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European Parliament Calls for Clear Pathway to Cannabis Reform

EU Cannabis Reform
Written by PsychePen

European Parliament members called during a historic debate, the European Commission, for a comprehensive cannabis reform.

Summary: Members of the European Parliament have urged for a clear pathway towards comprehensive cannabis reform during the first-ever debate on cannabis. The event was co-sponsored by four of the seven main European political blocks. The debate highlighted the European Commission as the main obstacle to cannabis reform, particularly in Czechia. With the European Commission set for re-appointment in 2024, MEPs are exploring ways to ensure more pro-cannabis views are represented.

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European Parliament Urges Regulators to Clear Path for Cannabis Reform

In a historic move, members of the European Parliament have urged the continent’s regulators to pave the way for comprehensive cannabis reform. This call to action occurred during the first-ever debate on cannabis in the European Parliament, a session aptly named ‘Legalisation of Personal Use of Cannabis: Exchange of Best Practices‘. The event was co-sponsored by four of the seven main European political blocks, representing nearly half of the Parliament’s 705 elected members.

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The debate was presided over by Irish politician Luke Flanagan, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP). Flanagan’s message to the European Union’s regulatory body, the European Commission, was clear: ‘get out of the way‘ and refrain from obstructing the process of cannabis reform. While MEPs cannot directly alter the law, Flanagan emphasized that they can facilitate the process for any state seeking to reform their cannabis laws.

Speakers from Germany, Ireland, and Czechia, all countries currently examining proposals to reform their domestic cannabis laws, featured in the hearing. Tomas Sadilek, who is assisting the Czech government in drafting its cannabis laws, outlined that a majority of people in his home country support reform. He also provided an update on Czechia’s ongoing efforts to establish a regulated market.

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However, Sadilek identified the European Commission as the primary obstacle to cannabis reform in Czechia. He pointed out potential areas of conflict, including the Schengen Agreement on the free movement of goods, the EU 2004 framework on drug trafficking, and the International drug conventions. Sadilek expressed concerns that Czechia will only receive negative feedback from the EC on its proposals, potentially leading to legal disputes before the European Court of Justice.

With the European Commission set for re-appointment in 2024, MEPs are exploring ways to ensure more pro-cannabis views are represented. The meeting, which took place on Wednesday, June 28, in Brussels, saw around 50 MEPs in attendance.

[Source: Business of Cannabis]
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