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Grow It Yourself: Different Drugs You Can Grow at Home

grow drugs at home
Written by Sarah Friedman

Everyone knows you can grow weed at home, and a lot of us are doing it. But cannabis is hardly the only drug that you can make DIY style. If you want to grow drugs at home, there are plenty of options, here are some of the best ones, whether you already thought of them or not.

With cannabis and psychedelics inching toward legality, more and more people want to grow their own drugs at home. And it’s not that hard to do, so long as it comes from a plant. Here’s a look at how to grow some of the more popular plant-based drugs out there. We’re all about bringing you everything interesting and important from this industry. To keep up-to-date, subscribe to the THC Weekly Newsletter and also get access to premium deals on flowers, vapes, edibles, and a host of other products! We’ve also got great offers on cannabinoids, like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC, which will save you plenty of $$. Head over to our “Best-of” lists, and and enjoy your products responsibly!

Grow drugs at home

A home grow is exactly like it sounds, when a person grows something at their own house. Though the term ‘home grow’ often pertains specifically to weed, there are plenty of standard plant products that people grow themselves. In any case of home growing, it goes against the standard system of buying literally everything we need at a store. This goes for weed, or any other plant grown for a purpose.

Think veggies. It’s certainly not uncommon to see people growing their own vegetables, as well as fruit trees, herbs, and spices. Not everyone wants to depend on a supermarket, or trusts the practices of the world of agribusiness. Some people just have a green thumb and enjoy making plants grow, or simply like to pick their salad ingredients fresh every day, with no fear of where the products came from.

So the idea of growing plants at home is not new (certainly), and even a part of culture today. In many locations, with the exception of places like inner cities, growing one’s own vegetables is actually rather commonplace, with some people going as far as to have their own greenhouse. The idea of doing it yourself, certainly applies to the plant world beyond growing weed, but let’s be honest, that’s one of the plants we’re most interested in growing at the moment.

Grow drugs at home – cannabis

Though there might be plenty of options if you want to grow drugs at home, the most common and popular one to do, is cannabis. Not only is cannabis a plant that can be grown in large grow ops, but it can also easily be grown as a single plant in a closet in your home. Long before cannabis laws started to soften, tons of people were illegally growing the plant, sometimes to treat a medical illness, and sometimes just to promote the giggles.

grow cannabis

Cannabis is fairly easy to grow, but there is some work involved. A prospective grower who is growing inside must buy equipment like lights (fluorescent lights, LEDs, (LECs) Light Emitting Ceramic, or metal halide & high-pressure sodium lights). They must choose the type of growing medium, and buy the equipment related, whether that’s soil, a hydroponics setup (grown with roots in water), or even an aeroponics setup (grown with roots in air). They must consider all the related nutrients, and the seeds themselves.

Not all cannabis was created equally, and this goes for growing times too. Most weed plants take between 3-5 months for the entire process, depending on the strain, with each stage requiring some tweaks to the setup, often in how long light is on the plants. However, so long as you have a nice dark place to grow, and the right lights and equipment, getting some amazing herb out of your own house, is easily a reality.

Grow drugs at home – mushrooms

Another drug that’s pretty easy to grow at home is mushrooms. Though they aren’t grown as widely as cannabis, the idea of home-growing mushrooms has also been around for decades, even as the drugs remain in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances list, federally. Much like with cannabis, mushrooms (and other entheogenic plants) have been gaining popularity, with medical legalizations starting to come in (eg: Oregon), tons of locations that have decriminalized (eg: Denver), and legislation for whole state recreational use (eg: California).

Growing mushrooms is different than cannabis, but overall requires about the same amount of energy output and know-how. The general materials include mushroom spores, vermiculite to create a mycelium network, rice flour, clean jars, rubbing alcohol to ensure all tools are clear of bacteria, foil or plastic wrap to cover air/water holes, a pan that jars can be heated in, a syringe to move the spores, perlite for the bottom of the growing container, a mist bottle for the mycelium cakes, and a dark place to allow the mycelium to grow.

The process includes creating the mycelium in one place, and then moving the cakes to another container where the mushroom spores can then grow. The whole process takes only 1-2 months, making it a shorter grow than with any kind of cannabis. These days, as mushrooms grow in both legality and popularity, there are even growing kits coming out, that have all the necessary tools included. And which make the process that much easier.

Grow drugs at home – Coca

Okay, so before I get into this, I’m not telling anyone to go out and do it. On the other hand, I’m not telling anyone not to go out and do it either. Let’s be honest though, in most places, growing mushrooms is just as illegal, so why not share a little on how a person can grow their own coca plants? Interestingly, it’s not all that hard to do. And considering coca itself is a mild plant in comparison to its processed versions, it’s really not a big deal to do it, beyond risking prosecution. Anyway, here is the basic process. Interested growers should investigate further.

  • Coca seeds, like everything else, are available on the internet, but its best to take them directly from a plant (which is obviously not possible in most places). These seeds cannot be dried out, so keep that in mind if buying them online. Dried seeds are probably not going to be the real deal, or useful at all.
  • Seeds are germinated in vermiculite, which can be done in a Styrofoam cup or plastic pot. Seeds are planted in soil, but high enough that they don’t get stuck in water. It should take 2-4 weeks for the seeds to sprout roots. It must be constantly warm – think of where coca usually grows (Peru, Colombia). A terrarium works well, though its shouldn’t be sealed as the seeds need air flow. They need a lot of light too, and might benefit from using a grow light.
  • Seeds shouldn’t be over-watered, but they should never be allowed to dry out either. Only water when necessary. Use rain or bottled spring water, as water with salts can damage the plant. The plant require sunlight, but different amounts at different stages of growth.
  • At about 2”, the seedlings can be transplanted into regular plastic pots. Clay is bad because it can dry the plant out. Pots shouldn’t be too big for the plant, and can be switched up as the plant grows. When the roots can be seen through the bottom holes, its time to replant. Soil should be something like 25% of each: sterilized loam, perlite, course sand, and milled peat. Organic compost can be added, but no more vermiculite at this stage.
grow coca
  • The plants should be fed soluble organic plant food, but only about every three weeks. Iron chelate should be added every six months as the plant matures. As you can tell by that last statement, this is a much longer process than the previous two, and can take between 1-2 years for plants to reach maturity.

Grow drugs at home – other psychedelics

There are tons of entheogenic psychedelics, even if we generally focus on just a few in popular culture. Some are not native to certain areas, and therefore not accessible to them, or require very specific climates for outdoor grows. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of psychedelic plants that can be grown. And pretty easily, even if it takes some time…and a lot of them do.

Peyote – Peyote is a cactus that naturally has mescaline in it. In order to grow peyote cactus, a prospective grower must germinate the seeds (some can actually lie dormant for around 10 years), which is done in one part sand, one part heavy grit, and one part standard potting mix. This combination is soaked and then dried before putting seeds on top (not in it). Plastic film should be put over the pot. Soil should ideally be about 22º C (71.6º F). A heating mat or placing it next to a vent can help in colder temperatures. After a few weeks, when small green spheres appear, holes can be put in the plastic.

More holes can be made as time progresses, and after 10 weeks, the plastic can come off, and the plant can be watered. It’s a cactus remember, so it doesn’t need too much. Sometimes misting is best, and in colder temperatures, no water is needed at all. It takes about a year for a full root system to grow, and at that time it can be replanted. The temperature should be kept hot, but dry, just like a desert.

Peyote isn’t quick, and can take years to mature, making this a project for very patient people. A grafting method can help speed it along. This involves cutting the peyote plant and grafting it onto another cactus plant.

Iboga Tabernanthe iboga is a plant native to Central Africa which is known as a strong painkiller, as well as a hallucinogen. To grow it, it helps to have fresh seeds, though apparently even rotting seeds have been known to work. The seeds, however obtained – (likely through the internet) should not be dried, or put in the cold. The seeds can germinate in weeks, or as much as 12-18 months. They should be put 10mm down in a tray or drainable pot, filled 5cm deep with rough sand. The sand should be moist and between 25-30º C (77-86º F). When leaves appear, it can be transplanted.

The plant can be transplanted to a pot with 90% rough sand/10% potting mix. It can be transferred once more when more leaves appear and the roots get woody.

Plants should be grown in an environment that is moist, humid, that’s well drained, and with medium light. Sandy clay soil is the best medium, and the plants should be kept from getting cold. At this point, horse manure can be used for fertilizer. The plant needs years to grow, and can gain psychoactive chemicals in about five years. You’ll know its ready when the roots become pale yellow, are bitter to the taste, and are like an anesthetic in the mouth and on the skin.


Psychotria viridisthe psychedelic part of ayahuasca, can also be grown in order to make your own ayahuasca, though I’m only going over this part of it, which is only 50% of ayahuasca. The other 50% comes from the caapi vine which acts as an MAO-inhibitor. This keeps the DMT in Psychotria viridis from breaking down as quickly, which creates a much longer experience.

Seeds are best planted fresh, and germination takes place in 2-5 months. It takes a while because seeds contain immature embryos which need time to mature. Seeds should be soaked first in a bleach solution to keep mold at bay, then soaked for 12 hours in regular water. They should be planted ¼ inch deep in soil. A heating pad can be used to keep it warm. It should be kept at about 22-28º C (70-80º F), without direct sunlight.

Plants require a well-drained potting medium, making sure the pH stays around 5.5-6.1, in a minimum temperature of 20º C (68º F). Soil should be moist, but not soggy. Plants should be watered regularly and kept in partial shade. Fertilizer can be used every 2-3 months, as this plant can take 1-2 years to reach full growth. Products like wettable sulphur, natrasoap or pyrethrum can be used to keep pests at bay. The plant grows into a small tree or large bush.


These are just a few of the options if you want to grow drugs at home. Some will only be relevant to some people, while others can be done by anyone with the right equipment and time. It should be remembered that any entheogenic plant can be grown by anyone with the right materials, so when you pick your plant, and locate your seeds, there are instructions online for almost anything. Regardless of what it’s for, growing plants is an enjoyable activity, and when the plants you grow have psychoactive effects, well, it just makes it that much better. Happy growing!

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