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The Drug Of Evil: Captagon, and How It’s Used By Iran Supported Hamas/ISIS Terrorists

The Drug Of Evil: Captagon, and How It's Used By Hamas/ISIS Terrorists
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Why Hammas terrorists choose to use Captagon when commiting horrible war crimes?

Captagon, sometimes dubbed the “Jihadist Drug” or “The Drug Of Evil“, was reportedly used by Hamas/ISIS terrorists two weeks ago during their horrible war crimes. This drug, known for inducing alertness and suppressing fear and remorse, has frequently been associated with enabling terrorists, especially ISIS, to act with calmness amidst horrific scenes. The question arises: Is it Captagon, that we should be blaming, or are the individuals inherently evil, with the drug playing no role?

Disclaimer: As an Israeli, I have a perspective on this conflict.

What is Captagon, and is it The Drug Of Evil?

Originally a medication for depression and severe disorders, Captagon has become prevalent among terrorists, predominantly in Arab countries. The primary source of this drug is the ‘Narco State’ of Syria, which actively pushes it southwards towards Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, and other Arab nations, where it has gained popularity among the general populace. It’s estimated that in 2021 alone, the Syrian regime, led by Bashar Al-Assad, profited over $10 Billion from exporting Captagon to its southern neighbors. With Lebanon now under the control of Hezbollah, a group funded and directed by Iran, these three nations—Syria, Lebanon, and Iran—are largely responsible for the Middle East’s Captagon crisis.

Captagon and Its Connection to Hamas/ISIS

The link between terrorism and Captagon became globally evident when ISIS controlled significant parts of Syria and Iraq. It was discovered that Captagon was frequently used by terrorists to enhance their combat capabilities. Subsequently, other Islamic terrorist groups recognized the ‘benefits’ of Captagon, which allows them to act with heightened alertness, no remorse and reduced fear. This association was further solidified two weeks ago when Hamas/ISIS terrorists reportedly used the drug during their attacks on Israelis, murdering, raping and torturing over 1400 people, mostly civilians, including infants, children, women, and the elderly.

Captagon’s Role in Fueling Terrorism

The use of drugs in warfare isn’t new, but Captagon’s rise in the Middle East has added a new dimension to modern conflicts. Both ISIS and Hamas/ISIS have been linked to this potent stimulant. Here’s how Captagon intertwines with their operations:

  • Enhanced Combat Abilities: Captagon suppresses fear, increases alertness, and induces euphoria. This allows fighters to be more aggressive and endure longer.
  • Desensitization to Violence: The drug can make users indifferent to the violence they cause or witness, aiding groups that employ brutal tactics.
  • Recruitment and Indoctrination: Captagon can help indoctrinate young recruits, easing them into violent acts.
  • Economic Benefits: The drug’s production and distribution offer significant revenue for terrorist groups.
  • Societal Control: In areas they control, these groups use Captagon for societal control, getting locals addicted to exert more influence.

In conclusion, the debate remains: Who is to blame for these atrocities? The individuals committing them or the drug aiding their actions? Is it the loss of human morality, or has the ‘Drug Of Evil’ stolen their souls?

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