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Dynavap BB6 – Sleek, Cool, No Batteries Needed

Dynavap BB6
Written by Sarah Friedman

The Dynavap BB6 is beautiful, made of glass and stainless steel, and super cool to use. One of the best vapes around.

Dynavap is sure good at producing cool-looking, functional vapes. Recently I purchased a Dynavap BB6 to replace my standard M model. Here is my review of this super-cool, James’s Bond-like vape, with all pros and cons attached.

What’s Dynavap and what does it offer?

Vapes are all the rage these days, although when we say ‘vape’ we’re referring to one of two things; a contraption that vaporizes oil or concentrate, or one that vaporizes dry herb. In this case, Dynavap is a brand which specifically produces dry herb vapes; though all its vapes can be used for concentrates with an adapter. The one I’m specifically looking at today is called the Dynavap BB6.

What sets these vapes apart from other vapes, is the general design, which is seen with all models. They require no battery, and therefore no electrical input, or charging. Instead, they rely on a heat-click system by way of a lighter (best with torch lighter, or after market induction heater). The user heats the cap on one end, which produces two clicks when the device is ready to use. Another two clicks sound when its cooled down enough to re-use. Heating in between can burn out a bowl.

Three years ago I got the signature Dynavap M when I was going off to travel. Three years later the little guy still works well, although it doesn’t have that sparkly new feel anymore. It’s simple mechanics, just a metal pen-looking device with a cap on one end, a mouth hole on the other, and a carb hole near the mouth hole to regulate the amount of vapor. The cap protects the weed from chemical residue. The mouthpiece and inner tube work as a condenser.

3-year-old Dynavap M
3-year-old Dynavap M

I decided it was time to update with a different model, and try another of the company’s products. This time I went for the Dynavap BB6. Main difference between the two models? Whereas the M is made of stainless steel, the BB6 is both stainless steel and glass, with beads instead of a condenser. Plus, the BB6 is designed for greater use with a bong.

Dynavap BB6 – basic scoring

Functionality – 10/10 – I’m happy to give this model a full score in doing what it’s meant to do. Getting the hang of it might take a few tries, but it consistently produces nice hits. My weed goes way farther with this vape than it has with other vapes, or when smoking in any way. One small bowl fill can get me up to five or six big hits.

Quality of vapor – 9/10 – Truth is, some battery-powered vapes produce a slightly cleaner vapor. For cost of product, however, this vape does produce a great, clean vapor. If a person feels they require more (I have asthma and I still don’t), I’d say go high end like the Volcano. Otherwise, the vapor is clean, and tastes just like the weed. No burning, no chemical taste.

Ease-of-use – 8/10 – It does require holding a torch lighter to it. And it does come with a certain learning curve. I was already used to the brand, but I do find when introducing people, about half need to try it several times to get it right. In that sense, it involves more than simply pressing an ‘on’ button; and does require a little know-how. Once you get it however, it’s simple to do.

Design/Durability – 6/10 – This is the weak point for the BB series. Just like with any other glass piece, you must be careful not to drop it. This is the opposite of other Dynavap products (like the M) that receive a 10/10 for their durability. All glass pieces come with this detraction.

Design/Coolness factor – 10/10 – A space-age looking device that clicks when you heat it? I can picture James Bond pulling it out of his pocket. You might have to explain once or twice that its most definitely not for crack or meth, but this is a minor point of humor for such an intensely cool product.

Dynavap BB6 standing
Dynavap BB6 standing

More specifics of the Dynavap BB6

The Dynavap BB6 looks nearly the same as the M, except that its body is made of glass, with colored balls inside. Mine is blue-colored glass; it comes in blue, gray, and pink. The balls are meant to diffuse the vapor as it travels down the tube. It measures longer than the M, and a bit wider (or seemingly so due to the glass), but the cap end is the same. All caps are interchangeable with all products. The cap looks like a pen cap, and fits on the ridged end that holds the weed.

The M has a stainless steel mouthpiece, which is an extension of the stainless steel vape body. The BB6 has a glass body and mouthpiece. The company advertises that the mouthpiece has a stainless steel tip, but mine did not, something I will ask Dynavap about. The glass mouthpiece makes it bong-ready. In fact, it’s shaped like a bong adapter; and was designed to fit into the stem of a bong to create a vapebong. A vapebong is a device (or devices put together, like in this case) whereby the vapor from a vape is pulled through water, before inhalation. Just like a regular bong; but without the fire and smoke.

Functionally it works the same as the M in terms of what I have to do. Whereas my M has gone through a lot of wear and tear, and a ton of weed, the BB6 is in perfect functional condition. My M, for example, won’t always click twice these days; and if I wait for it to, I’m more likely to burn out the bowl. It still works fine and produces great hits, but I now have to keep this in mind. Minor cleanings haven’t done much to help, but a major cleaning might…I admit I get lazy about this. Its a reminder that everything is affected by aging, even if it holds up well enough to retain basic functionality.

I don’t think the vapor was any cooler, though I like the design with the multiple beads within the body. Other models like the M have a condenser, but the BB6 has beads instead. I’m not sure if this is meant to provide cooler vapor; if it is, I didn’t experience much difference between the two models. The body is a cylinder like the M, but with a wavy exterior made by divots. I don’t think the slightly longer body is technically enough to reduce the heat greatly. It’s a standard issue with many vapes. I’ve never found the heat to be damaging, just a bit irritating.

This model comes with the Captive Cap instead of the original Vapcap; an upgrade that holds it on better with grooves, and helps airflow get distributed more evenly. All models now come with this updated cap.

The vapebong ability

The vapebong ability allows two great things to be put together – vaporizers and bongs. The BB6 was specifically made for this purpose with a mouthpiece that fits 10mm and 14mm female fittings. If you never thought of your bong as having a gender before, indeed it does! How to know the difference? If the mouthpiece slides into the joint, it’s a male bong; if it goes over the joint, its female. Roll it around in your head for a minute…it makes sense.

M and BB6
M and BB6

Bong joints range in size from 10-18 millimeters, for both male and female. The BB6 comes with two size options, so if you’re getting it to use with a specific bong, make sure to get the right size. To use it in this way you put the mouthpiece into the joint of the bong, and heat it as you would if it were in your mouth. When it clicks, just breath in through the bong mouthpiece.

I found the Dynavap BB6 easy enough to use in this way. It was actually my first experience with a vapebong; though I have been a fan of both vapes and bongs for many years. It was quite a different experience to get a huge water-refined hit, and without the same overwhelming feeling of a mass of smoke to the lungs. The bong made the hit much cooler than taking it directly from the vape; a good way to minimize the hot hit issue. I did not feel any damage after.

Much like the M model, the Dynavap BB6 model requires heating with a lighter to the point of getting very hot. As glass conducts heat similarly to metal, it does mean the product gets hot in the hand. The other positive of sticking it in a bong, other than a cooler hit on your lungs; is that its not hot in your hand.

Though the Dynavap BB6 gives greater vapebong functionality than the M, the M does come with a tip that can fit a 10mm female opening. All Dynavap models are made to have some functionality with bongs; and the company sells bong equipment alongside the vapes. This includes actual bongs as well as adapters.

Biggest downside – glass

One of the most awesome things about the M is that its practically indestructible as far as vapes go. So long as you don’t crush the cap (and I didn’t in three years!), it can take a lot of abuse. I used to demonstrate to people how I could drop it on the floor with no damage done. This was often met by squirming on their part until they realized it was fine. For someone like me, with a wasteland of broken bongs, bowls, and bubblers littering my past; this is one of the biggest advantages of the product. Most stuff breaks if you drop it, the M does not.

But the Dynavap BB6 does! Three days after purchase, just as I was really getting into the grove with it, I dropped it. For a split second I thought – ‘its cool, I drop it all the time;’ but unlike the M, the body shattered into a million pieces. I can easily buy a replacement glass body for $29, but the original glass midsection is not fixable, like most of the other glass casualties I’ve caused. I was sad to unwittingly test that aspect so quickly. I was hoping maybe I could get a few drops in before total breakage (I mean….that was always inevitable for me).

Dynavap BB6 open
Dynavap BB6 open

I loved the vape for the short time I used it. But I also have to say, that if you’re like me and prone to breaking anything breakable; consider that when buying this model. Dynavap has plenty of non-shatterable offerings that can take a huge amount of abuse and keep working; so no need to throw your hands up in despair. Just get a model that can handle your lifestyle.

Dynavap product offerings

The M – Most basic model made of stainless steel -$69

The M Plus & M Plus Classic (with finless tip for faster heating) – $79

The B & B Neon Series – Made with a silicone stem that minimizes hot vape issue, and is also less breakable – $49

The BB3 & BB6 – Made with the glass body and either three or six beads inside -$70, $75

The Omni – Flagship model made of titanium – $199

The company also sells bongs which can be used by themselves or as attachments. These range in price from $29-$125. The company sells a range of accessories like grinders, torch lighters, and storage containers; dab adapters and accessories; replacement pieces for the vapes; and after market products like an induction heater which gets rid of the need for a torch lighter. The heaters are mostly below $20.

The company also sells starter packs which come with a range of items beside the vape, like a DynaStash box to hold herb and refill the vape with ease, and a torch lighter. These vary in price as per the vape they go with. Interested buyers should peruse the online shop for more details on products and current deals.

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