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Journeymen Collective: High End Magic Mushroom Retreat

Journeymen Collective is an example of a luxury retreat
Written by Sarah Friedman

Journeymen Collective is a magic mushroom retreat in Canada that mixes a luxurious setup, with a mind-expanding, curated, mushroom experience

Options abound for psychedelic adventures. Those looking for the most luxurious mushroom retreat, should check out Journeymen Collective.

Why go to a magic mushroom retreat?

Psychedelic therapy, including use of magic mushrooms, is gaining widespread popularity and acceptance, for its seeming ability to help with psychological issues; and without causing damage. This does not mean it’s a cure-all, or that everyone will have the same response; but it does mean another treatment option in a world of growing depressive problems.

The thing is, its one thing to simply pop some mushrooms and lie back for a great psychedelic show; and another thing to use the mushrooms to try to expand the mind in a way that allows it to heal. Plenty of people do psychedelics all the time, and still have grave mental issues. One of the things found last century during the birth of psychedelic medicine in modern culture; was that a certain amount of therapy, or guidance, might be necessary to get the right response.

This idea of assisted therapy can go with any hallucinogen drug; however, mushrooms are the drug of the moment when it comes to psychedelics. They’re more well known than DMT or mescaline; and natural, whereas LSD is synthetic. Assisted therapy, as a model; involves a therapist, and therapy sessions to understand a patient’s issues, before walking them through a trip. A retreat is similar in that there is a guide who helps clients through the process of their trip experience.

People go on retreats for many reasons
People go on retreats for many reasons

A retreat takes places somewhere, usually away from city centers, and traffic-type noise. They are generally set up in a serene, beautiful setting; and appeal to both those who want a spiritual experience, and those who want a travel experience. But this is not a rule. A retreat can be just a day, or weeks, or months. They exist for all different purposes beyond mushroom experiences; and vary in cost as per what is offered, and the length of stay.

When it comes to mushroom retreats; its best to remember that the goal of the whole thing is to take a disorienting drug, which lasts many hours. Most of the time, such a retreat comes with the cost of someone having to watch you at what could be a vulnerable time. Though some bring prices down as much as possible beyond this, to accommodate a wider clientele; others keep it all high end.

Luxury Journeymen Collective retreat

If you’re looking for a more bare-bones, and affordable mushroom retreat, you’ll want to look elsewhere (I’ll get there soon). If you can spend top dollar on your experiences, then you might be interested in the luxury Journeymen Collective. This is not a for-everyone experience; it requires being the right fit.

Journeymen advertises on its site that its services are for “Visionaries, Community Builders, Artists, Business Moguls, Serial Entrepreneurs, Actors, Musicians, Change Makers, Thought Leaders, Professionals, High Achievers and Executives….AND YOU!”

According to the company, “We specialize in masterfully guiding visionaries through curated luxurious psychedelic medicine shamanic journeys to create conscious impact for the whole of humanity and the planet.

The Journeymen Collective expertly guide you through the metaphysical wilderness of your soul so that you can weave the transcendental threads of knowledge, accessed during the psychedelic journey, through the eye of the needle of your embodied heart into the tapestry of your visionary reality.”

Magic mushrooms
Magic mushrooms

Journeymen considers these to be purpose-driven experiences to better connect with oneself; gain multi-dimensional awareness; and realistically reconfigure how to think of life, love, and business. The experiences are carefully curated by the Journeymen team; and while promoted for anyone interested with the money, they seem geared to a high level professional crowd.

What actually happens?

The whole thing takes place at one of several estates in British Columbia, in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest. Specific addresses are not given online to preserve privacy. Clients stay in private rooms, which are six-star-plus, and environmentally sustainable. The entire property is predictably beautiful, and nestled within awe-inspiring natural scenery.

The journey isn’t just about what takes place in the physical location, though; but in offering weeks to months of education and support, both in person and on-line. In fact, Journeymen offers a program – the Bespoke Offering, which can go from six weeks to eighteen months. All preparation and integration work is done through Zoom calls, and access to the group’s video educational portal.

Preparation and integration refer to sessions done before and after the mushrooms sessions. Preparation involves getting to know the client’s issues, and getting them ready for the psychedelic experience, so they can get as much out of it as possible. Integration sessions happen after the psychedelic experience, and are meant to help the client better understand what just happened, and to move forward more seamlessly, in life.

Journeymen curated journeys are not short. They last between three and 16 days, all together; including preparation and integration. While on the estate, clients are given integration support for all waking hours. The facility offers vegetarian dishes; which it says are prepared by an ‘intuitive chef’ who, according to the site, can sense the nutritional requirements of the clients.

And, it’s not over when your program ends. Journeymen is indeed a collective. You have to be approved to go on a retreat, and join in the crew. After your experience, you’re still a part of it. Journeymen offers monthly live mastermind calls with everyone from the collective.

Journeymen Collective offers solo and group packages
Journeymen Collective offers solo and group packages

In terms of the actual psychedelic part; Journeymen offers experiences for those going at it alone, which involve working directly with two medicine men for four days. It also offers a plan for partners which is just the two of you and two medicine men; as well as a group journey with just three or four other people.

How much does this cost? And cheaper options

If your go to the Journeymen site, you’ll see a page to apply to have this experience. Costs are not given on the site, and are worked out privately between potential clients, and the group. However, its 2023, and its hard for a company to operate, without such details making it out there. So here’s what you can expect to pay for a Journeymen journey.

According to interviews with founders Gary Logan and Robert Grover, in a Globetrender article from 2022, these experiences might be life-changing, but they sure don’t come cheap. Solo voyagers and partners pay from CA$34,000/person (~$25,000), and group participants pay from CA$15,000/person (~$11,000). This is a 100% luxury experience, down to every detail; so its geared toward high level professionals for a reason. Logan and Grover count themselves as ‘contemporary shamans.’

In comparison, there are less expensive options for people looking to do a mushroom (or other psychedelic) retreat, but maybe not in the fanciest style. For those who would have to get on a plane anyway, there are some interesting programs that offer about the same thing, just at a substantially lower price. One, for example, is Etnikas, in Peru’s Sacred Valley. This is for ayahuasca, not mushrooms; but an experience should only run a person about $675- $1,700, for three or seven days, respectively.

If its definitely psilocybin that you want, then there’s Meehl Psilocybin Retreat in Washington state of the US. Here, the cost for journey-goers starts at $895. Magic mushrooms are also available at Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador, along with other drugs like ayahuasca, and San Pedro. This six-day retreat has pricing that starts around $950 per person. To find out about more retreats on the lower payment end, that still offer a complete spiritual journey and program, look through this guide.


If a super high-end magic mushroom experience in the lap of luxury is what you’re after, Journeymen Collective has a beautiful program; full of mind-expansion, balanced meals, wonderful outdoor scenery, and high level accommodation. If you’re looking for the power of mushrooms, but at a cheaper price; best to check the more affordable options. When it comes to psychedelic healing, its not necessarily in the price you pay, but that the program is a good one. So whether you go high end, or for something more conservatively priced; you can have a great, enlightening, and mind-expanding experience.

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