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New Trend: Customize Your Cannabis Gummies

cannabis gummies
Written by Sarah Friedman

One of the newest trends in the cannabis world is actually rather cool. We know we can make edibles, and we know the world of edibles has grown to include products never thought possible to infuse with cannabis before. This includes gummies. However, not only can you buy standard gummies in a dispensary, or even make your own, but you can customize your gummies now in whatever way you wish.

Were there cannabis gummies in the old times?

There is evidence that cannabis has been ingested for thousands of years, particularly the seeds and as a tea some in China going back to around 1500 BC. However, modern use of food-based products that will get you high, only started in the 1800’s. At that time it was consumed by the elitist crowd in Paris, particularly writers, at Club des Hachischins, which appropriately translates to ‘hash-eaters club’.

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The movement took off in a profound way with Alice B. Toklas, the life partner of American Author Gertrude S. Stein. Alice used to whip up brownies (though purportedly not her own original recipe), and eventually published said recipe in the 1954 publication, the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, still available today. Her recipe was for ‘Haschisch Fudge’, but actually calls for grated marijuana, not hash, and doesn’t quite make a brownie, instead creating a ‘fudge’, which is more applicable to the name given.

This was brought even more into the mainstream several years later when American filmmaker Peter Sellars put out a movie about an uptight attorney who eats Alice’s brownies, called I Love You Alice B. Toklas. The movie came out in 1968, years after Alice published her book, and was responsible at least partly for the ensuing rise of edibles in the counter culture movement of the 1960’s.

cannabis brownie

At this time, and for many years more, edibles were strictly made using oil soluble ingredients This is why foods like brownies, cookies, and cakes were the preeminent cannabis edibles, as the technology of the time didn’t allow for other foods to be infused with cannabis compounds like THC. That all changed with nanoemulsion technology.

When did gummies come out?

Cannabis edibles have been known about for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that every kind of edible was possible to make. The inclusion of gummies was a function of nanotechnology, in the form of nanoemulsions, but this is very recent in the world of cannabis edibles. Nanoemulsions aren’t new, however, and have been used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, the biotech industry, and the cosmetics industry.

The idea of a nanoemulsion is putting together two opposing liquids. What does this mean? Think oil and water. Can you just shove them together? No, they repel. But that’s what a nanoemulsion is, it’s the forcing together of two liquids that would otherwise not mix. In terms of the world of cannabis, this means being able to force together an oil like THC, into a water-based product like sodas, or gummies.

Often when making gummies – and this can be seen in DIY recipes – the ingredient list calls for soy or sunflower lecithin, as these are emulsifiers, or chemicals that can force two opposing liquids together. The cool thing about gummies, though, is that because they use gelatin in the recipe, this can actually be used as an emulsifier as well, even if it isn’t quite as strong as the previously mentioned ones. Which means that no further emulsifier is needed when making gummies, particularly at home.

With nanoemulsion technology, there are practically no limits to where cannabis can be infused. It can be a gummy, it can be an energy drink, it can be potato chips, it can be gum. And with the ability to put cannabis compounds in more foods, comes the ability to customize these edibles to create very specific products.

Customize your gummies

For most people, it probably makes more sense to head to the dispensary to pick up a pack of gummies. But there are several reasons why you might want the ability to customize your gummies yourself. Like the following:

customize your edibles
  • If you run a company that creates gummies, you might want to create different kinds of custom products for different audiences. This would include needing the appropriate equipment for customization purposes. Maybe you want your logo on the gummies, or for them to be in the shape of your state. Maybe you want different sizes for the different strengths. However you want it for sales purposes, you can create with customizable molds.
  • If you’re having a specific event, and you want specific gummies for that event, then the ability to customize your gummies is important. Maybe it’s a wedding, maybe it’s a graduation, maybe it’s a birthday. Whatever the occasion, if the party calls for cannabis and edibles (like chocolates or gummies), you’ll probably want them a particular way, and that means customizing. So whether it’s a football for dad, hearts for mom, or personalized initials for your best friend’s wedding, it can be done exactly how you need it done.
  • If you just like making gummies, and you want the ability to play around, then tools to customize are key. There’s a difference between work and pleasure, even when it comes to cooking, and plenty of people like to play around in the world of food just for fun. For those who like to experiment with cooking with weed, have their own little parties, and show off their skills to friends, having a way to customize your gummies is an important part of creating your own cannabis-infused food.
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So let’s say you want your company logo emblazoned on gummies. You can order molds for that. Or, if you’re throwing dad a birthday party and you want guests vibing on 5 mg football gummies, well, you can make that happen too. And if you just want to play around with different shape molds in your kitchen, and throw your own little customized gummy dinner parties, well, you can do that as well. Here are some companies that can help.

Companies that will customize your gummies

  • CCFX is a company that offers customizable gummy molds made from RTV silicone which are food contact safe, platinum cured, and BPA free. They are durable, heavy duty, and stable when baked or frozen. The company offers molds for THC and CBD products, whether gummies or chocolates, and will work directly with you to bring your gummy vision to life. This company did not post shipping information. If you would like to order from abroad, check with CCFX about shipping.
  • Another option is Vector Molds. Vector also offers a custom process for gummy and mold design, which can range from a logo, to whatever else you come up with. The company’s three-step process ensures that your ideas are properly turned into a gummy reality, complete with samples for approval. Samples can get to you in less than one week, and molds are produced quickly with your designs. According to the company, every 10 molds takes approximately 3-5 business days. They do require a 20 mold minimum for custom orders of their silicone molds. This company ships domestically and abroad, you can contact the company for more information.
customize your gummies
  • A third option is PJBold. PJBold offers customers BPA-free silicone molds, custom molds to create your own branding or event products, food grade stamps, wholesale orders, and are working on polycarbonate molds. Molds can be for infused gummies or chocolates. Interested gummy makers can look through the company’s catalogue of standard molds, or work with the company to create their own, for their own purposes. This company ships within the US and abroad, contact the company for pricing details.

It should be remembered that since molds themselves are not THC products, they can be sold to anyone in any state. Those looking to use the molds for business or personal recreational purposes should ensure that they are complying with their own local laws for sales and use of cannabis compounds. And in the case of recreational use – like for that birthday party for your dad – just make sure if you’re not in a legal location, that you’re not doing anything to get caught.


And there you have it! No more will you be required to always have the same standard gummies. Whether you’re a product creator, planning an event, or playing around at home, your options to customize your cannabis gummies just got way more intense. In the future, we might see more companies that can make your order and then deliver to a location, but that will require regulations to change. For now, you can do it on your own with the help of the companies above. It just takes some silicone, a few good ideas, a little creative direction, and a company that creates strong, safe, and durable products.

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