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Brazilian Scientist Discovers New CBD Source: Trema Micrantha Blume

Written by PsychePen

A new CBD source, has been discovered in the plant Trema micrantha blume by Brazilian scientist. This discovery could lead to a new, abundant source of CBD without the legal complications of cannabis.

Summary: Brazilian molecular biologist Rodrigo Moura Neto has discovered a new CBD source in the plant Trema micrantha blume. The plant, which does not contain the psychoactive substance THC, could provide an abundant new source of CBD, bypassing the legal issues associated with cannabis. Moura Neto’s team has secured a public grant to further study the plant and its potential as a substitute for medical marijuana.

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New CBD Source Discovered in Brazil: Trema Micrantha Blume

In a groundbreaking discovery, Brazilian molecular biologist Rodrigo Moura Neto, based at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, has identified a new source of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in cannabis and hemp that has shown promise as a treatment for conditions such as epilepsy, autism, anxiety, and chronic pain. The source is the fast-growing plant Trema micrantha blume, a species native to the Americas and often considered a weed.

New CBD source : Trema micrantha.
Trema micrantha – a new CBD source. (Image credit: Wikipedia)

Moura Neto’s research revealed that the fruits and flowers of this plant contain CBD. Importantly, unlike marijuana, Trema micrantha blume does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance that induces a high. This significant finding could pave the way for an abundant new source of CBD, circumventing the legal complications associated with cannabis.

The discovery has sparked considerable interest, with Moura Neto’s team recently securing a 500,000-real ($104,000) public grant to expand the project. The next phase of research will focus on identifying the most effective methods to extract CBD from Trema micrantha blume and studying its potential as a substitute for medical marijuana.

However, Moura Neto is quick to caution that the journey from discovery to market-ready drug is a long one, potentially taking five to ten years of research and clinical trials. Furthermore, while the plant’s CBD content is promising, it may not work as effectively as CBD derived from cannabis or hemp, which has been cultivated for millennia to optimize its medicinal effects.

Despite these challenges, the potential of this discovery is enormous. As Moura Neto states, “It was wonderful to find a plant (with CBD but) without THC, because you avoid all the mess around psychotropic substances…That means the potential is enormous.



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