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Strangest Cannabis Products – Mascara, Toothpicks, Bed Sheets & More

cannabis mascara
Written by Sarah Friedman

Alright, we’ve got vapes and edibles, suppositories and gum, cigars and honey. And while some of these seem like new inventions, they don’t even come close to the weird and wacky products now being offered on the market. Yup, if you’re looking for way-out-there weird, these are the strangest cannabis products you’re likely to come by.

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Different cannabis products

It used to be that if you wanted any cannabis effect, you lit a joint, smoked a bong, or ate a brownie. As things have progressed in life, the options have opened. Now you can vape, instead of lighting up. Now you can choose from a massive range of edibles, rather than accepting a simple pot brownie. And now if you want localized relief, you can apply a cream to a specific area, or use an insert to get it inside. You can put oil or tincture under your tongue, chew it as gum, or inhale it from an inhaler.

The world of cannabis products has expanded out greatly in the last few years, going to places that not many of us saw coming. I mean, did you really think a few years ago there’d be cannabis-infused soda water? I didn’t. But it exists, and in about a million different varieties, from about a million different companies.

The idea that cannabis can be used in ways unfamiliar to past generations has become a norm of current life, but even so, some of the newer offerings are still enough to make a person turn their head and say, ‘what?’ So in honor of these new product paths for marijuana, and because some of you will surely be interested in trying these new inventions, here are some of the strangest cannabis products currently on the market.

cannabis products

While I am always excited to try new products, and always looking for ways to get the utmost benefit from a product, I will stipulate here, that how well some of these products actually work is not yet defined. I list them because they are interesting and mind-boggling, but cannot speak to the efficacy of any of them beyond my own personal opinion. However, while some of these products get a bad rap online, I do believe that everything mentioned below, could very well bring great benefit to the user.

Strangest cannabis products: CBD toilet paper

If we’re going to do this, might as well jump right into the deep end. You read that correctly, it is now quite possible to buy your very own cannabis toilet paper. The toilet paper, made from hemp, provides both an alternative to paper toilet paper, while also allowing your rear end to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Here are some of the options for those who want only the best for their backside.

The company Nordic Botanics has your butt covered. The company’s CBD infused toilet paper has 5mg of CBD per each five-ply sheet. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever gone past two-ply in my life, so this already sounds like some intensely comfy toilet paper. While the company is not making outright statements about its product’s efficacy, it does imply that wiping with this 100% plant-based paper could help with anxiety and improve sleep.

The five-ply paper is not actually hemp-based, but infused with CBD. The company sources the product from British Oak (70%), and British Douglas Fir (30%). Though the company does seem to be currently out of stock of this product, interested buyers should check back for further availability.

While Nordic doesn’t actually help solve the issue of using paper to make toilet paper, other completely hemp-based toilet paper products are available, and given the number of trees we cut down to simply keep our bums clean, the idea of switching to hemp paper sounds really good for the environment.

The Goodsheet Co is a company explicitly in the business of making all hemp toilet paper. Filled with humor, and good vibes, this company is not yet selling products, but making clear to buyers that its stock is on the way. Not only will this company provide wholesale products, but it will also provide a subscription service so that as your roll gets low, new rolls will be sent directly to you. This company aims to help reduce the cutting down of trees, use less harmful chemicals, and to get away from the idea of soil erosion from killing trees.

Yet another company in the US getting its stuff together, is Hempies Paper, which is also in the process of beginning to manufacture tree-free toilet paper, made entirely of hemp. The company has a new web store launching soon, and is collecting contact information for those who are excited to get their hands on this new product. The company also provides hemp packaging for businesses, and hemp pizza boxes as well.

cbd toilet paper

For right now, since using hemp for such things in America is still newer, and products are still making their way to shelves, interested buyers can check sites like Alibaba for more options, particularly out of China. China, it should be remembered, is the #1 hemp provider in the world (by enormous amounts), meaning it already has a functional hemp paper industry. Tons of options for American consumers can be found for hemp toilet paper, out of China.

Strangest cannabis products: CBD nail polish and mascara

Sure, CBD is making it into all kinds of skincare products from anti-aging creams to after-workout topicals to help ease pain. But CBD nail polish? Yup, it’s a thing. To be clear, plenty of chemical uptake can happen in the nail area, so it certainly is a real way to get CBD into the system. Having said that, I cannot vouch for these products as actually being useful. Nonetheless, interested parties should check out the following company.

$12 – The company Maatpolish provides cannabis-friendly nail polish in a variety of options like a CBD – Infused Base Coat, and CBD – Infused Top Coat. Both options cost $12, and are vegan and cruelty free. These protective and healthy base and top coats, are clear and won’t leave any stains, while providing at least a bit of CBD infusion for your nail, and overall, health. The company has plenty of other non-CBD infused colors, so interested buyers can mix and match depending on their desires.

$25 – Another irregular CBD makeup product is CBD mascara, and this can be bought as well. Milk Makeup offers its Kush High Volume Mascara. Made with hemp seed oil for lash conditioning, this mascara claims to leave your lashes clump-free and fluffy, in an intense shade of black. While the cannabis oil in this makeup is not meant to get into a person’s body, it can certainly effect the lashes directly, adding to their general health and fullness.

Strangest cannabis products: CBD toothpicks

This is another product where, while many will question how useful they are, there is a distinct logic. These are toothpicks infused with CBD oil, and they go in the mouth. CBD is an antimicrobial, which automatically makes it beneficial for places where bacteria grows, like in the mouth. Plus, its absorbable by the mouth (sublingual and mucosal uptake), meaning these little wooden sticks can be useful for cleaning teeth, keeping the mouth clear, and as an actual delivery system that bypasses the digestive tract. I actually find it funny that consumers are often told to stay away from them, as they seem to be a very good product for both mouth health and CBD uptake. Here are some options:

$20 – PureKana offers flavored Lemon Lime Pure Picks. Each pick has up to 50 minutes of CBD release time, and contains 25mg of CBD total. The CBD uptake is done orally, and 10 picks come in each container. Directions for the toothpicks include putting them in the mouth and sucking on them for 5-10 minutes to soften the pick and release the CBD. The toothpicks are both a delivery method, and a way to clean out your mouth. Each pick is infused with a natural Spilanthes extract which helps build more saliva, to help with uptake.

strangest cannabis products

ShopMoonPicks is another option for CBD-infused toothpicks. Much like PureKana, the instructions for these picks are to suck on them for 5-6 minutes to loosen them so they start releasing CBD. The picks use sublingual and mucosal uptake in the mouth, with about 25 minutes worth of time for uptake per pick. The picks are sugar-free, 0-calorie, and gluten free. The company provides four flavored options including:

  • $14.99 CBD Toothpicks 150mg – Caramel Apple – 15mg CBD per pick, 150mg per pack
  • $14.99 CBD Toothpicks 150mg – Strawberry Limeade – 15mg CBD per pick, 150mg per pack
  • $24.99 CBD Toothpicks 250mg – Bubble Gum – 25mg CBD per pick, 250mg per pack
  • $24.99 CBD Toothpicks 250mg – Mint – 25mg CBD per pick, 250mg per pack

Strangest cannabis products: CBD bedding

This category comes with plenty of confusion over actual benefits, but a certain logic indicates that there could very well be a benefit from spending your nights touching CBD materials. There are very different opinions out there on this, so interested shoppers can decide if this, one of the strangest cannabis products, might be good for them.

The company CBD Pillow has designed a pillow and pillow case meant to give users a restful night’s sleep. The pillow comes with a memory foam gel core for ultimate comfort, as well as the ability to adjust thickness and firmness by way of choosing the amount of material inside. Pillows come with a 10-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

The pillow cases house CBD using microencapsulation technology that stores CBD in tiny capsules attached to the fabric of the pillow case. These microcapsules release CBD in micro-doses when pressure is applied, with each pillow case lasting for six months with daily use. This product helps ensure a consistent amount of CBD throughout the night. The company explains that a user should try it for a couple weeks to experience maximum benefits, as it can take some time for the CBD to build up.

When it comes to bed sheets, there are options here as well. The company CBD Home puts out CBD Technofiber Sheets that can fit a twin bed, full, queen or king-sized bed. Each set comes with a fitted bottom sheet, top sheet, and two pillow cases. The products are made of a patent-pending CBD -Technofiber, which is polyester infused with CBD oil. Full dimensions of products can be seen online to establish if they work with your bed. Available colors are: white, light gray, meadow mist, and orchid ice.

  • $79.99 – Twin bed size
  • $89.99 – Full bed size
  • $99.99 – Queen bed size
  • $109.99 – King bed size

Possible benefits of these sheets include: reducing anxiety, relieving pain, reducing acne, and maintaining heart health. The company puts out other CBD-infused house products like throw blankets and pillows. Interested buyers should definitely check them out.


The wide world of cannabis products is getting even wider, and even weirder. How strange are these products? Well, several actually make a lot of sense, and time will tell if they truly provide the stated benefits. For now, these products represent new technologies, expansive imaginations, and some of the currently stranger seeming cannabis products for sale.

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