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My Experience with Amanita Mushrooms

amanita mushrooms
Written by Leah Johnson

When I first heard of Amanita Mushroom products, my mind instantly wondered if these were the legal version of “magic mushrooms.” I’d always heard of people doing ‘shrooms and experiencing crazy psychedelic “trips” but never had the guts to try it myself. In fact, I was quite the straight-edge throughout high school and college; never smoked (tobacco or weed), took my first alcoholic drink at age 22, never participated in the craze of getting wasted and partying in clubs.

When I was 25, I started vaping and fell in love with the delicious flavor of fruits, desserts, and sweets that permeated the market and became quite proficient at it. A few years later, I was introduced to cannabidiol (CBD) and eventually Delta-8 THC. 

To Weed or Not To Weed

Now, I’d tried weed maybe three or four times before, all in edible form (a cookie, Nerdz Ropes, and Sour Belts), all from “a friend of a friend” and only once did I actually enjoy being high. As such, I was very hesitant to try Delta-8 THC for fear that it would be just as overwhelming and nerve-wracking as regular weed. To my great surprise and delight, Delta-8 THC was incredible! The high was smooth and comfortable, transporting me to a dreamy euphoria that I wished would never end.

Have you tried vaping mushrooms?

I’ve tried quite a few Delta-8 THC product types and for the most part, really enjoyed all of them. Of course I have my favorite brands and strains for each product, but with such a wide variety of products under my belt, I have a unique sense of what “being high” is supposed to feel like for me. I’m always looking for my newest favorite and constantly sampling new hemp-derived compounds, marijuana-derived THC, and most recently, Amanita Mushrooms

Fun Guys (Get it?) or Party Poopers?

I recently had the opportunity to sample Amanita Mushroom products for the first time, both gummies and capsules. I’ll admit, I had no idea what to expect, having never tried actual ‘shrooms before. Would the high be similar to the overwhelming effects of marijuana-derived THC, or would they be as relaxing and comfortable as hemp-derived Delta-8 THC? I was unsure what to expect, and that alone was very intimidating.

I tried to do as much research as I could on the topic, but there aren’t a lot of companies that offer reviews on mushroom products, let alone non-psilocybin mushroom products. The majority of what I found were simply advocating the benefits of using mushroom capsules like Lion’s Mane or Ashwagandha, but not necessarily to get high. I spoke with some friends who absolutely loved the “waves” of magic ‘shrooms, the brightness of colors, and many other possible effects. I steeled myself for the possibility of going in blind, not quite sure what to expect, but determined to find out!

My Experience With Amanita Mushroom Gummies and Capsules

I had two product types at my disposal: soft chewy gummies and simple capsules. The gummies were a true delight to chew: delicious flavor, softer than most gummies I’ve eaten, coated in sugar crystals for a delightful little crunch, and no detectable flavor aside from the fruit sweetness. The gummies themselves didn’t leave any pieces stuck in my back teeth, nor was there any bitter aftertaste that required a rinse.

The capsules were even easier to consume; not overly large where I was scared that they’d get stuck in my throat, no weird flavor when they touched my tongue, and easy to swallow with or without water (though I do recommend water out of principle). However, the ease and enjoyability of both of these products were the only good things. The high for both was quite disappointing, the mushroom capsules more than the gummies. Allow me to explain. 

Mushroom Gummies

With the gummies, I took one initially to establish tolerance and to see how the high would feel. After about 45 minutes, I felt a very light buzz, almost like the high was trying to start but couldn’t get off the ground. Think of a bird with a broken wing; the capability was there, certainly! But the high was pitiful and disappointing. I vowed to try again to make sure I’d given it enough time; unfortunately, the results with just one were exactly the same, perhaps more disappointing since I already had an idea of what to expect.

I tried a third time, now with two gummies as my dosage. The results were noticeably different this time! The effects started once again after about 45 minutes, but were much more intense. I felt overwhelmed and increasingly drowsy. It felt like such a relief to close my eyes and not deal with the dizziness. I was definitely high, but not the warm euphoria I normally associated with hemp-derived compounds.

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any dry mouth or uneasiness, but overall, the high was ehhhh. Not terrible, but not great. The effects lasted for several hours, but nothing that made me go “Wow! Can’t wait to try these again!” It was more of a “that’s it?” experience that really did not bring me any joy or anticipation to try again. Now that I’d officially tried the gummies, I wondered if the capsules would fare any better. Only one way to find out! 

Mushroom Capsules

With the mushroom capsules, I knew there wouldn’t be anything to expect in terms of taste, texture, or aroma. Capsules are referred to as no-nonsense product types for a reason! I decided to start off with a single capsule and work my way up from there. Shockingly, I felt absolutely nothing. No effects despite waiting over two hours for anything to begin. I became suspicious; with one gummy, I had felt at least something after 45 minutes.

But a single capsule for my initial dose disappointed me right off the bat. I repeated a single capsule dose the following night just to be sure; zero, zilch, nada. I upped the dosage to two capsules on a separate occasion and that’s when I felt the effects for the first time. I became increasingly dizzy, uncomfortable, and slightly paranoid. I was left feeling like I’d taken too much, yet the capsules were already a set dosage (meaning no way to halve or portion the dosage).

I did not enjoy the high and distinctly remember thinking how much I looked forward to when these overwhelming effects wore off. I was sleepy, irritable, grumpy, and frustrated. I did not enjoy the effects and in contrast to the mediocre effects of the gummies, I was not keen on trying these capsules again. Yet I tried them a fourth and final time just to try to establish some consistency, effectively killing the entire bottle. The results were once again unimpressive. I felt increasingly frustrated, wondering if there was something that I was doing wrong. I truly expected an incredible psychedelic experience, but was met with an inconsistent undesirable high that left me yearning for morning, when the effects would be only a distant memory. 

Have you tried Amanita Mushroom caps?

Final Thoughts 

My first experience with Amanita Mushrooms was shockingly underwhelming. The instructions were very poorly conveyed, forcing me to consult the actual website in order to get any idea of how much to consume as a single dose. The results were not consistent with either the gummies or the capsules. The gummies were slightly more enjoyable due to the excellent flavor, but one gummy was disappointing while two gummies left me feeling disoriented and uncomfortable.

The capsules fared no better, ending with me consuming the entire 6-count pack over the course of four sessions. A single capsule dealt absolutely no effects, while two capsules varied greatly but left me feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. I’m sure there are other Amanita Mushroom products out there that are effective and enjoyable. Yet my first experience with this unique and innovative product was incredibly saddening. It won’t deter me from trying more Amanita Mushroom products and at the very least, I’ll have something to compare it to and hopefully look forward to a better experience. 

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