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High-Frequency Cannabis Consumers’ Habits Evolving, Report Says

High-Frequency Cannabis Consumers
Written by PsychePen

A new report reveals that the habits of high-frequency cannabis consumers are evolving and changing the future of the cannabis industry.

Summary: A new report from New Frontier Data suggests that the habits of high-frequency cannabis consumers are evolving, potentially impacting the future of the cannabis industry. The report identifies several categories of frequent users, including Savvy Connoisseurs, Contemporary Lifestylers, Medical Lifestylers, and Legacy Lifestylers. Notably, the distribution of consumers across these archetypes has been changing, with the Legacy Lifestyler and Savvy Connoisseur archetypes seeing decreases in their proportions of the consumer base.

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Changing Behaviors Among High-Frequency Cannabis Consumers

A new report from cannabis firm New Frontier Data suggests that cannabis consumer behavior is shifting, potentially altering the future of the cannabis industry. The report, titled “Cannabis Consumers in America 2023 Part 2: Exploring the Archetypes,” examines nine cannabis consumer archetypes, updated with the firm’s latest 2023 consumer survey data.

The report identifies several categories of frequent users:

  • Savvy Connoisseurs, accounting for 13% of consumers, use cannabis multiple times per day for various medical and recreational purposes. They are the highest spenders and most frequent purchasers, acquiring cannabis at least once a week.
  • Contemporary Lifestylers represent 16% of consumers. These frequent consumers primarily use cannabis recreationally and rely mostly on legal sources for procurement.
  • Medical Lifestylers make up 12% of consumers, regularly using cannabis primarily for medical reasons such as pain management or treatment of a medical condition.
  • Legacy Lifestylers, consisting of 13% of consumers, are frequent cannabis consumers who source their supply primarily from friends and illicit dealers, due to residing in states where cannabis remains illegal or inaccessible legally.
So now THC is legal in Tennessee

Molly McCann, senior director of consumer insights at New Frontier Data, notes a noticeable change in the distribution of consumers across these archetypes. The Legacy Lifestyler archetype dropped from 16% of consumers in 2022 to 13% in 2023, a decline linked to expanding legal access to cannabis in several states, including populous markets like New York and New Jersey. The Savvy Connoisseur archetype also saw a decrease, from 18% to 13% of consumers from 2022 to 2023. This shift could be due to less-frequent consumers becoming a larger part of the consumer space and a return to the new normal post-pandemic restrictions.

We will continue to monitor this closely, as the evolving habits of high-frequency cannabis consumers could have significant implications for the future of the cannabis industry.

[Source: Green Market Report]


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