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Muscimol Isolate: A Potent Extract from Amanita Muscaria – Properties, Effects, and Usage

Written by Ofer Shoshani

Muscimol Isolate, derived from Amanita Muscaria, has unique psychoactive properties. This article delves into its characteristics, its impact, and the different ways it can be used.

Muscimol Isolate is a highly concentrated form of Muscimol, one of the two active compounds found in Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, alongside Ibotenic acid. These mushrooms, recognizable by their red caps dotted with white speckles, have long fascinated various cultures due to their unique psychoactive properties, which are often associated with spiritual and shamanic experiences.

Since Ibotenic acid can have harsh side effects, but it converts into Muscimol when dried or heated, people who want to experience the benefits of Amanita mushrooms often look for products made from pure Muscimol, rather than Amanita powder (which includes a small amount of Ibotenic Acid, as not all of it has been converted into Muscimol when dried), such as Muscimol gummies, Muscimol tinctures, Muscimol isolates, and so on.

That said, most people who use Amanita products still prefer the more natural forms of this product, which contain both Muscimol and Ibotenic acid (even though some of the acid has converted to Muscimol in the drying process), such as Amanita gummies, Amanita mushroom caps, Amanita tinctures, Amanita powder, Amanita chocolate and so on.

Amanita Tincture: A Potent Elixir for a Mind-Bending Experience
Amanita Tincture: A Potent Elixir for a Mind-Bending Experience

While both options are valid, each person reacts differently to Muscimol and Ibotenic acid. If you choose a blended product, you should always start low and grow slow until you find your sweet spot. This rule applies to all psychoactive compounds, so take it easy and avoid forcing yourself into the ‘rabbit hole.’ There is plenty of room there for everyone, but you should only go there when you are ready.

One last thing before we move on: Unless you are an experienced user and Amanita Tea is what you start your day with, you should avoid using raw mushrooms as they need to be carefully dried or heated to avoid sickness. Again, take it easy, start low, and grow slow. There is a world of wonders waiting for you, if only you approach it with caution.

Muscimol isolate: The main active compound in Amanita Muscaria

Muscimol is the primary psychoactive component in Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, and most people who use these fungi do so to experience this compound. It arises from the decarboxylation of ibotenic acid, another active compound present in these mushrooms. When consumed, muscimol binds to GABA receptors in the brain, leading to a range of effects that may include sedative, hypnotic, depressant, and hallucinogenic states.

Muscimol Isolate
Muscimol Isolate (Image credit: Amanita Mushrooms)

However, it is important to note that the hallucinogenic properties of muscimol differ significantly from those typically associated with psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms.

People often mistakenly confuse the effects of Amanita mushrooms with psilocybin mushrooms and expect them to produce visual hallucinations, which they won’t. Amanita Muscaria mushrooms should not be reffered to as psychedelic mushrtooms (even they might be, when high doses are involved), but more as spiritual mushrooms, as the effects are very different from the ones you expect to feel when taking psilocybin.

However, it is important to note that the hallucinogenic properties of muscimol differ significantly from those typically associated with psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms. People often mistakenly confuse the effects of Amanita mushrooms with psilocybin mushrooms and expect them to produce visual hallucinations, which they won’t. While Amanita Muscaria mushrooms can have somewhat of psychedelic effects at high doses, they are more accurately referred to as spiritual mushrooms due to their dream-like experience and different effects compared to psilocybin. To be more specific, the experiences with Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are not characterized by the same visual hallucinations commonly associated with psilocybin mushrooms, but on other sensations, provoked from the inside.

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Muscimol vs. Psilocybin: Key Differences

Muscimol and psilocybin are both psychoactive compounds found in different species of mushrooms. As a result, they act on the brain in distinct ways and produce different effects.

Psilocybin is a compound found in certain types of mushrooms, commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms”. Upon ingestion, psilocybin is converted in the body to psilocin, which acts primarily on the serotonin receptors in the brain. The effects of psilocybin are typically characterized by profound changes in consciousness, perception, and mood, often including visual and auditory hallucinations or distortions.

Muscimol, on the other hand, is the active compound in Amanita mushrooms. It acts on the GABA receptors in the brain, a different class of neurotransmitter receptors than those targeted by psilocybin. This results in a distinct set of effects, which can include sedative, hypnotic, and hallucinogenic states. However, the hallucinogenic effects of muscimol are different from those induced by psilocybin. While psilocybin often produces vivid visual hallucinations and profound shifts in perception, the effects of muscimol are more likely to be described as dream-like or surreal, and do not typically involve the intense visual effects associated with psilocybin​.

In case Magic Mushrooms is what you are looking for…

In terms of safety, both substances carry risks and should only be used under appropriate guidance and in a safe, controlled context. It’s also worth noting that while both compounds are found in mushrooms, the species of mushrooms in which they are found are different, and many species of mushrooms are toxic. Therefore, it is critical to accurately identify any mushroom before it is consumed. When it comes to Amanita mushrooms, proper preparation is important, as we want most if not all of the ibonetic acid to be converted into Muscimol, so they need to be carefully dried and heated (170f / 80c for at least 30 minutes).

Understanding Muscimol Isolate: A Potent Extract

Muscimol Isolate, the highly purified extract of Amanita Muscaria, can be utilized in various product forms, including capsules, gummies, chocolates, powders, tinctures, and more. It is also available in its pure form. Typically, this isolated compound tests at a potency of 65%, meaning it contains 650 mg of muscimol per gram. The significant potency of this extract allow companies to create potent products using the isolate and provides users with enhanced control over dosing.

Dosing and Microdosing with Muscimol

Microdosing typically involves taking the smallest dose necessary to achieve subtle psychoactive effects while still maintaining functional capabilities. In contemporary culture, microdosing often refers to consuming a dose low enough to “feel something” without inducing full psychoactive or psychedelic effects.

Great for microdosing: the new Muscimol gummies

Determining the appropriate muscimol dosage for microdosing is highly individualized and depends on factors such as body composition, metabolism, and tolerance levels. Therefore, it is challenging to provide specific dosage numbers. However, many sources suggest aiming for 0.1-0.2 grams of dry powder for microdosing, while high-potency products may start at 0.5 grams and above. That’s why most products today use the dosage of 350mg/gummy (0.35 gram).

It’s important to note that some sources may suggest higher doses to feel the desired effects, while other advise caution and smaller dosages.

Since the potency of mushrooms can vary, and different batches may contain varying amounts of muscimol, it is advisable to avoid strict reliance on specific dosage ranges. It is recommended to find your own personal dosage levels. Starting with low doses and gradually increasing them is a safer and more mindful approach. This method is also gentler on your mental and physical well-being, especially when experimenting with compounds that are new to you.

Another common way for microdosing is by using capsules

Experienced users often recommend drying several Amanita Muscaria mushrooms and blending the powdered forms together to create an average dosage from the entire batch. If you choose to do this, ensure that you store the mushrooms in a dry environment, preferably in a sealed jar, as they are organic matter.

How Muscimol Isolate is Obtained

To extract and isolate muscimol from Amanita mushrooms, the process could be generally summarized into these steps:

  1. Harvesting: Gather mature Amanita mushrooms.
  2. Drying: Dry the mushrooms to remove water content.
  3. Extraction: Extract muscimol and other compounds from the dry powder.
  4. Filtration: Filter the solution to get rid of the mushroom solids.
  5. Evaporation: Remove unwanted materials, used for the extraction, leaving behind the extracted compounds.
  6. Purification: Purify the extract to isolate muscimol from the other compounds.

This is a simplified explanation and the actual process can be complex.

Muscimol Isolate (Image credit: Amanita Mushrooms)


Muscimol isolate offers a unique opportunity to explore the effects of a potent, naturally occurring psychoactive and somewhat psychedelic substance. As the popularity of Amanita mushrooms and muscimol products continues to grow, the demand for muscimol isolate is expected to skyrocket. Consequently, following the success of muscimol gummies and similar products made from isolate, we can anticipate a surge in such products on the market as early as this summer.

Remember, the safety, legality, and efficacy implications of using and producing these products should always be considered. This industry is only beginning, and on our quest to produce the best products, we should always keep the well-being of our clients at the center of our attention.

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(Image credit: Amanita Mushrooms)

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