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Stoner Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Perfect Holiday

stoner Valentine's Day
Written by Sarah Friedman

It’s that time of year again. Time to show your undying love to your significant other. Or to try to mend things with your partner. Or to just try to get some action from your last-minute date. No matter how the holiday hits you this year, here are some great stoner Valentine’s Day ideas to help make it the special occasion you’re hoping for.

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with stoner Valentine’s Day gifts? From candy to body paint to lingerie, cannabis and Valentine’s Day sure go together like…peanut butter and jelly. We’re at the forefront of the cannabis industry, bringing you the most important stories of today. To follow along, sign up for The THC Weekly Newsletter and get all the best stories as they come out, along with premium deals on everything like flowers, vapes, edibles, and much more! We’ve also got great deals on cannabinoids like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC , which you can find by going to our “Best-of” lists!

A little on Valentine’s Day

We’re all familiar with the holiday, whether we like it or not. Heart candies that say ‘Be Mine’, Valentine cards handed out to loved ones, special time with that special someone. And for those among us without someone to cuddle up to, it’s a night on the couch, cursing ourselves for ending it with that last person, and sneering at those who are happy and in love. Let’s be honest, it’s true.

Well, if you’re one of those who feels more brokenhearted than celebratory on Valentine’s Day, just remember, it didn’t start out as a love holiday, but as a feast holiday! Yup, St. Valentine (and there were more than one apparently) wasn’t a love martyr, he was an actual martyr. Though there are different stories related to the different St. Valentines about what exactly they did to earn this martyrdom, there are a couple versions that fit the holiday. One includes St. Valentine curing a blind girl, and then receiving a written message from her before being executed. And another has to do with the guy performing wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were told they could not marry.

Originally started in 496AD, under Pope Gelasius I, the Feast of Valentine’s Day was to celebrate St. Valentine of Rome, who died in 269AD. It didn’t become a holiday about love until the 14th or 15th century when Medieval ideas of love with knights and nobility became popular. Somehow, it also tied into lovebirds which come out in the spring, and sit together in pairs tweeting their songs.

Over the years, these ideas of love have vastly taken over, with the entire holiday now about celebrating that special someone in your life, and literally no one talking about feasting. It has become commonplace in this day and age to celebrate the holiday by writing notes to loved ones; with hearts; candies – often with sayings of love written on them; and good old Cupid, the winged child-man who by folklore goes around hitting people with arrows to make them fall in love.

Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world, but nowhere is it a public holiday. No one cares how in love you are; you still have to go work, sorry. Even with its basis as a Christian feast day, it’s only celebrated by certain sects these days, like Anglicans and Lutherans who still hold it as a feast day. It’s also celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but not on February 14! Instead, they celebrate it on July 6 AND July 30th in honor of two different St. Valentines.

Stoner Valentine’s Day Ideas

My last boyfriend got me a bong with red hearts painted on it for the first Valentine’s Day we were together. I didn’t see it coming, as we had not been together long, but I thought it was the coolest gift ever. It broke not too long after when it was accidentally knocked over, as bongs tend to do. And though it’s sad when any bong breaks, in this case it was fitting as he and I are no longer together. Even so, was a great gift at the time. For anyone looking for a way to surprise their loved one this holiday season, you can use that bong idea, or check out some other great stoner Valentine’s Day ideas that will make your partner even more glad they chose you.

Valentine's Day candy

Stoner Valentine’s Day Ideas – candy

It might not be a standard gift-giving holiday, but Valentine’s Day has certainly established itself as a time to buy special things for special people in your life. When it comes to the person you love the most, here are some ideas to get your Valentine’s Day going in full swing.

Everyone knows candy makes one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whether its small chalky hearts emblazoned with ‘I love you’ or ‘Be my Valentine’, or a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates, Valentine’s Day is all about the sweet tooth, and a way to tell your sweetheart how sweet you think they are. It doesn’t technically matter if the candy has weed in it or not. Without weed it’s way better for when the munchies kick in. But for the true stoner couple, that candy should be as high-inducing as your relationship. Pop over to your local dispensary to see what specific Valentine’s treats they have, or better yet, make your own!

Need some help? Check out this guide on how to make your own weed gummies for Valentine’s Day, with several different recipes to try. Pick one, or make your own variation with ingredients you know your special someone loves. The only thing you’ll need to complete the project are some heart-shaped cookie cutters!

Or, check out this recipe for heart-shaped cannabis-infused lollipops, another great way to create your own edibles that say ‘I love you’. After all, it’s one thing to go out and buy the candy, it’s another thing to provide your loved one with delicious pot candy made out of a labor of love.

Stoner Valentine’s Day Ideas – Body

For many people, Valentine’s Day is about giving gifts, writing love letters, and eating heart-shaped candy. For others, its about steaming up the bedroom. While couples tend to do this even when its not Valentine’s Day, there’s something about the holiday that makes bedroom time extra special. Here are some products to make it sexier than ever.

For one thing, you’re obviously going to need edible cannabis body paint, right? I mean, what would a stoner Valentine’s Day be without it? Luckily, High on Love has you covered (literally) with their Dark Chocolate Body Paint ($35). Not only does it taste like rich dark chocolate, and is formulated to spread all over your (and your lover’s) body, but it’s made with premium grade hemp seed oil for that *extra level of satisfaction. Sounds pretty hot! For those who would prefer the body paint without the weed, check out Lovers Body Paints ($14.69), which is available on Amazon.

cannabis sex oil

Maybe you’ll skip the body paint, and go straight for the main attraction. Increase your pleasure with Foria Wellness’s Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD ($44). Not only does it contain 400mg of CBD for increased arousal, but it’s 100% all natural, made with organic botanicals, and without any synthetic additives. Pure and sensual, just like your relationship.

Stoner Valentine’s Day Ideas – bedroom

One last idea to leave you with, is weed lingerie. After all, you want to look your best this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re the one wearing it, or the one hoping to have someone wear it for you (so you can take it off them), these lingerie items make for a perfect cannabis-centric stoner Valentine’s Day gift. If your lover is the gift, these items provide the perfect wrapping.

Etsy has a broad selection of cannabis-style lingerie and underwear for ladies, perfect for turning the heat up this Valentine’s Day. From sparkly thongs to sheer bras emblazoned with cannabis leaves, there are tons of ways to dress it up before taking it all off. If you’re a lady, surprise your man (or woman) with one of these cool designs, to make a perfect combination of cannabis and sexy.

And for the men out there (or the ladies shopping for their men) (or the men shopping for their men), check out Etsy’s cannabis underwear for men, where you’ll find an array of weed-designed underwear for the man you love! Maybe it’s not all about sex, but part of it is, and sexy cannabis underwear is the perfect thing to have on…until they’re ready to come off.


Like most holidays, the important part of Valentine’s Day is to enjoy yourself. And to make sure your significant other enjoys themself too. Whether you’re breaking the bank to take your favorite person out for a night they’ll never forget, or keeping it chill at home with some joints and candy, these stoner Valentine’s Day gift ideas are sure to get a smile… if not more. So happy Valentine’s Day to those who are celebrating.

And if you’re not, I personally suggest getting yourself high, and resorting to what Valentine’s Day used to be, a feast holiday! Get all your favorite munchies, and forget about your lack of love life in favor of stuffing your face. After all, we can’t all win every year, but there will be another opportunity in just 365 days.

sad Valentine's Day

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