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Have You Considered Some CBD With Your Morning Coffee?

Written by Alexandra Hicks

If you’ve never tried CBD with your morning coffee, then you’re seriously missing out! Recent studies show that CBD and caffeine have some similar properties and seem to have a complementary effect when used together.

Both CBD and coffee have their own benefits when consumed separately. CBD can be used for pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, PTSD, relapse prevention, and so much more. There are also numerous studies showing the benefits of using caffeine regularly which include, but are not limited to, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, increasing memory and focus, and improving symptoms of fatty liver disease.

How Caffeine and Cannabidiol Work Together

There are a few different factors that contribute to the synergistic effects of CBD and coffee (caffeine). We’ll start by looking at the calming effect of CBD. It’s well documented that cannabidiol can help reduce anxiety so if you’re the kind of person who gets a bit jittery when drinking coffee, a CBD supplement or switching to CBD-infused coffee could be very beneficial. On the other hand, if you’re required to take extremely high doses of CBD, it’s possible that you could suffer from slight memory loss, which could be offset by consuming caffeine regularly.

Research also shows that CBD and caffeine have some significant similarities. For example, both are energizing and uplifting. We already know caffeine can be used to boost energy, but recent studies indicate that a low-dose CBD regimen can do the same. Furthermore, studies published separately over the last few years show that CBD and caffeine both cause an increase in serotonin levels, leading to an improved, cheery mood and lowered risk of depression.

Another big reason that CBD and caffeine work well together is because they are both superfoods that are very potent antioxidants. Coffee – which contains cellular healing properties and can help fight against signs of aging – is actually considered the largest food source of antioxidants in the American diet. The same goes for cannabidiol, the U.S. government even owns a patent on the use of CBD as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant (although they still claim there are no medical benefits…)

Do you use both caffeine and CBD regularly? If so, what kind of effects does the combination have? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.