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I Do! Cannabis Products for the Ultimate Wedding

cannabis wedding
Written by Sarah Friedman

Not too many years ago, if you wanted to get high at a wedding – even your own – it had to be done very privately. In our new cannabis world, not only can you be loud and proud about cannabis at your nuptials, but there is a growing list of products to help you have the ultimate wedding. Read on to find out how to integrate marijuana into your big day.

When it comes to cannabis products for the best wedding experience, one great option is delta-8 THC. Why? Because this alternate form of THC causes slightly less psychoactive effect, so you won’t be off your head, doesn’t cause anxiety – so no extra wedding jitters, and leaves users clear-headed and energetic, which is great for dancing it out all night. We’ve got a great selection of delta-8 THC products that you can check out whether you’re celebrating a wedding, or just want to kick back and relax. Looking for something more exotic? Learn more about THCV, THC-O, HHC & Delta 10 THC.

Cannabis edibles

The world of cannabis edibles has ballooned out in the last few years to incorporate all kinds of products never even remotely associated with cannabis before. Long gone are the days of simple brownies and chocolate chip cookies (though tons of these products can still be found). Now, with nanoemulsion techniques, what once had to be products containing a fat like butter, in order to leach out the delta-9, has become anything under the sun.

Nanoemulsion technology allows cannabinoids to bind to water soluble compounds, making everything from sodas to gummies to chewing gum, possible options for cannabis edibles. So the world has gotten much wider, and nearly everything seems to be cannabis oriented. In fact, just how wide has this world gotten?

It’s not just about edibles, cannabis – particularly CBD – can be found in bedding, workout gear, and pillows. And there is such a range of edible products that it could blow your mind, like infused beef jerky, cannabis sparkling water, energy drinks, barbeque condiments, and potato chips. So it’s not that weird to think that if you want your big day to come with a buzz, there are a myriad of cannabis products that can be used to help fuel your ultimate wedding. Check out the following ways to incorporate the two.

cannabis products wedding

Cannabis products for the ultimate wedding – bachelor/bachelorette party

Before you get to the big day, there will invariably be a couple parties taking place on both sides to celebrate the end of singledom. And there are plenty of cannabis products to make these celebrations way better than celebrating without.

$18.99 – Let’s be honest, what’s a bachelor/bachelorette party without drinking? And what’s one of the best cannabis products for these celebrations? Cannabis-styled shot glasses. 420 shot glasses make it clear what’s important to you, and keep the party atmosphere going all night. Whether you’re a guy celebrating your stag party, or a lady doing her hen party, 420 shot glasses are a stylish way of adding cannabis to your celebration. Packs of 12 for $18.99, each holding 2oz to ensure everyone gets drunk.

$22 – Let’s be even more honest, what’s a bachelorette party without some penises? Not a very good one! Whether they’re adorning headbands, or sticking out of cupcakes, penises are vitally important to a good bachelorette party, and Get Kush has the perfect product for the Canadian crowd (sorry ladies, you’ve got to be above the border for this one). The company puts out its Ganja Bag of Cocks Sour – 4 x 60mg THC. These delicious penis-shaped gummies are sure to cause a stir at your event, and come in the following flavors: Sour Peach, Sour Blueberry, Sour Grape, Sour Blackberry. Each penis contains 60mg of THC, and four come per pack.

For the guys out there, bachelor parties are often a time to smoke those expensive imported cigars. In fact, very little says ‘luxury’, ‘style’, and ‘celebration’ like a high-end cigar, and for the cannabis aficionados out there, there are plenty of cannagar options:

$250 – Leira puts out a line of cannagars that can be shipped all throughout the US using delta-8 THC. And what’s best for a bachelor party? The 12 Gram Delta-8 – Wedding Cake, of course, among other options provided by the company. This cannagar uses organically grown cannabis, which is 3rd party tested, and contains no GMOs.

These cigars contain 20% cannabinoids, and can be smoked for 2-3 hours making it perfect to pass around with your bros all night. By using delta-8 THC instead of delta-9, this cannagar can be shipped country-wide, and gives users the benefit of a more clear-headed high and energy, which is optimal for a party setting. There are plenty of other cannager options for those seeking such products for their bachelor parties.


$44 – And of course, whether it’s a bachelor or a bachelorette party, you can provide your guests with a great take home gift – CBD lube. Floria Wellness provides sensual Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD, with a 15% discount for subscribers. With either 200 or 400mg of CBD, this essential bedroom accessory promotes arousal, while soothing, and exciting. The lube uses 100% natural and organic botanical ingredients, with USDA organic-certified hemp. This gift makes the perfect end to pre-wedding parties.

Cannabis products for the ultimate wedding – the big day

The pre-festivities are over, and now it’s time to get down to the vows, big cake, and night-long partying. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you can do all this in cannabis fashion. Here are some ideas for cannabis products to help you have the ultimate wedding. And we’ll start with one of the most important aspects of any wedding, drinks!

One of the best ways to include cannabis in your wedding, is with high-class cannabis cocktails. These are 100% non-alcoholic beverages meant to give a different kind of buzz, for wedding-goers more interested in a non-hangover way to enjoy the festivities. One of the leading brands for luxury mocktails, is Artet. Interested consumers can find where these delicious cannabis cocktails can be bought in their specific locations. From it’s Flagship Bottle using eight botanicals, to its fruity and zesty Rosemary Jane, to its Tet and Tonic complete with juniper, gentian, and cardamom, these marijuana cocktails are a great way to bring cannabis and weddings together.

$152 – Of course, maybe you want your partygoers to get the best of both worlds, and for that there’s Rozoy Picot, fine French sparkling wine manufacturers who use cannabis terpenes for flavoring, and a particular buzz. The wines are actually 100% CBD and THC free and ship all over the world. Current flavors OG Kush, Punch Rosé and Amnesia Core provide the best in cannabis terpenes, with the best in French sparking wine, perfect for your special occasion.

We can’t forget the main wedding attraction! One of the most important aspects of any wedding is surely the wedding cake, and what better way to celebrate in stoner style, than with a cannabis-themed cake? The company Rolling in Dough offers a variety of baked goods, and will use whatever picture or design you choose, even making marijuana-themed cakes.

Interested parties should contact the company for more information on cake designs for a weed-inspired wedding. Want an actual infused cake? Well Wake-N-Bakery actually makes delta-8 THC-infused cakes for a variety of occasions, which can go perfectly for a stoner wedding. Prices range from $75-$225, but interested parties should check with the company about cake sizes and custom planning for events.

marijuana wedding cake

$17.99 – Or perhaps, you just want a little something on top of your cake. Check out wedding toppers like this one: Have A Dope Wedding Cake Topper, to add a little humor, and pot-friendliness to your big day.

Last, but not least, best not to forget wedding party favors. Like stash jars for ‘him’ or ‘her’, or gummy sample packs to leave guests with a sweet treat on the way out. And of course, for those a little more hardcore, you could consider leaving guests with some nice pre-rolls, or a little bag to smoke after the festivities.


Let’s be honest, weddings are a blast whether they include cannabis or not, but in this day and age, the two can go together quite nicely. Whether you’re a full-time stoner, or just a big enough fan to incorporate it in, these cannabis products are great for helping to put together the ultimate wedding that will be remembered by all who came, for years to come.

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