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Skin Care Brands Delve Into The U.K. CBD Space

Written by Peter McCusker

Two established U.K. skincare brands have struck new deals which will boost their presence in the booming CBD-infused skincare market.

London Stock Exchange firm Futura Medical has agreed a joint venture with Bristol-Based cannabis firm CBDerma Technology Limited to develop a skin-friendly CBD formulation. 

In a press release Futura says the joint venture will ‘explore combining CBD with Futura’s DermaSys drug delivery system for the treatment of pain relief’. 

Futura chief executive James Barder said the U.S. $1 million project will develop more effective ways of optimizing the targeted delivery of CBD through the skin.

CBD-Infused Dressings

Adding: “The benefits and applications of cannabis and cannabidiol in both the medical and consumer markets are well known and expanding rapidly.” Meanwhile Yorkshire drug production and  testing company Integumen is working with academics to develop a CBD-infused dressing, reports Proactive Investors.

The partnership with the University of Limerick and the Irish government-supported Research Centre for Resource Efficiency will create a CBD product for chronic wound and burns dressings. This will be tested using Integumen’s in-house Labskin CBD testing system.

Electrical Pulse Inhibitor

Research, including that by Dr Joseph Cheer, of the University of Maryland, suggests that CBD switches off the electrical pulses associated with pain by tweaking the amount of calcium gets inside the body’s nerves. And, it is this theory that will form basis of the new dressing being developed by the partners.

“With a growing demand for CBD infused products for their anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, we believe that our expertise in skin wound repair and burns treatment…will be well received in this ‘growing multi-billion dollar global market,” said Integumen chief executive Gerard Brandon.

Mr Brandon went on to say it had recently secured new contracts worth  almost £300,000 and was consequently set to increase the size of its testing laboratories by 50%.

One of the contracts is with London-based Femcare brand Daye, who CBD Testers have reported upon earlier. As well as testing products Integumen has its own range of skin-care and CBD products.

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