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CBD Crystals: Everything You Need to Know

CBDistillery – Pure CBD Isolate Slab
Written by Julie Godard

What are CBD crystals? How do you make CBD shatters? Why is it mixed with terpenes and what is it good for?

CBD is very valuable in today’s international market with experts predicting the market to increase 700% from its 2016 value in the coming decade. CBD is valued as a medicine in many parts of the world, and can help assuage symptoms and pain associated with many medical conditions. Read on to find out about CBD crystals: what they are, what they’re used for, where they’re legal, and how to get them.

What is CBD?

CBD”, or cannabidiol, is an oil derived from the cannabis plant which can be found in several different forms including as the oil, in capsules, as edibles, and so on. CBD oil does not produce a “high” like its counterpart THC, and is therefore considered a medical treatment or alternative therapy by many doctors, medicine healers, patients, and people for whom traditional Western treatments do not work. CBD crystals are yet another take on CBD, which may be appealing to many people.

What are CBD Crystals?

CBD crystalline is so pure that it forms into crystals. If they are ground down into an isolate powder, they can be mixed with various terpenes and made into a CBD concentrate known as “shatter.” CBD shatter contains only CBD and no THC, so there’s no psychoactive effect or high. CBD shatter is chunky pieces of isolate powder, while crystals are crystalline pieces of CBD so pure they consist of 98-99% isolated CBD. That’s about as pure as you can get!

Diamond CBD Crystal Dab 1500mg

What are CBD Crystals Used For?

Less pure CBD isolates may be harder for patients to dose; not so with pure CBD crystals. Without any THC or other cannabinoid molecules in the isolate, CBD dosing is simple and there is no danger of consuming more than desired. It’s also much easier to dose because it can be done just by weighing out the correct dosage according to your health care professional. A simple kitchen scale will allow you to measure out whatever your prescribed or desired dosage is to a T, and there is no need to worry about fillers or impurities that could change the crystals’ effects on you.

Sounds pretty good, right? There is also rumor that CBD crystals taste like cherries with no added terpenes! CBD crystals can be added to make edibles, food, drinks, and skincare products, and they can also be dabbed in a dab rig. Crystals may be used in vape pens after they’re dissolved in liquid, as well. CBD crystals can give a feeling of relaxation, but make sure you’re taking the correct dosage for you. Gradually increase your dosage or talk to your doctor if you feel you’re not getting the desired results.  

Where Can I Get CBD Crystals?

While CBD crystals are relatively new and require CO2 extraction to strip away excess plant material you don’t need, they are available in most U.S. states and countries where other CBD products are sold, and online as well.

Here are a few you might try:

Best CBD Crystals US

99% Pure CBD Crystal Isolate (Empire Wellness)

CBD Crystal Crumble Dabs 600mg (Diamond CBD)

CBD Shatter 450mg (Green Roads)

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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