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The Dynavap M Is My Favorite Vape, And You Should Buy One Too

Dynavap M
Written by Sarah Friedman

Dry herb vapes have been around for almost 20 years, and provide a safe way to smoke cannabis without the dangers of lighting up. There are tons of different vapes on the market, and I’ve tried my fair share. I can say that after two solid years of use, the Dynavap M is my favorite vape of all time (at least so far). I reviewed the device when I got it two years ago, and am reviewing it again upon two years of use. Here’s a look at this product and how it holds up through time.

The Dynavap M is an analogue dry herb vape with a super-cool heat click system. Nope, you never need to plug this sucker in! Thanks for making it to our wholly independent cannabis and psychedelics publication. Stay current on goings-on by signing up for the THC Weekly Newsletter, and also get yourself some pretty sweet deals on smoking equipment and cannabinoid products like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC. You’ve got a million weed options these days, so make sure to pick the products that you’re most comfortable with using.

The Dynavap M

Dynavap creates vapes unlike the majority of vapes on the market. Though many brands will often tout such lines about their products, for this one, it really is true. And the main reason is that they don’t require battery or electricity. Of the different models out there that don’t require either of these factors to power on, the Dynavap M, along with other models from the company, has a design not seen anywhere else.

It looks like a metal pen with a cap. I got the simplest one two years ago because I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. Honestly, the guy in the store sold me on it pretty fast. He asked if I was into gadgets and then showed me how it worked. As a traveler, I knew immediately this was a great vape to have so long as it worked like it was supposed to.

Dynavap vapes require a torch lighter. I suggest getting a good one. I’ve cycled through a lot of cheaper ones over the years, and its frustrating when they break down. I also suggest getting one with a decent size tank. What I use, pictured below, lasts at least a week, with many smoke-ups during the day.

To use it, you take off the cap at the end, insert your weed (as a piece of a nugget, or ground to whatever degree you like). Then the cap is put back on. Heat the cap end with the torch, and move the flame around to heat the entire area. This can take anywhere from 6-20 seconds depending on the lighter. A regular lighter is technically usable as well, though this leaves soot on the end, and requires a bit longer to heat.

dynavap vape

You know you’re ready when you hear the clicks. And this is what makes Dynavap so cool. The vapes are’s designed around a heat click system. When the weed is at vape-ready temperatures, the device clicks twice. At that point, the vaper simply semi-covers the little carb hole on the body of the vape, and sucks through the other end. When the vape has cooled to the point that re-lighting is possible for a new vape pull, it clicks again twice, though the second click can take a little longer on the way down. Heating again before the cool-down clicks can burn out the whole bowl.

The metal does get hot, but cools quickly enough. I find that within a couple minutes I can stick it right back in my pocket. If there’s a cool surface you can put it on, you can cool it down much faster.

The vape comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions), and the company provides tons of aftermarket products. When I originally reviewed it, I gave it an excellent score, but at the time, I had no way of knowing how it would hold up in the future. Now I do. Since purchase, Dynavap came out with further similar lines including the VonG(i) made of titanium, the Omni made of titanium, and the BB’s made of glass. All pack .1 grams, but vary in size and other features. The M is made of stainless steal.

Two years later

Everything looks great when you take it out of the packaging, right? And sometimes a product works great for a few weeks or a few months before some fatal flaw makes itself apparent. I’ve used so many products that looked nice, but didn’t quite cut it in the end. Which is why a two-year review is a bit more useful, than a two week review. So after two years, this is now how I rate the Dynavap M:

Design/durability – 10/10 – Interesting design and mechanics, sturdy build. Doesn’t look like a vape, and easy to travel with. I’ve dropped it too many times to count, and you’d never know at all.

Usability – 8/10 – Easy to use, but not as easy as a one-click device. There is a process, but it’s an easy enough one to do. For those not interested in such a process, a click-on vape is preferable. This vape does require a lighter.

Price – 10/10 – At under $100, and a three-month no-questions-asked money back guarantee, the price is a massive plus. The company also takes returns past this point so long as the damage isn’t from improper use, or something of that nature. Considering its going strong after two years, I’ll consider the $70 bucks I paid for it, money well spent.

Vapor quality – 8/10 – More expensive devices might produce a slightly cleaner vapor, and often come with more controls for temperature. Having said this, the Dynavap M is great with providing consistent and strong hits, and with little-to-no smoke. Unlike some vaporizers, however, the vaper must be careful not to let it overheat, or the weed will combust. For those who want more specific controls, this vape is not ideal.

Upkeep – 10/10 – After two years I’ve never had to replace anything, or do a full cleaning. Still functions as perfectly as the first day, with nothing more than a screen cleaning by flame at this time.

Total: 46/50


  • It requires very little cleaning. Honestly, I still haven’t taken it apart to clean it, for which there are instructions online. I haven’t needed to do it. The screen does get a bit caked after a time, but I find that taking the cap off and letting the flame touch the screen area, burns away whatever is on it. And makes for some nice resin hits as well. Maybe I’m not the heaviest smoker, and another person might get to the cleaning point quicker. It seems that taking it apart and soaking it would get it back to new condition pretty quickly, and without a lot of scrubbing.
  • It doesn’t break. I mean, sure, if you work hard enough, you can damage it, but it takes a lot. The cap is the flimsiest part. Yet, in two years, even as most other things around me have broken, I’ve managed not to crush it, or bend it out of shape at all. Pretty much every other vape I’ve had required replacement of a piece (generally glass) by now. So even if you’re a little clumsy, this thing should be able to survive you.
  • It’s easy to use. The instructions might make it sound like there’s some complicated mechanics, but it’s a simple analogue design. And it’s kind of fun. If you’re a gadget lover, it’s about the coolest way to get high. If you’re not, it’s still functionally easy enough to be a good product. Plus, it’s super cool design will make you feel rather James Bond-ish, every time you use it.
  • Good hits. This is one area where I would never say this vape is the ultimate vape. But it does functionally well nonetheless. What I mean is that there are definitely vapes that can give a cleaner hit, and which have better temperature control. However, for the most part, due to the easy functionality and sturdiness of the product, what it gives is pretty great. As far as I’m concerned it’s perfectly good vape quality, but for those looking for the ultimate vapor, this might not be the first choice. It should be noted, that the cap does keep anything from the lighter touching the weed, so there’s no issue of contaminants in the vapor.
  • Presentation is pretty awesome. It’s a little pen like thing that fits in your pocket, looks cool to smoke, and can be slid right back into your pocket after. It doesn’t appear like a smoking device, and since it has no battery, can be packed with any luggage.
  • Weed goes far. Not a lot is packed in the little chamber, in fact it only holds .1 grams. But each packing yields several strong hits. I find weed lasts significantly longer, even if I’m smoking heavily. I get 1-3 hits off each heating, and with good quality weed can re-heat the same bowl about 3-5 times.
  • It’s cheap! You don’t have to pay out hundreds for this guy, and its made of clean materials so there’s no danger of contamination. With all the aluminum parts, and bad heating equipment, a quality product at a decent price is sometimes hard to come by. At under $100, this is one of the best deals you’ll get, for a safe way to vape, and a nearly unbreakable product.
Dry herb vape


  • It does get hot. And let’s be honest, we’re using it to do something whereby we often temporarily dull our own intelligence. Over the years I’ve burned myself on the hand a couple times, but nothing major. I’ve also had to intervene quickly when a friend nearly put the hot end to their lips instead of the other end. For the most part these aren’t big issues, but should be considered if you get a little clumsy when you’re high.
  • It does require a lighter, though this isn’t generally a big deal so long as you make sure to have gas for refills. The company does sell an aftermarket device for plug in, which heats the vape by contact. I have not tried this product as I’m perfectly happy using the lighter.
  • The vapor can be hot, but this is a standard vape complaint. The company offers bigger models with more cooling space, and aftermarket water devices for cooling as well. Honestly, I just deal with it, it’s not the worst thing in the world, and doesn’t cause me any damage. Plus, though I can feel it, it’s not actually uncomfortable, and not as intense as other vapes I’ve used.
  • This isn’t a real con, but I’ll mention it anyway. It sort of looks like you’re lighting a crack pipe when you heat it. I’ve definitely gotten some surprised looks, and had to give some explanations. Of course, it’s not a crack pipe, so in the end, someone else’s confusion doesn’t detract from your vaping experience at all.

Tips and tricks

  • One of the best tips is for cleaning the screen, as mentioned above. The screen is not standard, and is curved, meaning, unless you can find a way to fashion your own, this is a part that might need replacement. Two years in, and I’ve never had an issue simply cleaning it off with the flame. I just hold the flame in close and let the gunk burn off the screen. Sometimes I take advantage of the resin hits too.
  • If you hold the lighter farther away and only let it click once, you can get a lighter hit. If you hold the flame on for a couple seconds after the second click, you can get a more intense hit, though the longer you do this, the more you risk a little combustion and real smoke in your hit. You can also light it on the edge of the cap for a lighter hit. Without temperature controls, its good to know there are ways to vary the temperature, but you have to pay attention.
  • You can smoke kief directly out of the vape. Some online sources say to pack it between weed, but I started using kief when I was out of standard weed. It creates an incredibly strong hit, but will cause resin to come out of the mouth end eventually. This is easy enough to clean up. I expect if kief is often smoked, it will require a bigger cleaning job, more often. I only do it here and there.
  • It does get hot, so placing it on a cool surface cools it down faster. It can be placed on natural fibers without a problem, but can mildly melt plastic fibers if placed on them. I’ve had no issue placing it on any standard surface, and have never burned anything. The company sells aftermarket products for this as well.


I like the Dynavap M for a lot of reasons. Beyond doing a good job, and being simple to use, it’s sturdy, easy to travel with, consistent, and doesn’t require an outlet or charger. Everyone’s got their own smoking proclivities in life, and not every product is for every person. If you’re in the market for an excellent quality vape that won’t fail on you, and is fun to use, I can’t recommend this product more. Most certainly my favorite of all the vapes I’ve used.

As a quick reminder, this is in reference to vaping actual cannabis flowers. To smoke oil or concentrates you’ll need an adapter for this gadget, a different dry herb vape that handles both flower and concentrates, a dab rig, or a vape cart with a battery.

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