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Cannabis Clothes: Show Your Green

Written by Ofer Shoshani

Hemp clothing and textiles are coming back into vogue like they haven’t been since the 1800s, so let’s take a peek at some fashionable, sturdy, spacey, and super-soft cannabis-based clothing options

IMO, if you can rock this space-weed sweatshirt from Revolution Riche, go right ahead. If casual, green comfort is more your style, Nomads Hempwear or Eartheasy might be right up your alley.

Marley Clothes

I’m a reggae, dub, rocksteady, d&b fan, so one of my favorites is Rasta Empire. I mean, what’s wrong with going old school and just tossing on that Bob-Marley-smoking-a-joint tee you’ve had for years? It is getting a bit faded, so, heck – splurge and buy a new one for less than two joints cost at your local dispensary! As you may expect, Rasta Empire focuses on Marley-themed attire, including natural cork flip flops and Julian Marley’s Juju Royal clothing line. Marley Natural and House of Marley don’t have clothing lines, yet, but they might in the future.

Revolution Riche

The name really says it all. If you’re rich, you can wear these cannabis clothes – although they are reasonably priced. Revolution Riche is worn by Beyoncé and the like so when you wear these threads, you are in good company. (Or at least you can pretend you are.) The California Love Tee is one of my personal favorites.

Loco Weed Lingerie

As you can probably imagine, there is a plethora of cannabis-based lingerie brands, and they are popular. I would probably toss cannabis swimsuits into this category as well, as it can be really hard to tell the difference, especially at cannabis conventions, and really, who cares what the difference is? The options range from classy to grassy to trashy, and in some circles just putting cannabis buds all over your naked body counts as clothing! I’ll let you do that research on your own, but just know that even Etsy is getting in on this action and probably making a cannabis clothing killing.

High-End Fashion Designer Cannabis Clothing

As cannabis legalization proceeds and cannabis clothes become more and more popular, Vans and Jeremy Scott have both produces cannabis-print shoes. (Miley Cyrus is well-known for her cannabis style clothes, which were designed by Scott.) I kinda like these, myself. Of course, Rihanna has sported a serious amount of cannabis-themed clothes, from clutches to body suits. If these cannabis clothing lines aren’t for you, you can glance at Cannabis Destiny’s cannabis clothing brand and apparel store directory, and find just want you want. Or, you can go cannabis clothing-less and just do body paint.

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