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Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies Product Review

amanita mushroom blue razz gummies
Written by Leah Johnson

While these aren’t the mushrooms of your youth, they certainly pack their own kind of punch. Check out our review on the Amanita Mushroom brand, Blue Razz gummies

Get your taste buds ready for a magical adventure that might bring back nostalgic memories of recklessness in your younger years: introducing Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies! Both the brand and the product carry the same name, leading me to believe that this may be one of the pioneer companies to produce such a unique product.

Keep in mind that these gummies are not at all the “magic mushrooms” of your younger years you might be thinking of. Rather, they’re part of a new journey into the world of legal compounds that can indeed get you high. This is my first experience with any sort of legal psychedelic and I’m psyched (pun intended!) to share my journey with you. I’ll begin my review by going over what the Amanita Mushroom brand has to say about these unique gummies. Let’s begin! 

More About The Blue Razz Gummies 

Amanita Mushrooms” is both the product type and the brand name, which threw me for a loop when I tried to look up the company website. I resorted to scanning the QR code on the back of the plastic tube and was redirected to the lab results. From there, I was able to find the exact description of the gummies as well as a very helpful block of text outlining the recommended dosage, expected effects, and total gram/milligram content. The site looks like it could use a bit more flair, as the layout is plain and there aren’t many eye-catching graphics or popups. But for no-nonsense consumers, this site is very straightforward and informative. 

Amanita Mushrooms homepage

The gummies are available in two flavor options: Blue Razz Muscarita (which is the one I’ll be reviewing) and Cherry Pantherina. Both options are gelatin and contain 0.35 grams (350mg) of Amanita Muscaria Extract. These gummies are ibotenic acid free and do not contain any psilocybin. They do however contain 2.75 mg of Muscimol and 7 mg of Muscarine. A three-pack is $12.99, a six-pack is $24.99, and a 10-pack is $39.99, but the site was having a sale at the time of this article, meaning the price may vary at the actual time of purpose. 

Amanita Mushrooms doesn’t offer much information in terms of dosages: 1-4 pieces. They weakly state that this dosage is “For Spiritual, Religious & Educational Purposes Only.” As this was my first experience with amanita mushroom in general, I decided to start off with one gummy and see how I felt. I did end up consuming two gummies in a second session, and I’ll share both of those experiences with you in the next few paragraphs. Without further ado, I give you my full review of the Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies!

Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies Product Review 

The Blue Razz Gummies by Amanita Mushroom came in a shockingly simple container: a slightly opaque plastic container similar to a pharmacy pill bottle. A single sticker on the front outlined the total mg count (350mg) and an X marking if it was a 3, 6, or 10 count. The label did not mention any dosage recommendation but did state that the effects should kick in between 30-45 minutes. I pulled off the little tear tab and squeezed the sides to pop open the top. I peered inside and got my first glimpse of these curious sweets. 

Appearance, Scent, & Taste

Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies

The gummies were a deep shade of purple and were heavily coated in sugar crystals. Each gummy was about the size of a quarter and cube-shaped. I fished one out and was intrigued to detect the warm smell of grape rather than the blue raspberry scent I was expecting. The gummy was firm to the touch and did not squeeze easily under the pressure of my fingertips. Satisfied with my initial inspection, I popped a single gummy into my mouth. 

Despite being firm to the touch, the gummies were incredibly soft and easy to chew. It was almost like they were melting in my mouth! The flavor had a deliciously warm grape marmalade flavor with the slightest hint of peach and apple.  The rich flavor was a true delight to chew and didn’t taste unnatural. I was pleasantly surprised to discover there was no bitter aftertaste or burning in my throat, no pieces remaining in the back of my teeth after chewing, nor was there any coating left on my teeth or tongue. I was impressed with these gummies, as they were quite different from any other gummy I’d tried. 

A quick side note: I found myself wondering why the flavor and scent seemed so familiar. After a few minutes of pondering, I was struck with a realization (and here’s where I may be dating myself): the scent was remarkably similar to the scent of powdered Lipton Peach Tea! After getting over my initial shock (and delight) at this realization, I made sure to note the time, curious to see how long it would take the effects to kick and a bit unsure of what to expect. 

Time Elapsed To Feel Effects 

The very first time I tried these gummies, I only ate a single gummy. Amanita Mushrooms’ prediction of 30-45 minutes to feel the effects was very accurate; after roughly 45 minutes after eating a single gummy, I definitely felt a slight something. Only after about an hour did the full effects kick in. 

The second time around when I ate two gummies, the effects seemed to take slightly longer. I started to feel the effects kick in closer to an hour after consumption. The effects fully kicked in after an hour and fifteen minutes but were gradual and smooth. I realize that the time frame it takes to feel the effects from any product varies with the user, so be sure to start off with one and see how you feel. 

Effects Felt During the High – 1 Gummy

When I ate just one gummy, the effects were much less intense than I anticipated. It felt almost like a microdose of Delta-8 THC. There was a light warm tingling in my hands, chest, and feet, but nothing like the full-blown heady high I had hoped for. There was no fuzzy mental fog, no couch lock, no weighted blanket sensation, no munchies, no dry mouth, no overwhelming sense of drowsiness, and no enhanced sense of taste/touch. It felt very like the beginning stages of a Delta-8 THC high that never matured in intensity or euphoria.

The taste was honestly more enjoyable than the high, and I found myself insanely curious how the high would have been had I eaten two at a time. I was somewhat disappointed until I thought about how well this would work for daytime use. Indeed, the light buzz of relaxation and minor dipping between feeling a slight something and then nothing at all would be excellent for first-time users looking to get a micro high during the day.

Effects Felt During the High – 2 Gummies

Now that I had experimented with a single gummy, I was excited to try a double dose. The effects of this dose had brought a much more noticeable high that was incredibly pleasant. Now I experienced the heavy weighted feeling and felt extremely relaxed and comfortable, though not quite full-on drowsiness. I noticed a tingling in my chest, legs, arms, and face (particularly my nose). While there was still no dry mouth, my eyelids felt weighted and I noticed myself feeling like I was gently sailing through a dreamy cloud of euphoria.

I felt like I was floating across waves – one minute feeling only slightly high, and the next feeling extremely high. I can only liken this feeling to the sensation of being on a boat and being gently rocked back and forth by the waves. Similar to first-timers on a boat, I felt a slight sense of nausea; closing my eyes felt like a reward. After enjoying this sensation of warm drowsiness and mild weighted feeling, I eventually sank into a peaceful slumber. 

Longevity of The High

When I ate a single gummy, the high was not consistent. At times it seemed to feel like it was building into a deliciously strong and euphoric high, but would immediately taper off and feel like I wasn’t high at all. I grew frustrated at the waves of being slightly high, then not at all. I later realized this is very consistent with how the illicit magic mushrooms are. 

The second time when I ate two gummies, the high crescendoed into a deliciously rich euphoria and then mellowed out to a softer less intense high. The rolling waves of the high made it difficult to pinpoint exactly how long the effects lasted, but definitely for several hours before I drifted off to sleep. 

Lingering Effects The Next Day

I fell asleep very quickly once I went to bed and slept deeply throughout the night. I awoke feeling slightly groggy the next morning, but was successfully able to brush away the morning cobwebs from my mind and begin my day normally. I didn’t experience any dizziness or disorientation upon waking, nor did I have trouble getting out of bed to start my day. Since I’d never tried anything “mushroom” (gummy or capsule), I was concerned that the high would still be somewhat in effect. Thankfully, the only remaining aspect of the previous night were fond memories and a curiosity of what 3-4 gummies would feel like!

Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies – Final Thoughts  

For first-time consumers of any Amanita Mushrooms, I implore you to start off slow with a single piece. The first time I ate one of these Blue Razz gummies, the flavor was so enticing I almost ate a second one to continue enjoying that fruity sweetness and soft texture. The gummies had a very natural taste, did not have any bitter aftertaste, or remaining pieces stuck in my teeth.

The predicted start time of the effects was a little more than I anticipated, but I understand that this may vary based on the consumer. The initial dosage of one gummy wasn’t enough for me, and I was disappointed with the overall effects the first time around. Yet when I had two gummies, I was very comfortable with my experience and enjoyed the smooth and rolling waves of the high. For these reasons, I feel that a 3-star rating is accurate.

I have no desire to experiment with three or four pieces in any future doses, but if you do venture into that dosage range, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! The high from mushroom gummies differed greatly from traditional hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoids and I’m grateful for the opportunity to try such a unique product.

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In my next product review, I’ll be checking out the Amanita Mushroom Capsules. Capsules are more of a no-nonsense product type (i.e., no smell, taste, texture), which leads me to wonder if my experience with one or two will be the same. If you’re curious to learn about my experiences with these capsules, I encourage you to check out my upcoming product review. Hope to see you there! 

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