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FDA Warns Companies About Illegally Selling Delta-8 ‘Copycat’ Edibles

Delta-8 Copycat Edibles
Written by PsychePen

The FDA warns six companies about the illegal sale of Delta-8 ‘Copycat’ Edibles, highlighting the regulatory challenges in the cannabis industry.

Summary: The FDA has issued warnings to six companies for illegally selling Delta-8 ‘copycat’ edibles. These products often resemble snack foods and could be accidentally consumed by children in large quantities. The companies have been given 15 working days to respond with plans to address their violations and prevent recurrence.

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FDA Issues Warnings to Companies Selling Delta-8 ‘Copycat’ Edibles

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings to six companies for illegally selling Delta-8 ‘Copycat’ edibles (edibles containing psychoactive delta-8 THC). In addition, we need to keep in mind, that the FDA has not approved delta-8 THC for any safe use. The products in question are often designed to resemble snack foods such as chips, cookies, candy, and gummies, which could be accidentally consumed by children in large quantities without realizing it.

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The FDA’s Principal Deputy Commissioner, Janet Woodcock, MD, stated that children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of THC. Many children have been sickened and even hospitalized after eating ‘edibles’ containing it. The companies that received warning letters are Delta Munchies, Dr. Smoke, Exclusive Hemp Farms/Oshipt, Nikte’s Wholesale, North Carolina Hemp Exchange, and The Haunted Vapor Room. These companies must respond in writing within 15 working days with plans to address their violations and to prevent recurrence. Failure to comply could result in injunction or product seizure.

Recent studies have found a rapid increase in pediatric exposures to cannabis edibles. Samuel Levine, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, called the marketing of edible THC products that can be easily mistaken by children for regular foods “reckless and illegal”. He emphasized that companies must ensure that their products are marketed safely and responsibly, especially when it comes to protecting the well-being of children.

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There are also concerns that adults could unintentionally consume these products or take a higher dose than expected, leading to serious consequences. The FDA advises consumers who suspect a product may have caused an illness or reaction to immediately contact their health care provider.

[Source: Healio]


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