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I Love Bad Review: Hemp Socks and Underwear

hemp socks and underwear
Written by Sarah Friedman

Back in the day, hemp was used for all kinds of purposes, including clothing. Prohibition certainly changed this, but now, with a re-opening of cannabis industries, hemp clothing is making a comeback. One of the up-and-coming hemp clothing brands is I Love Bad Organics, a company geared toward natural fibers, and the use of hemp in clothing. Here is an I Love Bad review of the company’s hemp socks and underwear.

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I Love Bad

I Love Bad Organics is a brand that specializes in underwear and socks, manufacturing its products from natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp. The company is vegan friendly, supports local manufacturing, uses sustainable fibers, and gives to charities. The name itself BAD, stands for ‘bridging all differences’, which the brand uses as a general philosophy of openness and acceptance.

I Love Bad specializes in socks and underwear for now, but does offer other products. Interested buyers can check out the company’s organic hemp face mask ($21), organic hemp U-neck tee-shirt ($42), organic hemp baby blanket ($54), organic hemp oil with crystals ($24), organic hemp fleece throw ($90), organic hemp pet bed ($180), organic hemp fleece blanket ($270) and mildew free organic hemp bath sheets ($60+).

For the men out there, I Love Bad provides hemp and organic cotton boxer briefs in black and natural ($27) that can fit men sized 7-39. The company also offers all-organic cotton crew socks in different colors ($15/each), as well as Shibori tie-dye hemp socks for $24/pair, but I did not try these socks.

hemp clothing

As the hemp industry for clothing is only starting to take off in places like America, many products are not pure hemp, but instead involve a mix of natural fibers, like organic cotton or bamboo. I Love Bad creates products with either one natural fiber or a mix of hemp and organic cotton, possibly for lower pricing, and possibly because these blends have proven more effective. In the case of the products I tried, they are a mix of fabrics.

Hemp & organic cotton socks

As per the name, these socks are a blend. They are made of 66% organic cotton, 28% hemp, and 6% Lycra. The socks I got are ‘natural’ color, feel very thick and strong, with a cuff/leg that went up to about halfway to my knee. I admit I would have preferred a smaller cuff, but the store doesn’t offer that right now. The all-cotton crew socks sold by the company may or may not be shorter. As I do a lot of athletic activities, I find a shorter cuff is generally better. Even so, I used these socks while training.

I am a fan of cotton socks to begin with, though they are not very easy to find these days. I generally end up with mixes of cotton and unnatural fibers like polyester, nylon, or spandex, so I haven’t recently used socks made of all hemp and cotton (disregarding the small amount of Lycra for stretch ability). The synthetic blends do tend to make my feet hotter and sweatier. I found the cotton and hemp socks to be very breathable. Even though they’re thick, they didn’t feel too thick or heavy, even when doing athletic activities.

The socks feel extremely durable. Most of my socks wear down in the heel and the toe before too long, but I don’t expect that to happen very fast with these socks. They feel very strong, like they could easily make it through years of use. In today’s world of cheaply made products, its almost hard to remember that good quality clothing lasts much longer, and requires less replacing. Of course, in today’s world, it’s preferable to change things up constantly, which might itself be a result of the lessening quality of products.

I also like variety and switching things up, but I prefer if my socks don’t wear out quickly. I also prefer them to be thick and protective, and breathable. The only complaint I have in the end, is that I would have preferred shorter cuffs on the socks, which is better for athletics. A thinner material would also be preferable for athletics, but the thickness is good otherwise. When the weather gets colder, these socks should be fantastic in the winter.

The materials used to make the socks were sourced from the following places: hemp and organic cotton yarn was sourced from China’s Hemp Farming Cooperative. USDA certified organic cotton yarn came from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative. The socks were knit in North Carolina. Each pair of socks retails for $15, or a 3-pack for $39.

hemp socks

In terms of size, I have very small feet, and I bought the small size, which fits women sized 5-8, and men sized 4-7. There is also a medium size which fits women sized 9-12 and men sized 8-10, and a large size good for women 13+ and men 11+.

Hemp & organic cotton underwear

Much like with socks, it has become increasingly difficult to find underwear made of all natural fibers. Also like with socks, I prefer natural fibers, but generally end up with blends. Sometimes I can’t even find blends involving cotton at all. And again, as with the socks, these synthetics tend to make me feel hotter and sweatier. Over the years I’ve gotten used to these synthetic fabrics, like everyone else, but never found them comfortable.

I Love Bad’s hemp & organic cotton underwear comes in black or natural color, and is made from 60% organic cotton, 28% hemp, and 8% Lycra. The underwear has no elastic band, for maximum comfort, is sewn in California with Flat Lock Stitching, is made using organic cotton and hemp grown and processed without chemicals, and is low-impact dyed at a facility in Los Angeles. The company offers extra information on both the Flat Lock and low impact dying processes.

The underwear is hipster cut, so the sides are wide, but the back side shows a good bit of cheek. Definitely not the best underwear for athletics in terms of cut, but otherwise a comfortable fit. For ladies that like a bit more coverage in back, these would not be preferable. Right now, they are the only cut that I Love Bad sells. I am essentially a size zero, and I got the extra-small size, which fits perfectly. The company’s largest size is XL, which is for size 14-16.

I found the underwear to be very comfortable. Much like with the socks, I could feel that my skin could breathe better, and I didn’t feel as wet and sweaty after a workout. There was a generally airier feel to them. I think a larger selection in the styles would be nice, as hipster style is not great for all occasions. Nonetheless, they are a comfortable pair of underwear. The material feels strong, the underwear is made well, and does not give the impression it will fall apart quickly, as some of the newer synthetic ones tend to.

I’m not entirely sure how necessary the Lycra is with the underwear (or the socks). I have had 100% cotton socks and underwear in the past which did not use Lycra, and I wonder if the Lycra is really all that necessary, as it does add a synthetic fiber to the mix, albeit in small concentrations. In the case of these products, less than 10% is Lycra. The underwear retails for $15 a pair, or a 3-pack for $60.

natural materials

Pros & cons of hemp socks and underwear

Pros of I Love Bad’s hemp and cotton socks and underwear:

  • Very good quality, well made, durable products.
  • Made from nearly all natural fibers like hemp and organic cotton.
  • Made locally.
  • Breathable materials.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Fairly traded materials.
  • No harsh chemicals, dyes, or processing used.

Cons of I Love Bad’s hemp and cotton socks and underwear:

  • Not a lot of variety in styles.
  • The use of Lycra which keeps them from being made entirely of natural fibers.
  • How useful the hemp is vs the cotton is hard to know since they’re blended, though this is not really a detraction of overall product quality.
  • Not as cheap as products made with synthetic fibers and harsher chemicals.

In terms of pricing, I Love Bad’s products fit what I see as a general price point in the industry. Stores selling similar items are priced about the same. Prices for these products are way higher than cheaply made synthetic products, even though hemp itself should provide a cheaper alternative. As the market expands out more, more cultivation and processing is done, and more competition exists, I expect the price will go down.


I very much like this company and the products it makes. The company is definitely invested in creating durable products using quality materials, with an eye on the environment, spirituality, and personal health. I do hope they expand their offerings to include more colors and styles, but overall, I think I Love Bad is a great example of how hemp can be used alone, or in conjunction with cotton, to create sustainable, long-lasting, and comfortable products. This company is a great indication of where the hemp clothing market is going.

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