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How Does It Feel To Smoke CBD Hemp Buds?

Could high-CBD hemp flowers be a safer alternative to tobacco?Space Candy flower (Empire Wellness)
Written by Jack Woodhouse

We know that CBD doesn’t get you high. But CBD hemp buds contain much more than CBD.

There are more than 500 compounds in raw cannabis according to latest estimates. And many of these are yet to be fully studied and characterized. So just how does it feel to smoke High-CBD hemp buds?

The rise of CBD hemp buds

CBD-hemp flowers are sweeping the US right now. Due to the fact they are from varieties of hemp – traditionally grown for industrial purposes – and consist of less than 0.3% THC, they are completely legal in most countries.

However, when it comes to aesthetics and aroma, there is little difference between these legal cannabis flowers and regular high-THC cannabis. They contain a full profile of terpenes, flavonoids and numerous other compounds. This means they can provide consumers with the ‘entourage effect’ – the enhanced synergistic effect of all the compounds in the cannabis plant.


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So how does it feel to smoke CBD hemp flowers?

While the effects are far from the ‘high’ typically associated with cannabis use, smoking CBD-rich hemp flowers does produce a subtle ‘relaxed’ feeling throughout the body. A body high, if you will.

In an interview with Reuters, Corso Serra di Cassano and Boris Blatnik – founders of Kannaswiss, a Swiss company that grows high-grade hemp flowers and produces CBD-rich hash – compare the high to drinking a couple glasses of wine.

“You feel like you should be high, because you have a body high, but your mind is completely clear,”

said di Cassano.

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From personal experience, the best way I can describe the feeling is a sense of relaxation or relief coming over you. Any tension in your body will subside and your mind-chatter will slow. However, your focus will remain and you will be able to continue with your daily tasks unimpeded. This makes it ideal for daytime use, when consuming high amounts of THC may hinder you.

As with trying anything for the first time, it is advisable to start off with a low dose and to take note of how it affects you. Everyone can react differently. Having said that, there is little chance that the effects of high-CBD hemp flowers will cause the anxiety and paranoia commonly associated with high-THC cannabis use.  

High-CBD, low-THC cannabis, therefore, looks to be a great option for those who desire the calming and therapeutic effects of cannabis without the intoxicating high that is not always desirable.

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  • I totally agree with the comment, “you feel as if you should be high but your mind is completely clear”. While this product lacks the instant euphoria of marijuana, it still produces a very pleasant feeling and is very relaxing. As a pre-exercise aid it works just as good as marijuana (which is very good), and it really is an effective alternative to alcohol. I can definitely see this product still having a place in the stores when full legalization has occurred. What other marijuana product allows you to feel good and sit through a board meeting at the same time?

    • It’s possible, as a man nearly lost his son because the common tests used to detect cannabis can’t tell the difference between THC and CBD, so when his son was tested, he tested positive for THC, even though the child had only been exposed to CBD honey sticks made from pure isolate manufactured by his place of work, there are several articles online about it. Also, CBD strains still have small traces of THC. Just not enough to get you stoned, besides CBD nullifies the effects of THC, so don’t smoke CBD and then expect your THC strain to work for you until the CBD has run its course.

  • I love the body high! After smoking, it totally feels like the “pot” high but, without the muddled brain. No paranoia and my body feels great. I have more love for my music and video games though so it must be doing a little something to my brain. No out of control feelings either! So in love!

  • Started smoking hemp flower for back pain it is also very relaxing. Smoked for about 3 months smoked about 2 joints a night. I used most of the popular strains acdc lifter Electra and several others. Started to develop a cough. So I decided to stop smoking it. Well maybe 2 days after I stopped my back pain and anxiety went through the roof. It has been several weeks and I’m still having a hard time. I have tried CBD oil but doesn’t give me any relief. I believe CBD can be addictive. Does anyone else agree or know if others have become dependant on this stuff? Thanks joe

    • Hi Joe. I’m new at this but am interested in what you experienced. Just wondering… were you smoking actual joints rolled in cigarette paper or were you using a vaporizer? As to the oil… how are you using it, what dosages, do you mind sharing the brand name? Thanks, Jim.

    • Addiction to cannabis is completely psychological, as real addiction comes with withdrawal symptoms, I have been smoking cannabis for years, and I have times where I run out and have to wait days before my next delivery, though one time it was 3 months because the person who does my pick-ups at the dispensary had an ill relative in the hospital. Sure, I had pain, but I did not have any withdrawal symptoms in the least, I wasn’t desperately digging through all my things for just that one little nug or bit of forgotten cannabis. If medicating with cannabis everyday is a sign of an addiction, then every person that has a daily medication is addicted to that medication…lol.

  • I think pretty much overall is education on the differences and similarities of Hemp, Cannibas Indica, and Cannabis Sativa. Whilst Sativa gives you a body high, indica gives a brain high, although they can especially nowadays with the hybrids and genetically altered strains can be a little of both. The hemp on the market now is nothing like the industrial hemp 50 years ago, and you can tell qualities by the effects and dryness quick burn. There are many things that are important. Quality, storage. Under the British Pharmacopia any cannibals over 2 years is considered inert and is incinerated. The hemp bud on the market is about the same quality as weed in the late 60s. Most Americans never saw buds until the illegal Columbian dirt weed influx in the early 70s, then the Michigan from Mexico hit the market, kinda bright green gold , smelled like honey and hash combined. So, looking for a grade of cbd is like looking to buy a used car. Gotta get dirty, look at the texture, no shake, all bud. Take a bid, squeeze, if if sticks to your finger there’s quality cbd , if not, send it to be made into hemp rope. As far as all of the oils etc., I’d sit back and do the greenie before I’d delve into uncharted territory. There’s always the option of Amsterdam, a puff on some good hash oil and you won’t be feeling any pain. 51 of 63 years, it’s a lifestyle my fellow seekers.

    • the stativa vs indica body high vs brain high thing is not true. This has been objectively proven wrong many times. look it up. It is mostly just a way for pot dispos to act more professional or try to sell off certain products to people.

      • Agreed, “sativa” and “indica” are more physical descriptors now, than an indication of the affect it will have. Besides Industrial Hemp is also a c. sativa strain.

  • tried many different CBD hemp flowers and never really was satisfied not much relief most of the time, I found Lifter seems to work great to manage anxiety

  • I guess it’s not that bad it’s kind of weak though but people can function better on that kind of hemp pot

    To me it feels like when your coming down from alcohol that’s what that hemp high is like and that was the first time I’ve tried hemp.

    It’s more indica though and I’d like to try a sativa strain of hemp rather than indica.

    And these hemp cigarettes hardly do nothing to me I can’t get a good enough puff with the butts on so I break them off their still not strong enough though.

    And if hemp is legal why can’t people grow it for themselves to use.

    I don’t really like this half menthol taste of these hemp cigarettes i was hoping to try the regular old hemp without menthol or mint whatever it is i smoke regular tobacco cigarettes so I don’t like menthol anyways those butts are thicker than what’s on a tobacco cigarette butt.

    I can’t find no cinnamon cigars so does anyone sale cinnamon flavored hemp that I can smoke and try it out.

    And I think that hemp is cannabis they call it cbd and hemp just to be able to sale it online and at the 420 shops its cannabis that was picked to soon they don’t let it fully flower out i believe. but i can say if more regular pot smokers smoked that hemp they can function alot better

    I wouldn’t switch from nicotine to hemp because i still enjoy nicotine more. People keep saying hemp is sativa when all i felt after trying it was sleepy i didn’t feel any sativa.

    If they can make one that is more sativa and less indica i bet you tons more people would buy it more

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