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Join Us at Psychedelic Science 2023 – The Most Anticipated Industry Event of the Year!

psychedelic science 2023
Written by Alexandra Hicks

We hope to see you there! Denver, Colorado – June 19th to 23rd!

The psychedelics industry is growing rapidly, and everyone’s trying to learn more about it and get a piece of the pie. The best way to do this, and to make lasting connections with like-minded individuals, is by attending an industry-related event. With so many to choose from, it can get a bit dizzying trying to decide which one suits your needs. Your best bet is to attend a few different types of events (research conferences, investment forums, recreational or spiritual based, etc.), to get a much deeper understanding of the industry as a whole. 

Now focusing on the science aspect – we’re gearing up to attend what is probably the most anticipated event in the psychedelics industry this year: Psychedelic Science 2023.  

Psychedelic Science 2023 

The first annual Psychedelic Science 2023 takes place in Denver, Colorado, and spans almost a week, from June 19th to 23rd. That’s a full 5 days of conference, plus 4 days of community events and activities, both on site at the Colorado Convention Center, and throughout Denver.  

The event is organized by MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. The event also has a few founding sponsors: Dr. Bronner’s All-One, KGK Science, and Wellbeing Digital Sciences. The event also has a few founding sponsors: Dr. Bronner’s All-One, KGK Science, and Wellbeing Digital Sciences. The event also has dozens of other sponsors that include research institutes such as California Institute of Integral Studies, NYU, The University of Chicago, UC San Francisco, USC, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai Health System, and quite a few more.  

Again, Psychedelic Science 2023 is entirely focused and research and medicine. The event will include over 300 speakers which include many physicians, psychiatrists, researchers, activists, spiritual healers, and more. There will also be over 200 vendors from every sector of the psychedelics industry including many nonprofit organizations and marketplace vendors. 

About MAPS 

MAPS, which stands for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, is a non-profit organization founded in 1986. Their main objective is research, education, and advocacy in the psychedelics sector, with a focus on mental health and therapeutic benefits. Their work includes medical, legal, cultural, and spiritual studies and developments.  

MAPS logo

After many years of research on LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and other hallucinogenic substances, the government banned these substances and listed them as Schedule 1 narcotics, throwing a stick in the wheel for the researchers who were making headway in the studies. 

MAPS founder Rick Doblin, Ph.D., filed a lawsuit in 1984, in an effort to stop the government from classifying MDMA as a Schedule 1 substance. Unfortunately, the DEA rejected any recommendations to keep MDMA legal as a medicinal drug. However, that did not stop Rick who went on to start MAPS in 1986, and he was able to continue research on MDMA as well as many other healing psychedelic substances. Over the past 35 years, MAPS has raised over $130 million for psychedelic research and education. 

Psychedelics laws in Colorado  

When it comes to drug legalizations, Colorado is doing the d*** thing. Over the last couple of years, the state has passed numerous bills to advance psychedelic reform and expand access to certain drugs/compounds. For example, SB23-290, or the Natural Medicine Regulation and Legalization bill, passed both sides of the state’s Congress last month. SB23-290 amends the regulatory framework for “natural medicine and natural medicine products”. 

A similar bill passed last year, Proposition 122: Access to Natural Psychedelic Substances, which allows people 21 and over to grow, use, possess, and share/gift five different natural psychedelic substances – psilocybin and psilocin found in magic mushrooms, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ibogaine, and mescaline. Under this bill, sales of the aforementioned substances are still prohibited.  

Colorado also became the first state to legalize MDMA for medical use. On March 28th, 2022, HB 1344 was introduced to the House, and it passed with flying colors. Not only did it pass the house without any amendments, but it received a unanimous vote of 11-0, and it all happened in under two weeks. From there, it was introduced to the Senate on April 13th, where it also passed with no amendments. By the beginning of June, it was signed into laws by Governor Jared Polis.  

Get your tickets!  

Click here to register for Psychedelic Science 2023 and to check out their different ticket options. Packages start at $805 for the Community Pass, which includes access to the main conference, exhibit hall, Deep Spaces immersive show, and more… up to $1795 for the all-inclusive business pass. 

The Colorado Convention Center is centrally located in Denver’s business district. There are numerous hotels, restaurants, museums, bars, clubs, spas, and many other things to do within walking distance of the convention center; and the event will have some off-site activities are nearby properties as well. 

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