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Top 5 Reasons You Should Vape Instead of Smoke

Smoke damage
Written by Sarah Friedman

There’s a big debate out there, and it’s getting out of control. While smear campaigns come out telling you to fear vaping, they often don’t include the massive detriments of smoke damage, making for strange marketing campaigns that make very little sense. Today, we’re hitting it from a logic perspective. So, here are the top 5 reasons you should vape instead of smoke.

As this debate grows, it’s important to understand the facts, and to be able to put them together, as this will not be done for you in the press. Not only is it not often put out to consumers correctly, but often, a very different non-sense-making story prevails. The question of whether to vape or smoke is a big one these days. Today we’re going through the top five reasons to whip out the vape over the cancer sticks, with all associated evidence to back up why this is, even despite government campaigns telling you otherwise.

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#5 Who likes ashtray breath?

When you smoke, you’re continuously filling your mouth with…smoke. Even as someone who does smoke sometimes, in the context of bongs and joints, I don’t have any interest in tasting it on another person. And if I’m not smoking anything, I definitely don’t want to. If you’re a constant smoker, you won’t sometimes taste like smoke, you always will.

Sucking on an ashtray isn’t attractive or sexy. Maybe the visual of smoking has gained a level of sex appeal in our culture, but the smell and damage of it, not so much. Think of a person you like to be close to, and then think of constantly having to deal with the smell of smoke on them. If you’re breathing in smoke, don’t expect your mouth to smell or taste awesome.

Smoke breath
Smoke breath

Yes, smell or taste. If you’re smoking, not only does your mouth taste like an ashtray to anyone putting their mouth on yours, but anyone in breathing distance is going to get a whiff of stale smoke as well. Now think of being in a loud place where someone needs to stick their face right up to your ear to communicate, maybe requiring them to raise their voice with big breathy shouts. If they’re a smoker, and you’re not, that’s a lot of smokey breath coming right at you, and I can personally attest to how gross it is. The #5 reason you should vape instead of smoke is to do away with that ashtray breath!

#4 No smokey hair, furniture, hands, clothes, etc…

Think of all those times you came back from a crowded event, or a club night, with your hair reeking of smoke, even if you didn’t smoke anything. Think of the deep scent of smoke in your clothing when you took everything off at the end of the night. And if you were the one smoking, the smell of it on your hands. Smoke gets everywhere, and when it’s always around, you always smell like it.

Now think about your house. If you’re a smoker, and you smoke inside, every bit of your interior is getting bombarded with smoke. The air will be heavy with it, and your furniture and drapes will smell like one large ashtray. It’ll be in your carpets, the blankets of your bed, your closet full of clothes. And everyone coming into the house will smell that mild-to-extreme stench of stale smoke. Personally, I’ve never particularly enjoyed walking into that situation, or sitting inside with someone who can’t stop lighting up.

And that’s just the smoke. Think about the cigarette butts that get left around, the old packages, the plastic wrapping. There’s probably ash on the floor from missing the ashtray, and there might be cigarette burns on the sofa. The walls, and your own hands, might have that yellow tint. A smoker tends to smoke a lot, even a mild one. And that stuff truly gets everywhere. The #4 reason to vape instead of smoke? To keep your life from smelling like smoke.

#3 Cancer, respiratory illness, and heart disease? Not with vaping

The heading to this section is a bit dicey. I’m a proponent of vaping over smoking, no doubt, but I’d never say there isn’t a chance of long-term damage. Dry herb vapes are safer, but oil vapes are very popular, and we aren’t supposed to breathe oil into our lungs. We’re not made for that, we breathe air. So it does open the possibility that we’re going to find out later that oil in the lungs, does cause issues.

And then there are the chemical additives which are put into oil vapes for a number of reasons, and that come with their own detriments. Constant exposure to them could certainly lead to the very issues in this heading. When I say it doesn’t cause these detriments, I mean, (and this is additives aside), there’s no evidence thus far of it. However, even that statement is a little unstable considering vaping to the degree its done now, especially with oil vapes, is still recent to the last five years.

Vape vs smoke diseases

Having said that, I can feel the damage of smoking on my throat and lungs pretty fast. I might be more sensitive than the average person, but I don’t expose myself to more smoke than anyone else. On the other hand, I can vape all day without that damage, and without setting off an asthma attack, or burning my throat. Even with a lower quality oil vape.

A recent independent UK review, commissioned by Health Secretary Sajid Javid, came to the conclusion that vaping doesn’t cause problems like cigarettes, and should be promoted in place of them. The UK sees 78,000 deaths a year from smoking. In the US, its 480,000 deaths a year. 163,700 from cancer. 113,100 from respiratory illnesses, and 160,000 from cardiovascular disease. So here it is as your #3 reason to vape instead of smoke, vaping isn’t related to the smoking issues that cause premature death.

#2 Can’t kill someone else in the room

The #2 reason you should vape instead of smoke, isn’t even for you. One of the most ridiculous things about smoking, is the complete lack of respect a smoker must have for those around them, to continually subject other people to a habit that can kill them. There were nearly 110,000 overdose deaths in the US in 2021 according to CDC preliminary data. 41,000 people die every year simply from hanging out with smokers. Maybe those numbers are uncomfortably close, as one has nothing to do with a person using a dangerous substance.

41,000 people a year deal with the detriments of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory issues, not because of their own bad habit, but because of the people around them. Think of what that means. If you’re a smoker, and you have a spouse, and children, and a dog, all of those entities are subjected to your smoking.

I’m not saying every smoker is a selfish jerk, but it does bring up a point. If a person is willing to continue with something that so badly hurts them, why expect that person to be understanding of the similar pain they’re causing in another? When you consider the massive denial that smokers must experience, it stands to reason that it takes a lot of pushing aside reality to be okay with this. Secondhand vape deaths don’t exist, meaning if a smoker switches to vaping, they’re automatically doing something beneficial for everyone around them. Your #2 reason to vape instead of smoke? So you don’t kill the other people around you.

#1 You’re not breathing in the product of fire

One of the most unsettling aspects of this whole vape debate, is how badly information is contorted to push a point, even by government entities. Smoking damage isn’t because tobacco is some horrible plant. Tobacco is like many other plants, and has plenty of medicinal benefits that have been used for millennia in different cultures. The way to make it dangerous? Light it on fire and breathe it in.

Vape instead of smoke
Vape instead of smoke

Smoking damage comes from breathing in the products of combusted material, and it doesn’t matter what that material is. There are way worse things to smoke than tobacco. Consider smoking plastic, or actual wood. Tobacco sold in the standard tobacco industry is certainly a chemically-laden mess, with many of these added compounds also bad when smoked. However, concentrating on that misses the point; a cigarette smoker is undergoing constant smoke inhalation when smoking. You know that term? ‘Smoke inhalation’? The same one we associate with burning houses and wild fires? Well, that’s no different than smoking weed or cigarettes.

It’s often mistakenly said that weed is safer to smoke than cigarettes. This misses the point of the real danger of smoking as well. Of course smoking weed is just as bad. But a joint, pipe, or bong smoker is way less likely to fill their lungs constantly with smoke. The average cigarette smoker smokes about 14 cigarettes a day according to Statista (the majority grouping is 10-19 cigarettes a day), with each cigarette requiring approximately 11-26 puffs according to a 2020 study. That makes for an average of 18.5 puffs per cigarette. That’s 185 -351 times a day to fill the lungs with smoke, just looking at average numbers. Consider that plenty of people smoke way more, sometimes two packs a day, or even higher.

When it comes to really worrying about the massive 480,000 deaths a year from smoking damage (direct or secondhand), it means understanding what to worry about. As long as tobacco is pointed to as the culprit, all tobacco products – including vape products, are demonized. When looking at it in terms of getting away from combustion, it makes vaping the clear winner, regardless of whether its an oil vape or a dry herb vape. That’s the thing about vaping, it means that fire and burning are never a part of it. And more than anything else, not breathing in the products of fire (or subjecting anyone else to them) is the biggest plus of vaping over smoking.


When it comes to the question of whether you should vape or smoke, it’s certainly a personal decision. When making it however, you might want to consider the points above. Nicotine isn’t deadly, but it is addictive. If you’ve got to feed the habit, maybe best to do it in the healthiest way possible. For you, and everyone else around.

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