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Edibles Gain Ground as Smoking Declines Among Cannabis Users

Edibles Gain Ground as Smoking Declines Among Cannabis Users
Written by PsychePen

There is a growing trend towards edible consumption, while traditional smoking methods are becoming less popular.

Summary: A report from New Frontier Data reveals a decline in the popularity of smoking among cannabis consumers. The study, “Cannabis Consumers in America, Part 2: Exploring the Archetypes,” categorizes cannabis users into nine distinct archetypes, highlighting varied behaviors, preferences, and usage patterns. The report indicates an increase in edible consumption and a decrease in traditional smoking methods like pipes and blunts.

Shift in Cannabis Consumption: Smoking Loses Its Edge

The comprehensive report by New Frontier Data, a data analytics firm, provides an in-depth analysis of cannabis consumer behaviors and preferences. The study categorizes users into nine archetypes: savvy connoisseurs, contemporary lifestylers, medical lifestylers, modern medicinals, legacy lifestylers, engaged explorers, social nibblers, holistic healers, and infrequent partakers. These archetypes are defined based on factors such as frequency of use, age, gender, product preferences, and motivations for use.

Despite most cannabis consumers reportedly using products daily and preferring smoking, the report notes a significant shift in consumption habits. There is a growing trend towards edible consumption, while traditional smoking methods are becoming less popular. This change is attributed to product innovations, particularly in the development of fast-acting edibles, which may continue to decrease smoking across all consumer archetypes.

The report also compares archetypes across various influencing factors, such as reasons for use, preferred product forms, primary sources for products, and acquisition frequency. For instance, it details the percentage of each archetype that would regularly spend $100 or more on a purchase. Additionally, the report provides in-depth profiles for each archetype, offering insights into their unique characteristics and consumption habits.

New Frontier Data gathered the data for this report through an online survey of 4,358 respondents in the first quarter of 2023. The findings reflect a dynamic shift in the cannabis market, with consumers increasingly exploring alternative forms of consumption beyond traditional smoking.

Source: Marijuana Venture

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