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The CBD Business Weekly Review: 20% Off B2B Event, Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Sourcing Hemp Flower, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks

In this week’s edition, we’re offering you a 20% discount to one of the top industry events in the world, Cannabis Business Europe taking place the first weekend of November in Cologne, Germany.

Also, we’re taking a look at the inner workings of the U.S. Congressional Cannabis Caucus. And do you know how to source the best hemp buds for your cannabis dispensary? We can certainly help you with that! All that and more in this week’s CBD Business Weekly Newsletter. 

FEATURED EVENT: 20% Off Cannabis Business Europe – The Premier B2B Industry Event

cannabis business europe 2019

No matter what city or country you’re in, the Global Cannabis Business Development Conference Series is a premier industry event that you don’t want to miss – and with their worldwide touring schedule, you likely won’t have to!

The next event to look out for is Cannabis Business Europe, which will be bringing event-goers to the lovely and scenic city of Cologne, Germany. It’s a 2-day convention, taking place on November 7th and 8th, 2019.

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The Congressional Cannabis Caucus – Blue and Red Joining Forces for Green

congressional cannabis caucus

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just how mainstream cannabis has become lately, consider the fact that a Congressional Cannabis Caucus has recently been formed within our government to fight for legalization and protect states’ already established cannabis industries. Two members of opposing political parties of the United States House of Representatives joined forces to fight for cannabis rights.

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‘CBD Is The Same As Cannabis’ Say 8 Out Of 10 Brits

dr. ed

Over 85% of 2,000 British people questioned in a survey believe that CBD is the same as cannabis. The research, initiated by Manchester-based CBD company Dr. Ed, also finds that around the same percentage describe CBD as ‘dodgy’. Whilst, yet again, over eight in 10 people believe that you cannot buy CBD online or from High Street stores.

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How To Source The Best Hemp Flower For Your Shop

mark rivers

So you’ve decided to sell hemp flower from your shop. A wise choice indeed. But before you splurge on some stock, how do you know what you are buying is going to sell? After all, hemp flower consumers are fast becoming very discerning when it comes to what products they purchase. They are lots of different options out there, as well as lots of discussion on the subject online, so don’t think that any old hemp flower will sell well. 

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