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The Most Affordable Psychedelic Retreats in the World  

psychedelic retreats
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Psychedelic retreats don’t have to cost a fortune. Check out our list of the most affordable ones from around the world, including one right here in the US!

Psychedelic retreats are in the spotlight lately as the public learns more about the benefits of hallucinogenic drug use, and people continue to seek alternative methods of healing and self-discovery. Unfortunately, many of these retreats come with a hefty price tag, making them inaccessible to your average, working-class individual. We’ve put together a list of some of the most affordable psychedelic retreats in the world, so hopefully more people who need them can enjoy the experience without breaking the bank.

What are psychedelic retreats? 

Psychedelic retreats have been growing in popularity as a way for people to escape everyday stressors by using hallucinogens (under supervision in a structured setting) to improve their mental health and overcome blockages that may be hindering them in life. While psilocybin retreats seem to be the most common, you can find some that offer ayahuasca/DMT, ibogaine, and MDMA.  

Some retreats encourage attendees to microdose, or take extra small doses of hallucinogenic drugs, and participate in therapeutic discussions and activities over the course of their stay; others will employ guides and “tripsitters” to watch over attendees while they take larger, heroic-style doses. What you get and how it all works is largely dependent on the retreat itself, as well as what is legal in the region that you’re in.  

One thing that seems pretty universal about all these retreats is that they are quite expensive, to the point that they’re unaffordable the majority of people who need them. Most retreats average anywhere between $5000 and $10,000, and often, this is not an all-inclusive price as you will often have to pay separately for travel, food, and other accommodations.  

It’s common for people to travel out of the country for these retreats. Some top destinations include Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Netherlands. However, as different states here at home begin to adopt more progressive laws regarding psychedelic use, we’re starting to see these retreats popping up around the US as well, mainly around Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California.  

Psychedelic retreats that won’t break the bank  

Most psychedelic retreats start around $3,500 – $6,000, and this is the base level pricing. Total costs can easily exceed $10,000, depending on the length of stay, available amenities, and how “luxurious” you want your stay and ceremonies to be. This has led to concerns about inequality and inaccessibility, making idea of psychedelic retreats seem out of reach for people who don’t come from money.

While searching for affordable retreats, I found that every single one on this list offers the same things as man of the larger and more expensive ones: experienced shamans, local plant medicine, authentic ceremonies, fresh food, scenic views, integration help, and travel to and from the airport. For a very reasonable price, attendees can explore the healing potential of ayahuasca, psilocybin, San Pedro, and other entheogens, with all the perks.

Shamanic drums before ayahuasca ceremony

Let’s take a closer look at each of these retreats to learn more about where they are located, what they offer, and why they’re a great option for anyone looking to take their psychedelic journey to the next level. Please keep in mind that these prices do not include the cost of flights.

Etnikas – Peru – starting at $675 

Etnikas is located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, about one hour north of Cusco and two hours east of Machu Picchu. The retreat, which focuses on ayahuasca ceremonies performed by experienced shamans from both the Amazon (Shipibo) and Andes (Qero) regions, is situated on a hill overlooking a small valley with a beautiful stream running through the base. It’s incredibly scenic and perfect for attendees who are looking to get better connected with nature.

Prices start at $675 for a 3-day retreat and go up to $1,700 for 7 days. The three day retreat includes two ayahuasca ceremonies, which occur in small groups of up to 18 people. Facilitators chant icaros or mantras throughout the 4-hour long ceremony, and the use tobacco smoke and floral perfumes for spiritual protection during the event.

Meehl Psilocybin Retreat – United States – starting at $895 

I met some people at Psychedelic Science in Denver earlier this year who operated a retreat/wellness center out of Washington called the Meehl Foundation. They offer numerous different substances such as psilocybin, kambo, cacao, ninos santos, hape, and sananga; as well as a few different sessions including individual and group sessions, a shamanic sisterhood, ancestral and spirit medicine, and more.  

They are based in Washington state, but they offer something very interesting which just might be my favorite part of their whole system – a “come to you” option, where they travel to your state for a private family ceremony. If you have the room for it and feel more comfortable being in your own space with family and friends, this is the perfect way to go about it.  

Gaia Sagrada – Ecuador – starting at $950 

Gaia Sagrada is located in the Andes Mountain region of Ecuador. They offer various retreat options with different substances as well as various lengths. Offerings include ayahuasca, san pedro, and huachuma ceremonies – each of which has its own unique benefits and focus. Attendees can try all of these substances or just one if they prefer.  

San Pedro cactus

Prices start at $950 for the 6-day retreat option, but they offer up to 12 days if a person needs more time. The price is very inclusive and covers housing, three meals per day plus 24/7 snacks in the community center, hot tubs and a sauna, a 55-acre scenic lot with numerous hiking trails, free Wi-Fi, yoga, meditation, workshops, a music room and library, and various other activities.  

Nihue Rao – Peru – starting at $1400 

Nihue Rao, located in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, is a retreat center that focuses specifically on ayahuasca therapy. They utilize authentic Shipibo shamanism practices, and they offer traditional plant medicine treatments, plant baths, and other healing rituals facilitated by the experienced shamans.  

Retreats range from one week to one month in length, and they have a three different price options: “Discovery” which is $1400 for 7 days, “Starter” at $1800 for 11 days, and “Extended” coming in at $3900 for the full month. When you stop to think about how expensive some of these retreats are, upwards of $5000 for a week or less, the fact that you can stay for a full month for under 4k is quite remarkable. Retreats include lodging and meals.  

Casa Del Sol – Ecuador – starting at $1500 

Another beautiful Ecuadorian retreat, Casa Del Sol is located in Vilcabamba, and they offer a nice variety of plant medicine ceremonies and treatments including ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, psilocybin (mushrooms), Temazcal, and Rape. The experiences are led by knowledgable shamans who have been doing this for years, and other facilitators who help ensure that attendees have a positive and transformative experience.  

Prices start at $1500 for 11 days, which includes meals, accommodations, plant medicine ceremonies of your choosing, workshops, integration sessions, and a 4-day/4-night vision quest in the mountains, where you will be alone to best connect with nature and your inner self. For a few hundred more, you get access to additional plant ceremonies as well as the San Pedro sweat lodge and one San Pedro mountain hike.  

Atman Retreat – Jamaica – starting at $2295 

Jamaica has been a recent hotspot for psychedelic tourism, mushrooms in particular as they have never been outlawed on the island. In recent years, Jamaica’s government has been working to expand the nation’s psilocybin industry and attract investors, which includes ramping up cultivation and a growing number of psilocybin retreats.  

Beautiful scenery on the Montego Bay Lagoon

Atman Retreat, on the shores of the Montego Bay Lagoon, is a popular one that starts at $2295 for four days and three nights, with accommodations for a group of up to 12 people. Included in the stay are delicious Caribbean meals prepared fresh daily, integration activities, one-on-one check ins with facilitators, groups, meditation, yoga, a private beach front to unwind, and transport to and from the airport. What’s also great and very unique about this retreat is that they also offer a low-income option for people with limited financial means. This only costs $350.  

Mycelia – Jamaica – starting at $2495 

In case the name didn’t give it away, Mycelia is a retreat that works exclusively with psilocybin. Located in tranquil and scenic Ocho Rios, Jamaica, this retreat offers guests personalized and transformative experiences while utilizing magic mushroom medicine. Guests will also have access to massage therapy, yoga classes, sound healing sessions, ceremonial tea ceremonies, and their signature psilocybin chocolates made on-site.

Mycelia provides a total of three psilocybin sessions, followed by integration therapy, during their 4-day experience. The staff is comprised of highly qualified facilitators who carefully evaluate the attendees’ health backgrounds and personal goals, so each guest can have the best experience possible. The cost of this retreat is $2495, and while it’s the priciest on our list, it’s still thousands of dollars cheaper than what many others are charging.

Final thoughts  

Psychedelic retreats can be life changing, but they shouldn’t be reduced to yet another one of those things that only rich people can benefit from. Of course it can’t be free, not with the many accommodations offered at these getaways, but it should be in a reasonable enough price range that your average person can at least save up for it.

Have you ever been to a psychedelic retreat? Or do you have any on your list that are in the ballpark of $4000 or less? If so, drop us a line in the comment section and spread the word about these amazing, theraputic experiences.

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