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Do Cannabis Retreats Exist?

Cannabis and psychedelic retreats are gaining popularity
Written by Sarah Friedman

Cannabis, and cannabis-friendly, retreats, offer participants a way to improve themselves, while using one of nature’s oldest remedies

We know that retreats exist for all kinds of things, including magic mushroom and ayahuasca ceremonies. But what about cannabis? Do cannabis retreats exist, and are they cost effective?

Do cannabis retreats exist?

A retreat is essentially a trip to a destination, for a particular purpose; generally of the self-improvement/self-development variety. Though there isn’t a rule saying a retreat can’t exist in a city center; they usually involve being away from the general population, and more often than not, are in a place where the natural surroundings can be appreciated.

Retreats certainly don’t have to be spiritual, but they can be. They can also be for medical purposes, as a part of a course or learning experience (scholastic or otherwise), for training, for their psychological value, in a religious context, or, of course, for spiritual development. They involve different practices and rules, depending on the program (maybe you can access the internet, maybe you can’t); offer different food options (maybe its all vegan, or all keto); different lengths of stay (some are a day, some are months); and come with very different price tags attached.

We speak a lot in this publication about psychedelic retreats used for spiritual purposes and psychological healing. One might even wonder if cannabis retreats exist, since cannabis is pretty ubiquitous, and so often used in the regular population (to a much higher degree than any psychedelic). The answer is yes! Cannabis retreats do exist, and they offer participants a great experience, and all the spiritual and psychological healing of the cannabis plant.

Retreats for cannabis
Retreats for cannabis

As cannabis does not cause as much of a distortion in reality (for the majority of users), such a retreat wouldn’t have to account as heavily on watching clients during the process. And this can lead to lower pricing options. As with anything, however, there is a high end and a low end; and interested retreaters should consider how much money it makes sense to pay, to go on a weed retreat.

Truth is, most of us are happy to smoke up on our own, and cannabis isn’t associated with the kind of assisted therapy as psychedelics. Nonetheless, cannabis retreats offer tons of benefits you might not get while sitting on your couch. Read on for more info.

Sol Spirit offers top notch cannabis retreats

What can a prospective retreater expect from a cannabis retreat? Lots of things! The company Sol Spirit has some of the better cannabis-centric programming out there, and offers several different retreat options. One is the Cannamon Retreat in Willow Creek, California; which takes place next from August 8-11, 2024, giving you plenty of time to prepare. This retreat is especially for cannabis moms (hence the name); and gives moms a chance to be cooked for, cleaned up after, have nature adventures, spa care, time to connect with other moms, and of course, some really great weed!

Prices start at $995 for a double tent, and $1,595 if you just need that tent all to yourself. If this sounds too pricey, Sol Spirit is in to helping prospective moms get there. The company offers reduced pricing for those unable to pay full cost, as well as work trade options (for cooking, cleaning and photography), and the ability to bring your own tent equipment to bring down costs.

Sol Spirit also offers the Emerald Triangle Revealed Tour. This five day, four night moving retreat gives participants an introduction to the center of the weed world of the Emerald Triangle of California. This encompasses Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties; with tours led by experienced locals who know the ins and outs of the weed community. Participants will eat local food, and sample flowers directly on farms.

Retreat-goers don’t have to worry about finding their way around, as Sol partners with Humboldt Cannabis Tours to provide all transportation. Which means you can sit back, and enjoy being stoned in America’s stoner capital. Of course, beyond the food and the weed, participants will also take part in nature activities like hiking the Redwoods and floating down a river.

Cannabis retreats often involve group activities in nature
Cannabis retreats often involve group activities in nature

This tour costs $2,995 for double occupancy, and $3,795 for single. Just like the Cannamon retreat, Sol offers some sort of payment plan. I could not, however, access it from the link; so best to contact the company to know more about plans and discounts.

If neither of these is up your alley, Sol Spirit allows you to create your own retreat experience. Your group can experience the beauty of a regenerative farm atmosphere; complete with different kinds of tours, nature adventures, food, and whatever relevant activities exist for the retreat. It’s glamping at its best, and you can design your own experience with your own group. For a group of 12, the cost starts at $5,000 for two nights, with $2,250 for additional nights. This Standard package includes farm to table meals, a farm tour, and concierge service.

Add in a guided rafting or kayaking trip, cannabis tasting experience, and airport transport; and you’ve got the Top Shelf experience. The price for this is $8,500, which accommodates 12 people for two nights. Additional nights still cost $2,250. Up one more notch and you’re at the Super Premium package. This includes three nights for 12 people, and extra activities like Ganja Yoga or Lit Pilates class, fine cannabis dining, more local farm tours, night sound bath, spa services, vineyard tour and tasting, and gift bags from a local dispensary. Interested retreat planners should contact the company for pricing.

Cannabis-friendly meditation retreat

Some cannabis retreats are centered around other ideas, with cannabis as a fun and happy add-on. One example of this, is the 4 Night Radical Silence Meditation Retreat in Sharon Springs, New York. This retreat is four nights, as per the name, and involves sessions with Jazmin Hupp and Mylee Blake. The former is the founder of Women Grow, a program to hook up cannabis entrepreneurs; and she is an experienced vegan chef. She has certifications in kundalini yoga, meditation, yin yoga, and yoga nidra.

The retreat involves 13 hours total of guided meditations, in 30 and 60 minute classes. It involves breath work, supported silence to let the inner voice be heard, reading and journaling, eight hours of yin yoga, daily movement classes, and kundalini yoga classes. Silence starts after the first night on the retreat.

During your stay, you’ll be fed 11 meals, all meant for detoxification. Daily nutrients involve vegetable broth, mung bean dal, roasted veggies, superfood salads, and fruit. Along with this, retreaters are served coffee and tea with honey or maple syrup. The food is meant to go along with the spirit of release of the retreat.

Yoga retreat
Yoga retreat

This particular retreat is about getting away from the outside world, all together. As such, you can’t have your cell phone, Ipad, laptop, or any other device on during your stay. This means no internet or playing on devices for an entire three days. Those who do not believe they can do this, should think twice about this particular retreat.

These retreats happen frequently, and guests can pick a date that accommodates their schedule. Currently, there are listed dates from the end of December 2023 (for those who want to get a last-minute year-end retreat in), to mid-March. Prospective participants have plenty of time to figure out an ideal schedule that fits their needs.

Cannabis is not technically a part of the program, but is very much accepted and promoted. Jazmin Hupp, after all, founded an organization to connect female entrepreneurs in the cannabis field. Though personnel can recommend local dispensaries and delivery services, the retreat does not provide cannabis, and attendees are asked to bring their own.

This weed-friendly meditation retreat experience is priced quite perfectly at $420, another indication of the love and acceptance of marijuana. No extra charges for adding more guests, beyond the $420 per person; with up to four people possible, per reservation. This is significantly cheaper than almost any psychedelic retreat.


These are just a couple examples of cannabis, or cannabis-friendly, retreats that go on in the US. In the new year, we can expect to see new listings pop up, and new retreats scheduled for 2024. Stay tuned.

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