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‘CBD Is The Same As Cannabis’ Say 8 Out Of 10 Brits.

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Written by Peter McCusker

Over 85% of 2,000 British people questioned in a survey believe that CBD is the same as cannabis.

The research, initiated by Manchester-based CBD company Dr. Ed, also finds that around the same percentage describe CBD as ‘dodgy’. Whilst, yet again, over eight in 10 people believe that you cannot buy CBD online or from High Street stores.

So, despite all of the hype around CBD and the million-plus users in the U.K. this research suggests there is still a long way to go before the benefits of cannabidiol – or CBD – are more widely recognised.

‘CBD Is Just A ‘Fad’

In a press release, passed on the CBD Testers by Alex McMillan, the co- founder of Dr. Ed, the company elaborates on its findings. Alex’s business partner Neuroscientist Dr Edward Jones, says in the release:

“Although cannabidiol was isolated as a compound decades ago, knowledge of its potentially potent therapeutic value is only now becoming mainstream. As with most emerging industries, regulation is loose, which has led to a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding CBD and an awful lot of mis-selling.”

Other findings from the survey show that only 8% of those questioned had never heard of CBD, and over three-quarters classified CBD as nor more than a ‘fad’.

Middle-Aged Women And CBD

And, there is also a great deal of misunderstanding around the regulation of the industry with just 4% believing the industry is unregulated, when to all intents and purposes, it is currently self-regulated

The study also found CBD is most widely used by women, aged 45 to 60, with two-thirds claiming to have taken or considered taking the oil. At the other end of the scale, those aged 25 to 30 were least likely to use CBD, with just 21% open to trying it.

Dr Jones added: “There is increasing evidence that CBD can be used to successfully treat a number of complaints including anxiety and pain, and can also help with concentration, sleep, and muscle recovery after sports.”

“Far from being ‘dodgy’ or illegal, CBD is still actually a bit of an untapped resource,” he continued. “And with further research and clinical trials there will no doubt be many more health benefits to emerge.”

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Peter McCusker is an experienced news and business editor, who believes it’s time to fully embrace the multiple, proven, medical benefits of the cannabis plant.