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Drug Combos: What is Calvin Klein?

calvin klein
Written by Joseph Mcqueen

When most people think of Calvin Klein, they think of the famous clothing brand. They think of the well-known words poking out, on someone’s boxers, and the societal power that seems to give them. When did someone’s name on your T shirt suddenly make you better than everyone else? Anyway, today we’re not talking about that kind of Calvin Klein. Instead, we’re discussing the drug phenomenon. Calvin Klein, or C.K, is a combination of cocaine and ketamine that many party goers and drug lovers swear by.

When a stimulant and a depressant meet in harmony, there’s a sensation that many people adore. But what makes this combination so great? Or is it dangerous? And why is Calvin Klein so popular? Today we’ll be delving into the sub-culture of drug taking. 

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Drug Combinations

It’s often assumed that drugs should be taken independent of one another. This is because the assumption is that, if not, the specific drugs will either not work correctly, or you could get seriously ill. In a lot of ways this is true. For instance, the famous rhyme comes to mind about the dangerous combination of cannabis and alcohol:

“Beer before grass, you’re on your arse.

Grass before beer, you’re in the clear”

The concept here is that alcohol and cannabis are not the best of combinations, if done in a specific order. This is usually because being intoxicated on alcohol will make cannabis’ effects stronger. Thus if you drink first, and then have a hit of weed, you may be surprised by how quickly you get high. However, if you get high first, then everyone sip on their beers, you’ll know better whether you should carry on or stop. In other words, it’s a more manageable order. Nonetheless, people know that these two substances don’t always go well together. Healthline writes:

“Occasionally mixing alcohol and weed — also known as crossfading — likely won’t lead to major health problems. But there are a lot of variables to consider, including which one you use first and how you consume them. If you aren’t careful, the duo can lead to a case of the spins or a green out, two reactions that can turn a fun night out into a nauseated night in.”

However, there’s far more fatal drug combinations out there. I want to preface all of this first by saying that any drug, if taken irresponsibly, may lead to negative effects. However, the idea behind drug combinations is that these effects will be worsened and made more extreme. Yet, if done correctly, it also means that the positive effects can also be greater than if you had done each drug individually. In other words, there’s a lot to lose, and a lot to gain. Defining the word ‘synergistic’ is important here. 

“In medicine, it describes the interaction of two or more drugs when their combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects seen when each drug is given alone.”

Again, this could mean negatively or positively. As you can imagine, due to the dangers of overdosing, a lot of doctors thoroughly recommend avoiding poly-drug use. This is because different drugs do different things to your body. For instance, some are stimulants and some are depressants. Or uppers and downers. The effects of one drug may be magnified by another substance. Or, conversely, they may balance each other out, meaning you will be less aware of how much of one substance you may need to overdose. This may sound technical so let’s use examples. If you drink lots of alcohol, it will take less heroin to cause you to overdose than if you hadn’t drank alcohol. The same with alcohol and cannabis as we’ve previously mentioned. However if you consume both an upper and a downer (say cocaine and ketamine), the effects of both will be quelled by the other. This will make it harder for you to tell when you may be having too much of one of the substances. This is an example of this very scenario, in the context of alcohol (depressant) and amphetamines (stimulant):

“Stimulant drugs such as amphetamines… may mask some of the usual effects of alcohol…, such as feeling relaxed or sleepy, and the person may become more at risk of alcohol-related harms, particularly alcohol poisoning.”

Is It All Bad?

When discussing drug combinations, it’s first important to note why they can be dangerous – like any use of drugs. However, that’s not to say that drugs can’t be combined in a crazy, beautiful and euphoric way. In fact, I once knew a guy who took 5 ecstasy pills, a gram of coke, a gram of ket, and a tab of acid all in one night. And guess what? He turned up at his banking job the next day and probably made a few thousand quid. The point is, there are some drug combinations that many experienced party goers swear by and they deserve recognition, especially if they’ve stood the test of time. Tripsit recently made a ‘Guide To Drug Combinations’ table, which clearly states whether two drugs together sit in 1 of 5 categories: 

Low Risk & Synergy 

The drugs, when combined together, offer a low risk and actually improve the effects of both. 

Example: DMT & LSD.

Low Risk & No Synergy 

The drugs, when combined together, offer a low risk but don’t cause much as a pairing. 

Example: Caffeine & Mushrooms.

Low Risk & Decrease

The drugs, when combined together, offer a low risk but actually decrease the effects of both. 

Example: Alcohol & Cannabis.


The drugs, when combined together, need to be taken with caution. 

Example: Ketamine & Cocaine.


The drugs, when combined together, are unsafe and may cause some undesired effects.

Example: Cocaine & Alcohol.


The drugs, when combined together, are dangerous and should not be combined. 

Example: GHB & Benzos.

This table makes it clear how to approach using certain drug combos. Interestingly, the famous Calvin Klein unity has been placed in the caution section. Yet, to this day, people swear by it. Let’s understand more. 

Calvin Klein: Ketamine & Coke

Calvin Klein is a street name given to the drug combination of cocaine and ketamine. It originates from the initials of both substances: C and K. The poly-drug has been given some well-deserved stick after a famous violinist died taking it. However, with the utmost respect, it’d be hard to find any hard drugs that haven’t caused the death of someone. Therefore, let’s first understand why people are enjoying these combined substances. Well, it’s important to understand the difference between the two.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that makes you feel chatty, confident and awake. On the other hand, ketamine is a downer. In fact, it’s literally used as a horse tranquiliser. Ketamine makes users feel euphoric, slow and relaxed. In a sense, they couldn’t be more different. When combined to perfection, Calvin Klein makes users feel the alertness and chattiness of cocaine, without the anxiety. It allows users to feel the slowness of ketamine, with the stimulation of cocaine. It’s a hard feeling to describe because there isn’t one individual drug out there that makes you feel that specific way. Some liken it to the effects of MDMA but, for me, this is far too simplified. Vice writes:

“Individuals who do CK will say they get a profound rush where they feel very, very good, very pleasurable,” Giordano told VICE. He said the combination has the swift onset of a cocaine high, “and with the ketamine on board, it lasts longer.”… “Cocaine, it’s the dopamine gas pedal. Ketamine takes the brakes off the dopamine system,”… that means it makes you feel really… good, thanks to a flood of dopamine, the neurotransmitter commonly linked to pleasure and excitement.”

How and Where?

Calvin Klein is usually taken in separate lines, one after the other. The ketamine line is usually smaller than the cocaine line as it is more potent. Sometimes people mix the substances in one bag and do individual lines of the concoction, but this can be slightly more risky. Calvin Klein has become popular because – when done to perfection – it basically eradicates any of the negative parts of each substance in the combination. Plus, it is the perfect party drug. You’re able to feel euphoric, whilst also being able to socialise. MDMA can often cause levels of euphoria that make it hard to have natural conversations with people – and will usually lead to you just hugging everyone. This is all well and good, but perhaps a little odd if everyone else is on a different level to you. That is why Calvin Klein is often taken at small social events, as well as clubs and nights out. It is multi-purpose.=


Poly-drug use, or combining two or more drugs, definitely brings its risks. The consequence usually means that it enhances the effects of both substances. However, a good experience with Calvin Klein almost feels like it does the opposite. It sort of chills both the substances out, and makes for a more endurable experience. There’s definitely a reason why Calvin Klein has stood the test of time, and why many people still love to do it. However, as always, proceed with caution. 

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