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Since 2017, Cannadelics (formerly CBD Testers), is your top source for Cannabis and Psychedelics unbiased independent news, articles, DIY guides and best products. With our team of devoted journalists, we are covering all things cannabis and psychedelics with devotion to the truth, attention to details, unbiased perfectionism and above all, with love.

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The Cannadelics Sunday Edition
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The Cannadelics Sunday Edition: Amanita Mushroom Tinctures, Psilocybin Cup, Cannabis DUI and more (3/19/2023)

In this edition we looked into Amanita mushroom tinctures, Psilocybin cup, Cannabis DUI, Opiod lawsuit money, Ann Shulgin, Mushroom-powered computers, Amstedam ban on cannabis smoking, Gas station heroin and more.

In our deals section, you could find great offers on Amanita Muscaria extract powder, Free 1250mg HolyRope and as mention above, the Amanita Mushroom tinctures.

Legal Cocaine, Amanita Pee Method, Vape Bong & Drug Cartels – The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (3/5/2023)

In this edition we looked into some unusual drug activities such as legal Cocaine, Amanita pee method, vape bong, drug cartels, Amanita HHC gummies, Cannabis chocolate, DEA & FDA, hemp in Argentina and more.

In our products section we offered unique promotions on Amanita gummiesKnockout THC gummies, THCA flower and high-potency power 9 gummies.

Illegal Synthetics, Amanita Hemp Cup Products, Cannabis Music Banned – The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (2/26/2023)

That week we looked into Illegal Synthetics, new Amanita mushroom Hemp Cup products, Cannabis music and media getting banned, Cannabis tourism in Uruguay, Trainspotting, Argentina hemp laws, Amanita beginners guide and types of hangovers and more.

In our products sedtion, we offered special discounts on Amanita HHC gummies, Amanita Delta-8 joints, THCA flower bundle and online medical cards.

2023 Farm-Bill, Delta-8 vs Delta-9, Isotonitazene, Medical Cannabis – The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (2/19/2003)

This newsletter we looked into the 2023 Farm-Bill, Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 THC, Isotonitazene – the new extra-string opioid, Poor-quality vape carts, THC-O clearance sale, Psychedelic medical settings, Medical Cannabis as a part of healthcare, Drugs on blue-monday and Salvia legality and more.

In the products section we had sepcial deals on THCO disposables, THCO gummies and THCA Diamond pre-rolls.

Mushrooms Legality, Psychedelics Funding, Cannabis Industry Mass Layoffs, and more – The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (2/5/2023)

This newsletter was focused on Mass layoffs in Cannabis industry, Psychedelics funding, Global Mushrooms Legality, Psychedelics events, Cannabis use disorder, Drunk experiences, Drugs in Cuba and more.

In our products section, we offered exclusive discounts on 5g disposable vapes, Delta-9 THC chocolate and 2500mg Extra Strength Gummies.

Introducing Psilomethoxin, Learn About Oneirogen Dream Drugs, How to Use Salvia, and more – The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (1/29/2023)

This newsletter was focused on future changes to Psychedelics regulations, a deep look into Psilomethoxin – the love child of Psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT, positive and negatives of Magic Mushrooms, Psychoactive vs. Psychedelics, tricks with Salvia, how to get high on your dreams, Captagon (the ‘war drug’) in Syria, weirdest ways to consume Cannabis and more.

In our products section, we offered exclusive discounts on live resin disposables, Amanita gummies (legal psychedelic mushrooms) and THCA flower.

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