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Majority of CA Cannabis Testing Labs Suspended Amid THC Levels Scandal

Majority of CA Cannabis Testing Labs Suspended Amid THC Levels Scandal
Written by PsychePen

Labs have been purposefully inflating THC levels to market cannabis as stronger than it actually is.

Summary: In CA , over two-thirds of cannabis testing labs are currently barred from testing marijuana flower due to a scandal involving the overstating of THC levels. This crackdown by the state’s Department of Cannabis Control aims to ensure accurate reporting and compliance with rigorous new standards.

THC levels scandal lead to the suspension of the majority of CA cannabis testing labs

CA cannabis industry is facing a significant challenge as the state’s regulators have discovered a scheme where labs are overstating the THC levels in cannabis products. As a result, more than two-thirds of the state’s cannabis testing labs are currently prohibited from testing marijuana flower. This situation arose following the legalization of recreational marijuana in California six years ago, which led to the establishment of various licensed sectors, including dispensaries, growers, distributors, and testing labs.

Testing labs play a crucial role in ensuring cannabis products are free from mold or toxins and accurately measure the THC percentage. However, recent findings indicate that these labs have been purposefully inflating THC levels to market cannabis as stronger than it actually is. This practice, known as “lab shopping,” involves cannabis brands seeking labs that report the highest THC levels, often disregarding accuracy.

In response, the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) issued a stern warning in September, stating that inaccurate reporting and data falsification could lead to license revocation. As of January 3, only 12 of the state’s 38 labs had met the new requirements set by the DCC. This means that more than two-thirds of the labs are unable to test marijuana flower, though they can still test edibles, gummies, and other cannabis products.

The suspension of these labs is not expected to cause a marijuana shortage in dispensaries, as some labs are still operational, and others are likely to comply with the new standards soon. The DCC emphasizes the importance of enforcing rules and encourages the industry to collaborate with compliant labs.

Why It Matters: The suspension of a significant number of cannabis testing labs in California highlights the need for accurate and reliable testing in the cannabis industry. It underscores the importance of regulatory oversight to ensure consumer safety and product integrity.

Potential Implications: This development could lead to stricter regulations and oversight in the cannabis testing industry, potentially affecting how cannabis products are tested and marketed. It may also prompt other states with legal cannabis to scrutinize their testing procedures and standards.

Source: SFist

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