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Eurolife Aims To Be The Amazon Of The Global CBD Market

Written by Peter McCusker

Canadian cannabis company EuroLife Brands says it aims to become the ‘Amazon or Alibaba’ of the global CBD market place as its pursues an expansionary agenda.

Formerly known as Cannvas MedTech it says the name change reflects its ambition to focus on the supply of CBD-infused products into the European and South American markets.

It is in the process of undertaking a tour of European countries including Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Portugal to drum up interest from investors.

And, it has appointed former Canopy growing boss Alan Cooke to its advisory board. Mr. Cooke was previously responsible for over four million sq. ft. of cultivation operations across Canada.

Strategic Partners

In a market release its states how it aims to achieve its global ambitions by ‘collecting strategic partners’.

It describes its goal as being the creation of a ‘powerful education-based, analytics-backed digital CBD marketplace for the European and South American markets using a framework similar to that of global giants Alibaba and Amazon’, it says in a market statement.

EuroLife’s COO Steve Loutskou had earlier told investors that it has  been ‘aggressive in taking advantage of our deep connections in various CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brand industries suitable for CBD infusion’.

Following the renaming EuroLife obtained the exclusive rights to the True Focus brand, which develops a product that lessens the effects of THC overconsumption.

Culinary CBD

The company says it making investments into hemp and CBD for pets as well as CBD-based culinary experiences. And it has also launched its first international cannabis education platform for the booming German market,

EuroLife said it expects to announce new partnerships in the coming months as its management team meets with some of the largest cultivators in the E.U., as well as CBD extraction companies and other entrepreneurs in the CBD space, reports Proactive Investors. EuroLife describes itself as a data driven learning platform for those interested in cannabis, as well as a digital marketplace for CBD products.

“We continue to drive company success across Europe and South America with potential investment and brand partners while vetting out strategic opportunities to expand business and increase shareholder value,” says a bullish Mr Loutskou.

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