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Ganja Yoga – Best Online Programs & Retreats

Ganja yoga has roots in Buddhism
Written by Sarah Friedman

Ganja yoga is practicing yoga with marijuana; and there are plenty of online classes and in-person retreats to choose from

Isn’t it great when two things you love go together? Such is the case with ganja yoga. Read on for best programs and retreats.

What is ganja yoga?

It’s pretty simple in the end, ganja yoga (aka stoner yoga) is just the marriage between two great things, yoga, and marijuana. In this case, the idea is to do them together. Or, rather, to get stoned, and then do the yoga. Getting stoned can mean getting high on marijuana in any way, and this doesn’t have to mean smoking it. Smoking and physical exercise are not exactly peanut butter and jelly. Luckily, ganja yoga works just fine when taken as an edible, vape hit, or pill.

Some people will never enjoy working out while high, and for some people, it won’t be preferable. Working out is hard, and a relaxing drug is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, for some, weed use of any kind during a workout, will only impede it. This article is not for them, but for those who workout better when a bit buzzed.

In terms of yoga, we’re not talking about a high intensity cardio workout. Whereas less people might be able to get high and run; doing yoga is a bit more practical. Yoga is form of excise and strength building which involves – for the most part – using different poses, called asanas. This, however, is more of a Westernized version of it. Today its mainly used as a workout technique, though one meant to promote relaxation. For some, it even provides a sense of high.

Yoga pose
Yoga pose

When bringing it back to its cultural beginnings in ancient Indian religions like Hinduism, and Buddhism; it involves physical, spiritual, and mental practices. The goal is to calm the mind, which promotes a sense of detached self-awareness and a recognition of mundane suffering. It was first mentioned in the ancient Hindu text, Rigveda.

Ganja yoga is in line with both the modern and the ancient tradition; in that it fuses the physical elements, with an extra element to calm the mind and possibly allow for a change in perspective. For those who are into it, it means getting a workout, combined with all the benefits of getting stoned.

Best online programs

Since this is the US, and we are all spaced out, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to talk about local programming. The reality for ganja yoga enthusiasts who are not going to a full retreat, is that online programs are sometimes the best way to go. In this realm, the site, has some of the best program offerings to get you high and bendy.

For those who like to read, the organization, based out of Toronto, Canada, offers the Ganja Yoga training book. The book will help participants “Learn how to select the best setting, time, method of consumption, strains, poses, and breathing techniques as you practice a time-honored tradition that encourages meditation, movement, and awareness for a more stress-free, harmonious world.”

Of course, that’s just turning pages. For those who want instruction in ganja yoga, but from the privacy of their own homes, the company offers Ganga Yoga Online classes. These classes are taught by founder Dee Dussault, along with other specialists in ganja yoga. The goal of the classes is to enhance relaxation, deepen embodiment, elevate creativity, and expand consciousness. Interested participants can choose from hundreds of classes. They can also take advantage of a free week trial, here. Regular price is $30/month.

Ganjasana is another company that offers online classes for stoner yoga enthusiasts, who don’t have another place to go. Such classes as ‘Cannabis Yoga for Sleep,’ ‘Cannabis Yoga for Anxiety and Stress,’ and ‘Cannabis Yoga for Women’s Health’ are offered, among others. All you need is an internet connection, a yoga mat, and your favorite ganja.

Man practicing ganja yoga from home
Man practicing ganja yoga from home

Yet another option is Green Magic Yoga, which offers interactive live classes for stoner yoga. Each class starts with a brief dialogue about setting intentions, which also gives participants a chance to get high together. There is also group conversation after class. These classes take place via Zoom, for which attendees receive a link an hour before starting time. The company offers tons of classes, and a membership fee of $59/month ($39/month reduced rate) will buy you 4-12 sessions a month, as well as discounts for in-person events.

Best retreats

Taking part in an online class is great, but what if you want to do it in person? There is not always a class close to home to provide this, and for some people, not anywhere nearby, if they’re in an illegal state. In this case, there are ganja yoga retreats, that offer an organized program for a few days of time.

The company Diaita Yoga, is all about cannabis yoga retreats, which take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. These retreats are two days and one night, and happen all year round, so interested participants can contact the company for more details on availability. The cost is $444 for a private room and bathroom for one, and $777 for a private room and bathroom for two. You may also participate in the retreat, without booking lodging if you don’t require staying overnight.

It is a cannabis and mind-detox centered retreat. It focuses on grounding, awareness, and compassion. As part of the retreat, there’s a group trip to an herb collective, where participants can go on a cannabis shopping expedition, and take part in a tour of the collective.

Beyond this, there’s guided yoga and meditation both days, discussions for general wellness and self-help, healing foods provided, one-day health spa access, yoga asana mechanics for those with injuries or physical limitations, and excursion activities appropriate for Vegas. It involves Hatha yoga, Vinyasa/Flow yoga, and Tantra; and is good for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yoga students.

As per the company, regular activities are “accompanied by a mix of various Las Vegas Cannabis strain specific supplements with Cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) for healing as well as THC for sensory enhancement and mind body awareness.” Along with regular meals, the retreat also makes sure you have snacks and munchies available.

Yoga retreat
Yoga retreat

The company also offers comparable experiences in Desert Springs, California. In this location, retreats happen all year round, and last from 2-7 days. Here, participants can bask in natural mineral springs, hike in national parks like Joshua Tree National Park and Indian Canyons, take part in cannabis study groups, and of course, have access to guided yoga and meditation classes.

Another company to offer cannabis yoga retreats, is Twisted Sister Yoga. As of right now, their ganja yoga retreats are by invitation only, for which interested retreatgoers can sign up with the company here to receive invitations. Retreats take place in the breathtaking Breckenridge, Colorado, and are designed for women only.

Past retreats of this nature include the Women’s Ganja Yoga and Spa Retreat. This retreat provided accommodation in a gorgeous house with hot tub; vegetarian meals meant for health conscious living, including a ganja gourmet dinner; yoga; spa, and self-care time at Infinity Spa at the Grand Colorado Lodge on Peak 8; and massage. Participants also left with special gifts. Future retreats should offer similar activities.


Yoga is a great way to stay in shape, and work on different health and psychological issues. Cannabis is a great way to relax, to expand the mind. Together, they make a fantastic self-help regiment to promote overall personal wellness.

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