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French Police Seize Thousands of Cannabis Plants in Alpine Raid

French Police Cannabis France
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French police have seized 4,000 cannabis vines from a large indoor cultivation warehouse in Morette, south-east France.

Summary: French police have seized 4,000 cannabis vines from a large indoor cultivation warehouse in Morette, south-east France. The operation was run by French and Albanian nationals and resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of six people. The warehouse contained two complexes, housing a total of 4,050 plants, or 1,201 kg of cannabis. The estimated resale value of the equipment and plants is between €10-15 million.

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French Police Crack Down on Large-Scale Cannabis Operation

In a significant drug bust in Morette, a village in south-east France, French police confiscated 4,000 cannabis vines weighing approximately 1,100 kilos. The operation, which involved both French and Albanian nationals, was the culmination of an eight-month investigation, resulting in the arrest and imprisonment of six individuals.

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The warehouse that was raided consisted of two complexes. One was a 375-square-metre production facility equipped with various systems such as electrical, ventilation, hydration, UV, and drying, where more than 1,550 plants, or 508 kg of cannabis, were discovered. The second structure, spanning 300 square metres, contained 2,500 plants weighing 693 kilograms.

The estimated value of the equipment and plants seized is believed to be between €10-15 million. All confiscated items were destroyed on-site with the approval of the public prosecutor’s office. This action underscores the seriousness with which French authorities are tackling illegal cannabis cultivation and distribution.

Two Albanian “farm workers” involved in the operation received prison sentences of 7 and 10 months, along with a 5-year ban from France. This sentencing sends a clear message about the consequences of engaging in illegal cannabis cultivation.

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The remaining four suspects are currently in custody and awaiting sentencing, which is scheduled for 9 August. This case highlights the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal cannabis operations, not just in France, but across Europe.

[Source: Euronews]


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