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Cannadelics Advertising Opportunities

Are you looking to promote your brand, product, service, research, or work in our magazine? We offer a range of advertising opportunities designed to help you gain visibility and achieve your marketing goals.

Product Review / Service Review Package

Do you have an outstanding product or service you’d like to introduce to our audience? Whether you’re seeking assistance with market education or simply want a boost in branding, our product review package can support all these needs and more.

Our product reviews are conducted by experienced writers, crafting a professional product review that will be published in our magazine and, with no extra charge, in our weekly newsletter.

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    Cannadelics Advertising Opportunities

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    Sponsored Article Package:

    Our Sponsored Article Package is designed to elevate your brand’s presence, foster market education, share your expertise, and help you gain authority – all tailored to your specific needs.

    Each sponsored article, meticulously crafted by our team of experts, will exclusively spotlight a single product, service, tool, research, work, or your brand itself, ensuring it takes center stage in front of our engaged audience. As a bonus, your article will also receive a complimentary placement in The Cannadelics Sunday Edition, our weekly newsletter distributed every Sunday at 11 am EST. This newsletter provides a curated roundup of the week’s top stories.

    Each article includes one follow link (standard hyperlink).

    Price: $1500 per article

    For more information, please contact us or use the form above.

    Premium Newsletter Placements

    Our Premium Newsletter Placements are designed to enhance brand awareness and promote your products or services to our dedicated newsletter audience.

    Your products/services will be prominently featured in The Cannadelics Sunday Edition, our weekly newsletter distributed every Sunday at 11 am EST, featuring a digest of the week’s most significant stories. Each newsletter edition includes few premium placements:

    Please note that prior approval is required to promote your products, as we only value products and services that have proven medical/medicinal benefits. Contact us or use the form above for more details.