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Luxembourg Legalize Home Cultivation of Marijuana, But No Sales

Luxembourg legalize cannabis
Written by PsychePen

Luxembourg legalizes home cultivation of marijuana and decriminalizes the drug, but the new law does not permit sales. This move mirrors a similar law passed in Malta in 2021.

Summary: Luxembourg legalize home cultivation of marijuana and largely decriminalized the drug, but the new law does not permit sales. The legislation allows residents to grow up to four plants per household and possess up to 3 grams outside their residence.

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Luxembourg Legalize Recreational Cannabis, But Without Sales

Luxembourg has passed a law that legalizes the home cultivation of marijuana and largely decriminalizes the drug, but the legislation does not permit sales. The new law allows residents to grow up to four plants per household, provided they are not visible from the road. It also permits consumers to possess up to 3 grams of marijuana outside their residence. However, exceeding this limit or consuming recreational marijuana products outside a residence could result in fines of up to 500 euros ($480).

In passing the bill, Minister of Justice Sam Tanson labeled prohibition as “an absolute failure,” advocating for a different approach. This move by Luxembourg mirrors a similar law passed in Malta in 2021, which also does not allow for a commercial market. Despite the progress, the bill is a scaled-back version of the nation’s original plans for cannabis legalization.

And the home cultivation of cannabis becomes legal in Connecticut

While this is a significant step towards ending prohibition, Luxembourg joins a list of countries that have announced ambitious adult-use cannabis plans, only to present significantly scaled-back legislation or fall short. For instance, last week, Colombia failed to approve a legal framework to regulate recreational marijuana sales, and in April, the Germany backpedaled on its promise to implement nationwide legalization.

[Source: MJBizDaily]


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