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Cannabis-Related Activities to Do with Your Dad This Father’s Day

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Written by Sarah Friedman

Maybe he’s older and gray haired, maybe he’s still young and virile. Maybe he taught you how to ride a bike. Maybe he embarrassed you in front of your friends growing up. Maybe he tells lame dad jokes whenever possible. But he’s dad, and we love him. Some dads might still be cannabis up-tight, but for those who have embraced the wacky weed, here are some great cannabis-related activities to do with your dad for Father’s Day this year.

It’s that time of year again soon, and that means you can celebrate your dad with a cannabis-style Father’s Day. Take him out, smoke him up, and buy him some special gifts. If your dad is generally okay with cannabis, but has issues with anxiety from THC, buy him delta-8 THC. This form of THC has the same basic medical and recreational benefits, but with slightly less high for dads who don’t want to be out of their heads, and less couch-locking and more energy, for dad’s who are active. Check out our awesome Delta-8 THC deals and do Father’s Day d8 style.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be loud and proud in our cannabis-related Father’s Day festivities. For those living in places where cannabis is still criminalized, your options are relegated to those done behind closed doors, but no worries, years of prohibition have imbued on us plenty of closed-door cannabis activities. For everyone living in a cannabis-friendly location, the world is truly your oyster, and the range of Father’s Day activities available are far greater. Regardless of where you are, there are plenty of fun cannabis things to do to celebrate Father’s day this year.

Cannabis restaurants

If you live in a legalized location, the options for how cannabis can be used, expand out further every year. It’s not just that you can use cannabis freely, or buy it from a store, you can go to restaurants that’ll whip you up tasty cannabis treats. How cool is that? And what a great way to chill with your dad this Father’s Day, consuming pot-infused food. Where can eager cannabis restaurant goers find such places?

What better way to have a Father’s Day cannabis-oriented meal, than with Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza in New York City. With a cannabis-infused menu that includes pizza, gelato, cheesecake, chicken lollipops, cannoli, and more, you can get your buzz and fill your stomach at the same time. With locations in Coney Island and the East Village, you’ll want to make a reservation with dad before heading over.

If you live in Vermont, you can stop by the infamous Monarch & the Milkweed, a cannabis restaurant/store, which offers takeout services. According to its site, “MILKWEED Cannabis Confections is a line of whimsical, full-spectrum CBD infused, handmade truffles, gumdrops, marshmallows, and more!” If the store isn’t open specifically for Father’s Day, take dad in during the week for a sweet CBD-infused treat to celebrate.

Another Vermont option is Zenbarn. This eatery does in-restaurant dining, and serves up a menu of comfort food like burgers and fries, with the ability to add Zenbarn Farms’ CBD to any sauce, giving the meal an extra chill factor. Zenbarn also offers a selection of drinks at its bar including cannabis-infused beverages. Complete with live music, and a cozy atmosphere, this is a great place to take dad for a pot-centric meal for the holiday.

And then there’s Popcultivate, which isn’t a restaurant, but a company that hosts special events with a fine-dining cannabis-infused menu. You can’t walk into a location for a meal, but you can plan a great Father’s Day dinner, ran by organic chemist-turned-chef Chris Yang. This five-star dining experience is a great way to eat some of the most high-end cuisine, while catching a buzz at the same time. If you really want to impress dad this year, plan a party with Popcultivate. The company works with locations all over the US.

Unfortunately, the US’s very first cannabis eatery, the Original Cannabis Café in LA, will not be able to take your Father’s Day reservation as it’s still closed for Covid. However, those in the area should keep an eye out for its reopening, even if not for this holiday. Besides offering standard cannabis products like cannabis itself, vapes, and pre-rolls, the restaurant serves an entire standard menu, which can be infused with THC for an extra $20! Always good to know for future Father’s Days.

Take a trip to the dispensary

After being cooped up for corona, the idea of simply going out to do basic things with your dad can feel like a luxury. So for Father’s Day this year, why not take a trip with your dad to the local dispensary. After all, when you were a kid, you were probably punished for being caught smoking pot, or dissuaded from going to places that involved the use of marijuana.

Things have changed though, and now, instead of public service announcements about the dangers of cannabis, there are instead stores with stocked shelves, waiting and ready to sell you every kind of weed product from the flowers themselves, to vapes, extracts, edibles, and every piece of paraphernalia possible.

cannabis father's day

Rather than coming down on you for being a pothead, you and dad can actually go shopping for pot together. How much of a turnaround is that? Bet when you were a kid, you never thought for a second you’d be scanning the shelves of a cannabis store looking for products with your father. Well, you can, and it’s one of the best cannabis-related activities I can think of to do with your dad for Father’s Day.

Netflix and chill…with a joint

Sometimes it’s just about the little things. Like lighting up a joint of your favorite strain, and passing it back and forth with dear-old-dad, as you navigate the millions of options on Netflix. What better way to enjoy whatever it is you both can agree on, than with a nice head buzz? And who better to share that nice head buzz with, than the guy who contributed half of your genetic material?

For those trying to minimize smoking damage, maybe this is the year that you and dad will start hitting the vape instead. As you get into your favorite thriller, sport’s documentary, history channel special, or action flick, you can do so with the smooth taste of a full-spectrum oil, or the tangy flavor of a nice distillate.

It’s great to have nice dinners out, and full-on family time, but sometimes you want it to be just you and your dad. So spend some quality time with the man, enjoying everyone’s favorite streaming video channel, weed, and some well-picked munchy foods. In fact, best to make sure to stock up on those munchies, because you’ll be sure to need them.

Cannabis cigars

Is dear old dad a cigar aficionado? Let’s be honest, nothing says ‘dad’, like the image of a guy in an armchair, taking puffs of a high-end cigar. Maybe this is an old-school image, but it’s still quite relevant. If dad is a cigar smoker, then consider cannabis cigars as a gift this year. What exactly is a cannabis cigar, you ask?

It’s like packing a joint with the highest-quality flowers, rolling it in a concentrate like resin or hash, which is then wrapped in cannabis leaves and left to dry out in a curing process. Sound like an extravagant way to use the whole cannabis plant, while working on a buzz in a highly sophisticated way? It sure is, and dad is sure to love them. If you’re in Washington state, check out Leira, and its Cannagars, which range from Noir, and Noir Hemp cigars for $100, to its Cannagar for $420, to 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar for $1000!

Cannabis Father's Day

Of course, if dad is more into hemp, Secret Nature CBD can get you its products anywhere in the US. You can choose from its options of Cherry Cheesecake CBD Flower Cigar; Cobbler Cigar – Organic CBD Hemp Flower, Artisan, Hand Rolled, Ultra Premium; or its Cherry Cough Cigar – Organic CBD Hemp Flower, Artisan, Hand Rolled, Ultra Premium Cigars. And for $80 each. This makes for the ultimate Father’s Day surprise.

Other great gifts

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s got a great sense of humor, and that means you can buy him something funny for the holiday. The range of cannabis-related gifts for dad go from customizable ‘World’s Dopest Dad’ weed jars, to T-shirts emblazoned with ‘Stoner Dad – Like A Normal Dad But Way Higher’, to Pot Head coffee mugs, and Phone Cases with ‘World’s Dopest Dad’. If you want to order your dad a quirky cannabis father’s day gift, Etsy has tons of options here.


Maybe your dad was always a cannabis friendly guy. Maybe you spent your younger years swishing mouthwash and squeezing Visine drops in your eyes to get around you dad’s anti-weed wrath. No matter how it was back then, this is now, and now, more and more dads are getting on the cannabis bandwagon. So this year, celebrate your dad marijuana style, with cannabis activities specifically for Father’s Day, and make the old man smile.

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