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Going High End with These Cannabis Cigar Products

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Written by Sarah Friedman

Not everyone wants new inventions. Some people like the old standard, and that’s okay. So while plenty of people are sucking on vapes, popping down capsules, or savoring edibles, others prefer to keep an old-school high end quality to their smoking experience. Want to join the standard of high-class smoking? Check out these cannabis cigar products, and get your fix Arnold Schwarzenegger style.

How cool is it that cannabis cigar products exist, taking the old form of cigar smoking, and adding a modern kick. And how cool that delta-8 cannagars can be bought as well! After all, delta-8 is the alternate form of THC to delta-9, which is not associated with producing anxiety, and which leaves users more energetic without couch locking. Of course, you don’t need to buy cannagars to use delta-8. Head over to our Delta-8 THC deals and check out all the ways to enjoy this new offering of THC.

What is a cannabis cigar?

I admit I was baffled by this one at first. I mean, I know what joints and blunts are, and I know what a standard cigar is, but a cannabis cigar? Is it a combination of cannabis and tobacco? Is there some special process to making it? For anyone unfamiliar with them, this is what a cannabis cigar is.

First of all, cannabis cigars go by a few names including Thai sticks, cannagars, and canna cigars. It’s a big standard blunt that is filled with high grade cannabis, which is then rolled in resin or cannabis oil, and then wrapped in cannabis leaves or hemp wraps, before being left to cure – or dry out. Sound like a pretty intense cannabis product? These cigars are not only made from the highest quality cannabis, but they can come as marijuana or hemp cigars. Plus, cannabis cigar products are interesting because of how many different parts of the cannabis plant they use.

If you were hoping that cannabis cigar products were more of a combination of a standard cigar and a blunt, this is not the case. They are, instead, a very high-end way of smoking very high-end cannabis. Perfect for smoking aficionados who prefer not to move to new ingestion methods, and who want to get their fix in a super-stylish and classy way.

hemp cigars

Since cannabis cigar products are such high-quality products, and generally made by hand, they are not cheap, and most of these products aren’t for thrifty buyers. Think of cigars in general. Think of the image of a boss-looking guy (or gal), sitting in a swivel chair behind a heavy wooden desk, slowly taking in mouthfuls of thick smoke. Well, this is the same, just without the tobacco buzz. If you want to get in on the growing cannagar trend, be ready to shell out some money if you really want the best. While a standard ‘cheaper’ cannabis cigar might go for under $100, others can reach as high as $1,000. Can you imagine the status attached to smoking a $1,000 cigar?

The best cannabis cigar products with THC

The first thing to realize about these products, is that, as they are high-THC products, they are likely to only be accessible in localized locations. Here are some of the top brands for consumers and wholesalers. Interested parties should double-check with sites to make sure their address is suitable for shipping.

Washington state inhabitants are lucky enough to have access to one of the premiere cannagar companies, Leira. This brand offers Cannagars that range in price from Noir cigars for $100, to its Cannagar for $420, to an extravagant 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar which goes for $1,000! As a brand that exudes the image of success, luxury, and sophistication, these cannagars are sure to make whoever is smoking them, feel like more than $1 million. These products are only sold in Washington state. Having said that, Leira does have a hemp-based option, which is listed below.

For Californians, there is also a great local cannabis cigar option from E4P Cannabis Cigars. This company offers a Standard E4P Cannabis Cigarillo with five grams of lab-tested cannabis and a half gram of distillate for $125, or the Premium E4P Cannabis Cigarillo made with six grams of lab-tested cannabis and one gram of distillate for $150. The company’s Backwood cigar also has five grams of lab-tested cannabis and a gram of extract for $100, and E4P offers a $500 XXL cigar, with a whopping 28 grams of lab-tested cannabis and seven grams of extract.

For $60, there is also a E4P Joint Cigar with four grams of lab-tested cannabis and a half gram of distillate. This company only works with licensed California dispensaries, and operators should contact the company to get these products on their shelves. E4P does a hemp option that ships country-wide, and is listed below.

Inland Island 420 Supply offers Cannagars for $14.99. These premium cigars can be bought as indicas, sativas, and hybrids. According to its site, these cigars were voted the best cannabis cigars for two years straight. The company ships all over the US, but is unclear on the THC content in its products. Interested buyers can contact the company for further information.

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The best cannabis cigar products with CBD

Unlike THC products, hemp-based cannabis cigars are more likely to have the greenlight for cross-state sales, making them significantly easier to buy. So for hemp-lovers out there, getting a quality cannagar to your house is much less of a fiasco than trying to order a THC product across state lines.

The brand Leira, from above, is a great provider of high-THC cannabis cigars, but they also have a hemp-based cigar which can be shipped all throughout the US. Called the Noir Hemp, this cannagar is made with five grams of flower, which is wrapped in European hemp. The cigar comes with a glass tip, contains 20% cannabinoids, is organic, has gone through 3rd party testing, and contains indoor grown hemp. These cannagars run for $100. But other options exist, and prices can vary.

Much like Leira, E4P offers a hemp cannagar called the Hemp E4P Cigar (listed with the company’s other cigar products above). This cigar has six grams of lab-tested CBD and CBG flowers, which can be shipped throughout the US. This slow-burning, no-fillers, 100% made-from-cannabis cigar is perfect for cigar and cannabis lovers, who want to chill without completely blowing their minds.

One of the premiere hemp-cannagar companies, is Secret Nature CBD, and it too can ship all throughout the US. The company offers the tantalizing options: Cherry Cheesecake CBD Flower Cigar; the ultra-premium Cherry Cough Cigar, made with organic CBD hemp flowers, which are all hand-rolled; and the Cobbler Cigar, also made from organic CBD hemp flowers, and also hand rolled for a premium experience. These cigars cost $80 a piece.

There are even more inexpensive options for those who want to smoke in style, without paying super high-end prices. Lobo Hemp offers its Presidente Hemp Cigar which has 2.8 grams of premium flower, hand-rolled to perfection. This organically grown flower is lab-tested and pesticide free, and the cigars only cost $15-25, much better for the budget-minded cigar smoker. These cigars come in many strain options, with a further option for a ‘Tarantula’ infusion, which means an infusion on the outside of the wrap, with the cigar being rolled in CBD kief afterwards.

Delta-8 cannabis cigars

As the delta-8 movement booms, more products are available to consumers, and this is relevant in the world of cannagars as well. Delta-8 is the half brother of delta-9, an alternate form of THC which shares the same chemical formula, but provides users with a slightly less intense high, doesn’t cause anxiety in the same way as delta-9, and which leaves users more energetic and clear-headed. Plus, it comes with nearly an identical listing of medical and recreational benefits as delta-9, making it a preferable option for many cannabis users.

Delta 8 Rose Cannagar - the flagship of all pre-rolls
Delta 8 Rose Cannagar – The flagship of all pre-rolls

Leira makes an appearance in this category again, offering a multitude of delta-8 cannabis cigar product options. From Pineapple OG to Wedding Cake to Gelato, and more, these cannagars range in price from $75-250, with several products offering a deal of three cigars for the price of two. Delta-8 lovers, who also love the cigar experience, should check these products out.

Another option on the delta-8 front, is Country Road Cannagars, and its array of CBD and delta-8 THC cigars. From the Stubby Cannarillo with 1.2 grams of CBD and 250mg of delta-8 for $20, to the Cannagar with six grams of CBD and 1,300mg of delta-8 THC for $95, users can pick the strength of their product, with more options in between. Plus, buyers can take advantage of 3-pack ($59), 5-pack ($99), and sample collection ($230) deals. This company ships throughout the US, however, buyers and wholesalers should make sure their state allows such products. Wholesalers should contact the company for further deals.


Times change, but the idea of ‘classy’ often remains the same throughout decades. People still celebrate victories with a cigar, close business deals with them, and share them during family gatherings. A good cigar has remained a status symbol for so long that its hard to imagine it ever changing, even as society changes through the years. Now, the same high-end classiness can be shared with cannabis smokers, who can experience the feeling of quiet sophistication and luxury, with hand-made, high-quality, cannabis cigar products. Whether it’s for your dad, your boss, or yourself, these cigars make great gifts, and great treats.

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