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Product Review: Golden Goat Sour Diesel Sativa THC-O Disposable

Written by Leah Johnson

Welcome, fellow cannabinoid lovers! When it comes to inhalables, many brands utilize the flavors of familiar cannabis strain to attract a broader market. Today’s product review revolves around two powerful strains, one as the brand name and one as the actual flavor profile: the Sour Diesel THC-O disposable by Golden Goat! Sour Diesel has been beloved by cannabis and hemp users alike, but how exactly does this sativa strain present in a THC-O product? Keep reading to find out! But before we dive headfirst into the skunky clouds produced by this disposable, let’s take a moment to go over the Golden Goat brand and all they have to offer. 

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The Golden Goat Brand

The Golden Goat website had a very simple yet classy design that grew more intriguing with every click. The site had a very strong CBD theme, which was surprising given that the brand name is derived from a famous cannabis strain. The tabs on the top of the page were a little glitchy and did not allow me to hover my mouse over the categories, but instead prompted me to click on the Shop tab. Only then was I able to browse the site according to several categories: cannabinoid, product type, function, strength, and others. A “find your product” search bar allowed me to search for the one product I didn’t see listed in any of the categories…THC-O products.   

The THC-O section was filled with exciting products like gummies, doobies, and of course, disposable vape devices. I clicked on the latter and was delighted to see a full-blown explanation of the cannabinoid in the product description, along with crisp images of the both the packaging and actual product. There were eight unique flavors available, each priced at a $44.99. When I clicked on the flavor of the product in today’s review (Sour Diesel), I was a bit disappointed to see that there was no information about the flavor, expected effects, or even ingredient list, only an updated product image. 

While the site seemed a bit unfinished, there were many redeeming qualities. I appreciated the “Quiz Me” option on the home page that helped the first-time user know what to choose. The site’s CBD 101 section offered a wealth of information about common questions about the hemp and cannabinoid industry. Golden Goat also offers an extensive list of the lab results conducted on all their products, located in the upper right corner in a tab titled Lab Reports. The site was filled with stunning pictures, customer testimonials, and helpful categories that made browsing very simple. Aside from the entire THC-O section being painfully absent from the site’s categories, there was much to be enjoyed from browsing through all that the Golden Goat site had to offer. Speaking of THC-O products, it’s time for the highly anticipated review of the Sour Diesel THC-O Disposable! 

Sour Diesel THC-O Disposable by Golden Goat Product Review

There were several features about the Sour Diesel THC-O Disposable that surprised me. The package came in a beautifully designed paper box that gave operating instructions on the back. The device operates very similar to a traditional vape mod; click on the firing button five times to unlock. This was my first surprise, as most disposables come without any buttons and are activated simply by inhaling. My second surprise was that the device featured a type-C charging port. Again, traditional disposables feature a micro-USB port. My final surprise wasn’t that great of a surprise, but more of a nuisance. Instead of a large opaque rubber stopper, this disposable had a very small black rubber stopper that blended in with the device color. I tried to activate the device twice before realizing the stopper was still firmly plugged into the device. After I had removed the stopper, I left the device to charge for a few minutes before attempting to take a proper hit. 

The large circular firing button was simple to use and after five rapid clicks, the device was ready to use. I cautiously took my first hit and instantly recognized the sharp piney flavor along with a strong grassy taste as the renowned Sour Diesel strain. I felt a sharp burning sensation in my chest and back of my throat, which instantly made me cough. The strong scent filled the room with its acrid and grassy scent and I had to open a window to purge the room of the overpowering smell. I ended up taking a few sips of water to soothe the burning in my throat and relieve the heavy pressure in my chest, which definitely seemed to help. I took a total of four hits, trying to be gentle with my inhales to avoid a coughing fit but still inhale enough for the effects to kick in. There is no recommended dose, so be sure to start off slowly if this is your first time using a THC-O product. 

Experiencing the Effects of the THC-O High

I felt the effects kick about five minutes after I had taken my fourth and final hit. My eyelids felt heavy and started to droop, but due to the strain being a sativa blend, I did not feel drowsy or sleep. I experienced a delightful tingling in my hands, feet, chest, and face. I descended into a dreamy euphoria of relaxation and after about ten minutes, I was thoroughly high. My vision was clear but I felt as though I was floating through a mental fog. I felt slightly weighted but not the traditional couch-lock from indica strains. My tongue clung to the roof of my mouth and I detected a very light dry mouth. I enjoyed the cool and refreshing sensation of ice-cold water and was delighted to discover an enhanced sense of taste. I also felt an enhanced sense of touch as well, no doubt due to the tingling of the intense body high. 

I enjoyed the high for quite some time, never once feeling overwhelmed or paranoid. Despite this being a THC-O product, which has been reported to be quite a bit stronger than Delta-8 THC products, I felt incredibly relaxed and comfortable. I was able to drift into a deep and refreshing sleep, from which I awoke the following morning with only fragments of the high remaining. I like to call these lingering effects upon waking a “hangover high,” and this particular hangover high only lasted for about half an hour before completely fading. 


The THC-O Sour Diesel Sativa Disposable by Golden Goat was a delightful treat to review. I’m a huge fan of anything Sour Diesel, which is quite a favorite amongst most cannabis and hemp users. The device was very modern, utilizing a type-C charging port and sporting a large firing button that made operating the device very easy. The scent and flavor were spot-on and the effects began extremely quickly. I appreciated the beautiful design of both the device and the product packaging, though I felt like the company website could use a few adjustments. Overall, this was a fantastic product to try and I was honored to share it with you today. 

Have you tried any other product from the Golden Goat brand, either CBD, Delta-8 THC, or THC-O? What are some of your preferred THC-O brands and products? Don’t be shy, share your experiences in the comments with the rest of us! In the next review, I’ll be returning to a cannabinoid that I reviewed extensively in past reviews: HHC. HHC is considered the middle ground between CBD and Delta-8 THC, offering a smooth yet not quite as powerful high as the latter. The product in question is the Mimosa HHC vape cartridge from CannaAid. If you’re a fan of vape cartridges and are curious to see the effects of an HHC high, I look forward to seeing you in the next review!

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