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Israel to Raise Smoking Age to 21 & Ban Disposable Vapes

Israel to Raise Smoking Age to 21
Written by PsychePen

Israel unveils a comprehensive plan to combat the harms of tobacco, including raising the smoking age to 21 and banning disposables.

Summary: The Israeli Ministry of Health plans to raise the smoking age to 21, raise the tax on vapes and completely ban the sale of flavored tobacco and disposable e-cigarettes.

Israel Takes a Stand Against Tobacco: Raise Smoking Age to 21, Raise Tax On E-Cigarettes & Ban Disposable Vapes

The Isreali Ministry of Health has released a new action plan for all tobacco and smoking products. This comes in light of the recommendations of the national task force established by the ministry in May, which re-evaluated policies to combat the harms of cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

As part of the plan, the selling age will be raised to 21, and the sale of flavored tobacco and disposable e-cigarettes will be banned. Additionally, there will be a limit on the volume of refill liquid allowed for import, marketing, and sale. The Ministry of Health will also have the authority to enforce a ban on online advertising and to enforce a nicotine concentration limit in e-cigarettes.

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The plan also includes a reduction in the sale points of tobacco and smoking products to only specialized stores. This is in addition to equating the tax on e-cigarettes to that of other tobacco products and adding graphic warnings on all tobacco and smoking products.

Health Minister Moshe Arbel stated, “The fight against smoking requires a complex and joint effort, and we are committed to implementing the policy in various areas of prevention and encouraging quitting, to promote public health – young and old alike – from smoking and its harms.

Source: KAN News

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