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Easter for Adults

Easter egg hunt adults
Written by Sarah Friedman

It’s that time of year again. The time when we talk about rabbits laying eggs of chocolate, marshmallow peeps, and somewhere in there, the celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the grave. Of course, like many holidays, though Easter certainly holds its religious aspect, it’s also become a time of fun and games to be enjoyed by all. This year, the fun doesn’t have to be for children only. With some awesome products, ideas, and a little bit of initiative, you can turn this year into the best Easter for adults ever!

Who said Easter fun can’t be for adults? There are plenty of adult-style ways of enjoying the holiday, so check out these options for a super high, super happy, celebration. We’re all over the world of cannabis, with news and fun stories everyday, which you can keep up with by subscribing to THC Weekly Newsletter. You’ll also get direct access to deals on vapes, edibles, and other cannabis smoking paraphernalia, along with offers for cannabinoid compounds like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC, which are in our “Best-of” lists.

Rabbits and eggs and Jesus, oh my!

Without getting too deep with it, Easter – aka Resurrection Day, is a Christian celebration of Jesus Christ resurrecting from the dead. According to the New Testament, this happened specifically on the third day after his crucifixion and burial, which occurred in 30 AD. Easter is considered a ‘moveable feast’ because its not actually on a specific day (more like the Hebrew calendar), and therefore is not like other holidays which occur yearly on the same day.

To be perfectly honest, I’m still stumped by the Easter bunny. Sure, its happy and fun, but the relevance? Apparently the fuzzy creature first made an appearance when German immigrants brought the story with them to America, calling it “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.”.

Painting eggs, however, goes back further, to around the 13th century, which is also confusing, considering the eggs don’t make sense without the Easter bunny to lay them (funny sentence!) Of course, it is quite possible that the egg-laying hare of German folklore, was invented to explain the egg painting tradition already in use. There are no confirmed answers to these questions, and in the end, we’re simply left to celebrate the holiday with bunnies and eggs.

painted Easter eggs

Regardless of the exact story, it has become tradition for children to run around finding hidden eggs in what’s called an ‘Easter egg hunt’. These eggs can be real eggs, painted in different – generally bright – colors. Or fake eggs filled with chocolate or other sweets inside. Prizes are often given at the end of the hunt for the child who collected the most eggs, or whoever has the biggest egg, or for whatever other metric is used for ‘winning’.

Easter for adults

No one ever said that Easter fun is only for children, and in fact, we’ve got some great ideas for the adults this year. First and foremost, it’s good to remember that quality cannabis products with THC are not sold nationally, as state regulation doesn’t allow for this. Which means if you want a little infusion in your Easter egg candy, it might be best to make your own!

This can be done with chocolates, and even with gummies. In fact, all you need for some pretty cool infused bunnies or egg gummies, are some molds in the desired shape. Molds are especially useful if you’re throwing an Easter party with a decent-size guest list and want treats for your attendees, or to put them out for a large Easter egg hunt. Customizable molds are available for bigger events, while simple cookie cutters can be used on the fly for a small party or hunt.

And if you’re thinking that creating gummies is an arduous task, best left to the professionals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that making gummies yourself in your very own kitchen, is actually rather easy with these DIY gummy recipes. When you do it yourself, you get to decide exactly how strong they’ll be, what flavor, and can control for what ingredients are put in. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a little Easter gummy fun in the kitchen?!

This same idea is used for chocolates and brownies as well. First, make sure you have a recipe that you’re happy with, and the correct amount of weed, and ancillary tools and ingredients. Then something as simple as a bunny cookie cutter, and your home-made edibles are perfect for Easter. These DIY CBD sweets recipes can be used to make all kinds of weed treats, whether using CBD, or replacing it with cannabis oil.

Easter for adults specialties

The standard of an Easter egg hunt is to give some prizes at the end, as well as the hunt itself providing little gifts within the eggs. Well, same can be said for an Easter egg hunt for adults, with, perhaps, some more adult-related prizes and gifts. You can keep it simple with a nice joint or blunt at the end, and maybe a quality bud inside, or a bunny gummy. Or, you can go even higher class than that.

cannabis Easter

Like, with cannabis cigars, or cannagars. Many of these products use delta-8 THC, which means they are sold throughout the country, and you can order them online. This is unlike other cannabis products containing THC, which are only sold in specific states. Some will even ship to states where recreational cannabis is illegal, making it a top choice for people in those locations, who want to buy cannabis products. Cannagars bring an elevated level of class, and make for a perfect top prize for any adult Easter egg hunt.

The great thing about prizes is that they can be whatever you want them to be, and they can be arranged with the guests in mind to ensure a happy group at the end. Maybe its an edible, maybe it’s a vape cart, maybe its a cannagar. Maybe its just a nice munchie food to sooth the weed hunger.

Adult Easter treats

As stated, most THC products are only sold locally, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great inventions out there. For one thing, many cannagars will ship throughout the country. However, if you’re in Canada this Easter, check out Slo Mo’s Slow Mo Surprise Chocolate Egg ($19.95), with 40mg of THC. Made with delicious Belgian chocolate, these artisanal chocolate Easter eggs contain either 1g Cannabis, 0.5g Shatter, or 1g Hash, and are packaged in shiny Easter-style packaging. Sounds like the perfect Easter egg, huh?

If you’re in Arizona, you also have a pretty sweet deal this year. Haze Cannabis Company partnered with Oasis Cannabis to bring you an Easter egg hunt for adults of a different kind. To celebrate the holiday, the company put special prizes in five randomly picked cured & live Haze concentrate boxes. Four boxes had golden eggs, and one had a special purple Haze egg. All eggs are redeemable for special prizes, and entrance was made with the purchase of a gram of Haze live resin badder, sugar wax, or crumble. If you opened one of these boxes and are confused about the egg inside, go to the dispensary during April 14-20th to redeem your prize!

Last, maybe you’re looking to get festive with your clothing, and want to mix a little weed in with your general Easter style. Etsy has a ton of options for how to dress your best for the holiday, marijuana style, with everything from sexy canna-Easter underwear, to shirts, to sweatshirts, leggings, and more.

DIY Easter egg recipes

Let’s say you want to do some Easter baking this Easter, but you don’t want a standard recipe for brownies, and you’re not into gummies. In fact, maybe you want the real deal, a cannabis-infused Easter egg. Unfortunately, we’re not yet at the point where your local grocery store carries such products, but there are some pretty interesting recipes to try out this year.

chocolate Easter egg

The great thing about cannabis-infused butter (cannabutter) is that it can replace butter in pretty much any recipe, making for a great way to make infused baked goods, including Easter eggs. Like this recipe for cream filled chocolate Easter eggs, which includes just a few ingredients, along with ½ cup cannabutter. These creamy chocolate covered eggs don’t take too long to make, and rival even a Cadbury Creme Egg, while giving you a very sweet buzz.

Want it even easier with less ingredients? You can literally bring it down to just cannabutter and chocolate with this super simple recipe for cannabis Easter eggs, which requires just ¼ cup cannabutter, and one cup of chocolate. The end result? Super delicious chocolate eggs that take almost no time to make, and which leave you feeling high enough to think that Easter bunnies actually exist!


Easter fun isn’t just for kids, but sometimes, you have to do a little extra work to make it fun for adults. From Easter egg hunts for adults with adult-themed prizes and edibles, to baking recipes, store promotions, customized gummies, and the proper fashion etiquette, you can make this Easter all about non-child activities, that leave you sky high and hippoty, hoppity, happy.

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