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Grow Your Own Shrooms – Best Mushroom Grow Kits on the Market

mushroom grow kits
Written by Alexandra Hicks

If you want to grow mushrooms but have no clue where to start, check out some of our favorite, all-inclusive grow kits!

Growing shrooms is relatively easy and cheap to do at home. All you really need are spores, a growth medium, and something to enclose all in; then you just let nature run its course. But if you’re new to the game and you’ve done any research, you’ve likely come across a number of different methods, terms, and supplies lists that can make the whole thing seem like a much more confusing process than it really is.  

But seriously, cultivating mushrooms does not have to be so complicated. To keep things simple, a growing number of companies are offering all-in-one mushroom grow kits (or spore-starter kits), so all you need to buy is the kit, some spore syringes, and a couple of assorted extras. Using one of these kits is how I was easily able to grow my first flush in the comfort of my own bedroom. Scroll down to learn about the kit I used, as well as a few other popular ones that are worth checking out.

Growing mushrooms at home – things to keep in mind  

Sterilize, sterilize, sterilize! Have you ever heard the phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness”? This certainly applies in the case of cultivating the “flesh of the gods”. I really can’t stress this enough, keep your area clean! Be extra about it… wear gloves, a mask, keep your hair pulled back, and sanitize the surface that your grow kit will be on. Also, make sure to clean each and every part of your grow kit with soap and water, let it dry, then wipe it down with some alcohol wipes. 

It’s very easy for bacteria to contaminate a grow box, and once it’s sealed up and filled with the necessary amount of moisture/humidity required for mushrooms to grow, the bacteria will multiply and grow right along with it. My flush got a spot of contamination, but I was able to keep it minimal using a small amount of bleach, and the mushrooms that didn’t come into immediate contact with it were fine. 

Since all the kits in this article come with the required supplies, plus some form of instructions, this is really the only additional thing you need to keep in mind. Modern mushroom grow kits are designed to be relatively error-proof, so one of the only ways to mess up is by accidentally contaminating your grow space.

Best mushroom grow kits / spore-starter kits  

In my opinion, the best products combine the elements of affordability, convenience, and ease of use. If a product is well-priced, user-friendly, and makes your life easier in some way, what could really be better? With that in mind, I made the following list of what I think are some of the best magic mushroom grow kits on the consumer market. I’ve only used one on the list, but will be trying more to make comparisons as soon as I get the opportunity.  

Boombox Grow 

This is the kit I used so I decided to mention it first. It’s an all-inclusive kit that comes with everything you need to grow your own shrooms, minus the spores. Included in the boombox set up is a boombag contain sterilized grain, either sorghum or millet. It has a small port so you can easily inject your spores and watch the mycelium grow. After your bag is fully colonized, you break it open and mix it up with the “boombase”, which is a special soil mix that the mushrooms will grow out of. You simply dump the boombase into the fruiting chamber, carefully mix in your colonized grain, put the lid on the box, and watch straw get spun into gold. 

Third Wave Grow Kit 

Another kit that comes with everything you need, along with great reviews, is the one from the Third Wave. It includes all the items you will need in your cultivation journey (again, excluding spores), and everything comes pre-sterilized and ready to use right out of the box. What’s unique about this kit compared to others, is that it uses sterilized mycobags as the “fruiting chamber”, as opposed to larger containers that can take up a lot of space and are harder to hide. As a part of your purchase, you will also get access to Third Wave’s step-by-step Mushroom Growing Course which includes a text manual and detailed videos to guide you through the process. 

Cultiv8 from Psilobloom  

A bit pricier than some of these other kits, Psilobloom sells a kit called Cultiv8 that ships within the U.S. Along with documentation on how to use the kit, your purchase also includes a 1-on-1 call with the company’s resident cultivation expert to help walk you through the process. Psilobloom focuses on magic mushrooms specifically (as opposed to other mushroom grow kits), so their recommendations on finding spores and their knowledge about strains may be appealing for people who want to know more about growing magic mushrooms only, and on a deeper level.  

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Midwest Grow Kits 

A mushroom growing product list wouldn’t be complete without Midwest Grow Kits. The company has been around since 2011, but their parent company, Midwest Organics, has been in the mushroom growing industry for nearly two decades. Their most elaborate kit is their Mega Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit, which has nearly 500 reviews on their website and a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It utilizes the classic jar method, allows you to grow up to 30 jars at once. Pretty much everything you need to cultivate this way will come in the box, except spores of course.

Final thoughts

Whether you plan on growing mushrooms using jars, tubs, bags, or whatever method, you’re likely to find a kit that comes with everything you need to easily cultivate your own magic mushrooms. All you need to buy is your own spores! Although there will be an initial investment of up to $300, depending on what kit you choose, growing shrooms at home will save you quite a bit of money in the long run, especially if you use magic mushrooms regularly for therapeutic purposes.

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