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Top 7 Cannabis Christmas Gifts in 2023

Written by Joseph Mcqueen

Looking for cannabis gift ideas for christmas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Ho, ho, ho, merry cannabis christmas! As the festive season approaches, the nervous search for the perfect Christmas gift begins.

In recent years, with the growing acceptance and legalisation of cannabis in various parts of the world, cannabis gifts have surged in popularity. These presents are no longer confined to the stereotypical and often tacky items of the past, such as a “I love weed” t-shirt or a willy-shaped bong. Today, they encompass a wide range of sophisticated, stylish, and practical products that cater to both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and curious newcomers. We’re going to delve into 7 different cannabis-related Christmas gift ideas, and even give you some specific recommendations. Let’s do this. 

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1 – Cannabis Storage

Having a safe, secure and odour-protecting place to keep your cannabis is essential. For the cannabis connoisseur who values both function and style, high-end storage solutions make for an ideal gift. These aren’t just any storage boxes or bags, which are definitely getting a little old these days, they are thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall cannabis experience. Keep your bud absolutely fresh and tasty.

The Apothecarry Case

One item that is gaining popularity is this one. This is more than just a storage case, it’s a complete system designed for the experienced cannabis user. Crafted from beautiful wood and equipped with a lock for security, the Apothecarry Case is as functional as it is stylish. It features a humidity control system to keep cannabis in prime condition, along with compartments for various accessories. This case is perfect for someone who appreciates the finer details and wants to keep their cannabis products organised and preserved. It also looks a bit like something that would be dug up in Pirates of the Caribbean.

2 – Cooking with Cannabis

Next up we have a gift that is perfect for someone who enjoys cooking with Mrs sweet Mary Jane. For the culinary enthusiast who loves experimenting with flavours and ingredients, cannabis-infused cooking presents are ideal. This present is perfect for those who enjoy both the process of cooking and the pleasure of consuming their creations. 

“Bong Appétit” Cookbook 

Whilst this book officially came out in 2018, it has certainly stood the test of time and still remains one of the best cannabis-related gifts. This cookbook is ideal for those interested in elevating their culinary skills with cannabis. Far from the over-made pot brownies, “Bong Appétit” dives into sophisticated recipes that integrate cannabis in creative and delicious ways. From appetisers to main courses and desserts, this book covers a wide range of dishes, making it an ideal gift for both novice and experienced cooks looking to explore the world of cannabis cuisine. In other words, you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey to enjoy this cookbook, although it might help. 

In addition, the book not only provides recipes but also educates readers on the different aspects of cooking with cannabis, including dosing and infusion techniques. This makes it a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to incorporate cannabis into their cooking in a controlled and flavorful manner.

3 – Cannabis Subscription

Subscriptions can be perfect as a Christmas present, especially for those who love cannabis. For those who appreciate a regular supply of cannabis essentials, subscription services are the way to go. These services offer convenience, variety, and the excitement of receiving new products to try each month. They are perfect for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and those new to the scene. There’s a lot of options out there, but one that has certainly turned heads is this one:

Daily High Club El Primo Subscription

This subscription service is ideal for anyone who loves surprises and enjoys trying out new cannabis accessories. Each month, subscribers receive a box filled with a variety of items, including rolling papers, glassware, and other smoking accessories. The Daily High Club El Primo Subscription takes the guesswork out of finding new products and ensures that the recipient always has fresh gear on hand. Any sort of accessory you can think of, this subscription probably has it (and definitely in some wacky shape or design). It might seem like some sort of cop out, but actually buying someone a present like this means that Christmas lasts a lot longer – with new items coming every month. So why not?

4 – Dry Herb Vaporizer

It might seem like an old idea but, let’s be honest, anyone who enjoys cannabis always looks longingly at a vaporizer. That’s why it had to be on the list. For those who enjoy cartridges, then that’s another story, but for those who enjoy putting dry bud into a device then there’s a few options. The main essentials are slick, smooth and efficient. Let’s take a look at two recommended options. 

The Nectar Hex is the newest vaporizer from the UK-based company. They are certainly one of the top brands from the island nation and for good reason. This vaporizer is slick and easy to use, with a super-fast gold heating chamber. Lift off the top, place the buds inside, and enjoy. 

Then, of course, you have the Pax 3. This device is probably one of the leaders in the cannabis vape market. Not only does it look great and have a 15 second heat up time, it’s also compatible with both concentrates and buds. It also charges to full in only an hour. 

Either of these beautiful looking devices would be a perfect vape to buy someone for Christmas this year. 

5 – Cannabis Grinder

Although there are many tacky ones out there, there’s no denying that a grinder is an essential part of anyone’s cannabis routine. In addition, the difference between a bad grinder and a high-tech one is huge. Therefore, perhaps a special kind of grinding device might be the perfect present for a loved one this Christmas time. 

Banana Bros. Otto Electric Smart Herb Grinder

As we all know, grinding cannabis can be a tedious task, but the Otto Electric Smart Herb Grinder makes it effortless and precise. This gadget automatically adjusts to the consistency and moisture level of the herb, providing the perfect grind every time. It’s a convenient and stylish tool that simplifies the preparation process, making it an ideal gift for those who value efficiency and quality. Whatsmore, you don’t really have to do anything. Press the button, wait and then enjoy. These kinds of tech gadgets are not just about functionality; they represent the cutting edge of cannabis consumption. 

6 – Cannabis Art

For those who appreciate the aesthetic side of cannabis culture, art and decor items make for thoughtful and stylish gifts. These pieces not only serve as functional items but also as conversation starters, blending the world of cannabis with artistic expression. These kinds of presents highlight, again, how far we’ve come from when cannabis was a completely taboo subject. 

“High Art” Book

This book is a celebration of cannabis in visual culture. It features a collection of art and photography that explores the influence of cannabis on creativity and its representation in art. This book is perfect for those who appreciate the intersection of cannabis culture and visual expression, as well as just consuming it, making it a sophisticated addition to any coffee table or bookshelf. 

Summerland Ceramics Chongo Bong

If you haven’t checked out the Summerland ceramics collection then you’re missing a trick. They are utterly stunning. For a more functional piece of art, the Summerland Ceramics Chongo Bong is a beautifully crafted ceramic bong that doubles as a decorative object. Its sleek and minimalist design makes it a discreet yet elegant addition to any room. This bong is ideal for those who want to enjoy their cannabis passion in a sophisticated way.

7 – Cannabis Games

As you’ll most likely know, cannabis can bring about the giggles in all of us. In fact, sometimes playing games with our friends is the best thing to do when under the influence of weed. Every Christmas there are new and exciting games that stack the shelves – everyone remembers the year when Cards Against Humanity was the only present that anyone could talk about. Then, it was Exploding Kittens. And now, perhaps, it’s all about: high ball. 

High Ball

How about this for cannabis gifts? This retro-inspired electronic game is a nostalgic throwback and a fun way to pass the time. It’s a quirky and entertaining gift that’s sure to bring a smile to any cannabis enthusiast’s face at Christmas. The game is simple yet addictive, making it a great choice for both solo play and social gatherings. There are various modes – including ‘high mode’ and ‘really high mode’ – which each have their varying challenges. The main aim of the game is to keep the red panels of the ball facing up, but the time in which you have to do that gets shorter as the game goes on.


The world of cannabis-themed gifts is rich and varied, offering something special for every type of cannabis user. From high-end products, to classy items to have around the house, to silly games – cannabis is a world that is open to everyone. These top 7 cannabis gifts this Christmas are sure to please someone, whichever you choose. So, whatever you end up doing this season, have a lovely time and spend it with those you love. Merry Christmas. 

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