting.

These retreats provide a similar experience to a clinical environment, but are instead out in the beauty of nature. Interested retreat-goers can choose from Classic retreats for a truly authentic Jamaican experience, Comfort retreats which offer an upscale experience, and Concierge retreats for a complete luxury experience. Prices start around $5500 for single occupancy, but prices vary depending on retreat.

Another option is through Atman Retreats. Atman offers an oceanside retreat with private beaches and villa accommodations. Customers are attended to by a team of experienced facilitators, and are led through a 4-day experience for self-discovery, inner transformation, and life breakthroughs.

This Montego Bay Lagoon location offers private and shared rooms, and can offer lower priced tickets at $395 for those on a budget. Outside of this, prices vary, but start at a little over $2,200 per person for a four-day stay in a shared room, and $3,495 for private rooms. The site doesn’t have dates listed at the moment, and those interested should fill out the application form for more details.

Yet another possibility is Silo Wellness Retreats. These retreats are designed to offer a serene environment for the legal consumption of mushrooms, but with no specific medical purpose. Interested customers can book already put together programs, like the Replenish – Psilocybin-Assisted Jamaica Retreat (starts $3850/pg), or the Renew Your Purpose – Psilocybin-Assisted Jamaica Retreat (starts $3350/pg), both of which are in Trelawny. This company also offers curated experiences specific to individual needs, with its EXPLORE – Curated Retreat Experience (starts $1498/pg), and the EXPAND – Curated Retreat Experience (starts $5995/pg), both of which operate in Montego Bay.


A last option to consider for Jamaica magic mushrooms tourism, is Beckley Retreats. This company offers magic mushroom experiences in both Jamaica and the Netherlands, so if you’re looking to have a more European mushroom experience, you certainly have that option as well.

In terms of Jamaica, retreats take place in Montego Bay, and guests have access to a pool, private beaches, vegetarian meals from locally sourced food, and an integration of ancient wisdom and scientific study. These five-day retreats start at $5,000.


The beauty of Jamaica is that whether you want a full religious experience, or just to do some recreational tripping, the legality of both magic mushrooms, and the psilocybin within, makes either option possible. Not only can you relax in some of the most beautiful locations that exist, but you can also give your brain and body an experience of a lifetime. Interested retreat-goers should be aware of what they’re getting into, and take part in all pre-retreat activities (if they exist) to ensure a safe and peaceful, mind-expanding experience.

More countries are sure to join in on this tourism game in the future, with some, like Mexico, already building mushroom tourism industries, even as mushrooms remain illegal. For now, Jamaica sits on top, as one of the best places to go for a legal psychedelics ceremony. Jamaica is also a top location for medical cannabis tourism, making it one of the best up-and-coming legal drug vacation spots in the world.

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