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THC Edibles 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Written by Joseph Mcqueen

The cannabis plant has existed for generations and the effects of THC have been researched and enjoyed by humans for centuries. During these periods, there have been many ways of consuming cannabis that have been experimented. Some prefer to smoke it, some prefer to inhale it from a modern vaporizer, but some enjoy eating THC edibles.


Each method of consumption has its own benefits, processes and effects. The way in which THC is consumed can affect the way it feels. We’re going to take a look at the traits of edibles, how they’re made, how they work and our top 5 products of 2022. Let’s do this. 

Many people believe that smoking cannabis is the only way of consuming it. This entails rolling the dry buds or hash in a joint – potentially with some tobacco – and lighting the end. However, it is now the 21st century, and there are many other ways of enjoying it. Cannabis vapes became popular over the last few decades and proved that you can heat weed at a lower heat, avoiding combustion, and still reap its effects. Similarly, cannabis edibles offer the user the chance to consume weed without inhaling it anyway. But what actually are they?

Well, cannabis edibles are a digestible product that contains the plant. This can really exist in a variety of ways: brownies, bread, pancakes, cakes, cookies, sweets, basically anything that you can eat. However, edibles can also include drinks; like smoothies or milkshakes. Within cannabis there are around 100 different cannabinoids, each having different effects on the body. As more nations begin to legalize the plant, more of these cannabinoids are being discovered for their benefits.

Nonetheless, at the moment, the most common edibles contain the psychoactive THC or the relaxing CBD. The main difference is that the former is used for its recreational effects. It’s important to note that THC edibles will act differently on the body when compared with other methods of consuming cannabis. Here are the pros and cons:


  • No smell of smoke or cannabis
  • No harshness on the throat
  • More healthy than smoking
  • Discreet 
  • Lasts longer 


  • Slower effects
  • Can be harder to purchase in certain countries 
  • Can be overwhelming if overtaken 

How are Edibles made? 

THC edibles can be made in a variety of ways simply because there is such a plethora of different kinds of them. These methods are usually split into three groups.

  • Infusion of Home-Cooked Goods
  • Beverages
  • Dispensary Edibles

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When cannabis cookies, cakes or basically any home-cooked product is made, it requires infused butter or oil to be made first. What does this mean? Well, cannabis buds are not psychoactive unless they are activated. THCA can not become its active cousin – THC – until it is heated. This is why smoking weed or vaping gets you high. Therefore, decarboxylation needs to take place first. This is the process of cooking or boiling the buds. It is then common to infuse the decarbed cannabis into oil or butter, due to the fact that the THC can be absorbed by the fats within the substances. This then makes cannabis an easy ingredient in any usual home-cooked good. 


Beverages – such as cannabis shakes or smoothies – are also considered edibles. However, they don’t require quite the same kind of creation. Beverages need THC tinctures, which are bottles containing cannabis that has been combined with a high-proof alcohol. These are easy to drip into any drink of your choice. 

Dispensary Edibles 

Dispensary edibles are usually made through more advanced methods. It is a similar method as the infusion for home-cooked goods, but it is done in a more industrial way. The method will consist of using cannabis distillate, which is an oil without any flavour or odour. Similar to previous methods, the substance will then be bonded to a fat – such as butter or oil – to make it more effective. 

How the Body Processes Edibles

The way in which you consume cannabis will affect the way it feels. This is due to how the substance is broken down in the body. When weed is inhaled, it goes through the mouth, into the lungs and directly into the bloodstream. The THC is then carried around the body, in the red blood cells, and quickly causes effect. This can usually take around 2-10 minutes, and may last up to 1-3 hours. However, edibles are quite different. The food or drink is digested through the stomach. This takes a lot longer to process.

For the THC to be metabolized, it can take around 30-60 minutes. However, when it does kick in, the high can last around 4-6 hours. Although some have claimed that the effects have lingered for the entire day. One of the key benefits of consuming edibles instead of smoking cannabis is the way it works on the body. With no dangerous toxins or cancerous carcinogens entering the body through combustion, it makes it a far healthier method of consumption. In addition, the high lasts a lot longer due to the length of time it takes for the cannabis to break down in the stomach. This can be ideal if you are someone who wants long-lasting and enduring effects. 

Our Top 5 THC Edibles for 2022

If you’ve read this far and are interested in trying some edibles yourself, then here is a list of our top 5 THC edibles of 2022. These products contain a variety of advanced cannabinoids but, remember, find what works for you. 

THC-O Gummies

Price: $99.99
Brand: Binoid

THC-O Gummies - 6-pack Bundle

This is a brilliant collection of THC-O gummies. The flavors include: blueberry pie, cherry lime and pina colada, and each jar contains a total of 500mg of THC-O. You can buy a bundle that contains one box of each flavor or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can purchase a bundle that contains double that. THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid that is thought to be more intense than Delta 9 THC. The effects of these products can last up to 8 hours. Not only are these items unbelievably tasty, they will also give you a high that you will not forget. 

THC-H Gummies

Price: $29.99
Brand: Binoid

First of all, these gummies contain THCH, which is around 25 times more potent than regular THC. Welcome to the future. For this price, you can get 1 pot of gummies, which contains 2500 mg in total. There are 125 mg of THCH in each individual sweet. It is advised that you should be careful with these potent little devils, start with a half of one gummy and go from there. You can buy any of these flavor options: purple berry, sour peach, kiwi watermelon, root beer float, blackberry acai or mango coconut. Every single one of these flavors are mouthwatering. However, whichever box you choose, you will feel the uplifting and calming effects. 

THC-X Zombie Cookies

Price: $22.99
Brand: Binoid

Yet again, Binoid brings an absolutely crazy exciting cannabinoid to the market. THC-X is another new and potent member of the THC family. It is legal and gives strong mental and physical effects – all at the same time. These cookies will make you feel productive as well as satisfied. The product comes in a single pack containing cookies that have 4 servings of cannabinoids in each of them (total of 600mg per cookie). This means – don’t be afraid to have a bite and wait to see how it affects you. The flavors on offer include: mom’s apple pie, toffee cookie and trippy hippie. This product is great for sharing with your friends before going out for a day of sightseeing or nature walks. 

Delta 9 Gummies

Price: $79.99
Brand: Delta Munchies 

This is the ultimate delta 9 edible bundle. The box includes the blue dream, mango crush and strawberry shortcake flavours – with an additional mystery gift. Who doesn’t like a mystery gift? Each jar contains 25 mouth-watering sweets, totalling 250 mg of Delta 9.

The other cannabinoids included are: CBN, CBG, CBD, CBC, CBCa, CBGa, THCva, THCa and many more. It’s as if years of research into cannabinoids has been melted down and inserted into each of these sweets. If you’re still wondering, delta 9 is the most abundant form of THC in the cannabis plant. If you’d rather, you can buy each one of these delicious pots of sweets individually, but it’s definitely worth the money to go for the bundle. 

Delta 9 Chocolate 

Price: $37.99
Brand: Binoid

If you’re someone who prefers chocolate over sweets then this product may be preferred. Again, Delta Extrax have done excellently at infusing some of the most exciting cannabinoids on the market into a delicious chocolate bar. This bundle includes three different flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cookies & cream. In each bar there is 150mg of delta 9 resin, which equates to 12.5 mg per piece. Again, delta 9 is one of the most exciting cannabinoids at the moment, especially due to its mental buzz and productive effects.


THC edibles are a wonderful invention and one that definitely rivals other methods of consumption. If you’re someone who wants to try something different, to see how edibles can have an alternative effect on the body, then why not try one of these top 5 cannabis edibles of 2022? You may be surprised by the effects you feel. But don’t take our word for it, give it a go yourself. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on our social media pages. 

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