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CBD Crystals: Just A Fad Or Worth Taking Note?

cbd crystals
Written by Corre Addam

Most people are familiar with THC crystals or ‘Kief’ as it’s sometimes called, but there’s a younger brother in town now, and his name’s ‘CBD Crystal’

Just like it’s possible to collect the crystals that form on THC-rich cannabis buds, the same applies to strains which are high in CBD. THC is regarded to be the compound in cannabis which gives the heady and sometimes trippy effects. While at the same time, CBD is considered to be the medicinal younger brother, which has no trippy effects on the mind at all.

Other websites report that CBD can be used to treat a whole host of medical conditions and issues. Not least, they mention epilepsy, insomnia and chronic pain. And now, some folks are opting for CBD crystals which are high in CBD content. These crystals induce a feeling of well-being and tranquility, while leaving the patient fully cognizant and able to think straight.

CBD Wax (HempElf)

In short, CBD crystals are isolated and purified extractions of the cannabis compound. After the cannabinoid has been separated from the other compounds in the plant, the crystals can be formed, with most crystals boasting an impressive 98 percent of pure CBD.

CBD can be taken in various forms. One is via edibles, whereby they can be added to your favorite dessert or snack, and eaten according to a specific dosing scale. Another option is to get some CBD in oil form, which can be administered to the skin to promote youthfulness, as it works well as a potent antioxidant. You can even find CBD crystals in some e-liquids, which mean you can vaporize the medicine without burning your throat or lungs.

CBD Crystal Dabs By Diamond CBD (US)

Often these days, various products hit the market, be it the black or white one, but those products just end up being some kind of fad that passes. The question here being, will CBD crystals be a permanent thing of the future or just a sweeping fad?

However you decide to take your CBD, the high-grade crystal form has to be something you consider adding to your medicine cabinet some time soon.

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