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Automatic Joint: How StickIt CBD Sticks Are Changing The Spliff Game

CBD joint
Written by Sarah Friedman

If the products market is all about finding something new and different, then StickIt might have just hit gold. Rolling spiffs has been a part of weed-smoking for a century – or even longer, and now there’s an entirely new way to do it. With StickIt CBD Sticks, rolling a joint is now as easy as inserting a stick into a cigarette.

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Spliff vs joint

Though the terms ‘joint’ and ‘spliff’ can both account for the same things, the main understood difference between a ‘spliff’ and a ‘joint’ is tobacco. A joint is generally cannabis that has been grated, cut up, or otherwise ground down to form plant matter in a consistency that’s more than powder, but not by too much. This is then rolled in wraps typically made of non-wood materials like hemp, flax, or rice straw, as burning and breathing in wood is very dangerous. This is why kids rolling their first joints of stolen weed with notebook paper get extra smoky hits and a burning in the throat.

A spliff on the other hand is the inclusion of tobacco (or tobacco alternatives) with the ground-up weed. How much of each is used is determined by the user. Some people like just a tiny bit of tobacco, to help it all burn better. Some people prefer it to be a half-and-half thing, and still others will roll what is primarily a cigarette, with a little cannabis shoved in for good measure.

Spliffs became popular in some regions because of the use of hash. If not smoked out of a pipe, the dense cannabis matter must be mixed with something that will burn, and so tobacco, and rolling it up, works well. Spliffs also have the benefit of essentially ‘watering down’ a joint to use less marijuana, which is useful when these products are hard to get, or expensive to buy. For these reasons, in many regions, using tobacco with either hash or cannabis, is the preferable way of smoking.

joint smoking


For most of its history, cannabis (whether as a flower or hash concentrate) has been smoked through pipes of some kind, ranging from hookahs with water, to chillums, to standard waterless pipes. Historically, the first time joints came up in the overall conversation, was in Mexico.

This first mention, which helped elucidate and then spread an entire smoking culture, was made in 1856 by a pharmacist at the University of Guadalajara. This pharmacist wrote about how laborers at the time were mixing cannabis in with their cigarettes. While it can be expected this practice had gone on for some time already, there is no further written record to indicate when the practice started, or exactly where.

In fact, the song “La Cucaracha,” (the cockroach), tells a silly story of a cockroach which can’t get up because there’s nothing to smoke. This is also the starting point of the term ‘roach’, which is used for the end of a joint, when essentially there is no cannabis left to smoke.

In terms of medical use, the first medicinal marijuana cigarette was advertised in 1870 by ‘Grimault’s Indian Cigarettes’, which advertised its product (a mix of cannabis and other herbs) as an answer to respiratory issues. Obviously, not everything was understood at the time. Such an ad could be found in places like The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

StickIt CBD Sticks and a new kind of joint

The idea of the joint and the spliff have not changed substantially since their inception, or at least, since the first time they were written about. Either plant matter is ground down, mixed with tobacco, and then rolled in paper (with or without a filter); tobacco is taken, mixed with hash, and rolled in the paper (with or without a filter); or plain marijuana is simply ground down and then wrapped in paper (with or without a filter). Regardless of hash or flower, or the use of tobacco or not, the idea is to have a ground down material that gets wrapped in a paper, set on fire, and inhaled. This takes time, tools, space, and can be very hard to hide.

The company StickIt created a novel product called CBD Sticks, which can be used to make a joint in seconds, and without any work. With a simple change in basic design, StickIt and its CBD sticks make the process of getting to the joint, significantly faster. The only catch, its not actually a ‘joint’ you’d be smoking, but a ‘spliff’.

StickIt CBD Sticks

StickIt CBD Sticks are sticks that resemble tooth picks and which are infused with CBD from hemp flowers. Functionally, the sticks are stuck directly into a cigarette, thus creating an automatic joint. And it is, in fact, as easy as it sounds. A pack comes with 10 sticks, which can be bought in different flavors: Basil, Cinnamon Cassia, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, Grandaddy Purple, Jack Herer, Lavender, Lavender Kush, Lemon, Lemongrass, Mango Kush, Mint, OG-Kush, Pineapple Express, Pink Pomegranate, Red Grapefruit, Sage, Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Sweet Orange, Vanilla, and White Grapefruit. These offerings are likely to change through time, so interested buyers should keep their eyes on the site.

StickIt’s patent-pending product was devised to make joint smoking more convenient, with the sticks made of condensed cannabis oil (no wood material used). The sticks are said to burn at the same rate as a cigarette, and produce a minimal amount of ash by the end. The company boasts consistent dosing, terpene combinations for the best synergistic effects, and color coding to differentiate different uses and scents. Each box of ten sticks sells for €29.99 ($33.79), or approximately $3.37 per joint.

My experience with a StickIt CBD Sticks joint

My biggest interest in this product is the sheer design. I am not the biggest fan of CBD products alone, but as the company has expressed interest in also making a THC stick product, this design becomes that much more interesting. For my test I used Mint flavored sticks. As I am not a cigarette smoker and tobacco can effect my experience, I also had a cigarette smoker friend try it out as well.

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The sticks are nice and stiff, and can easily be inserted into the center of a cigarette. Cigarettes are not all the same length though, so its possible to have a little of the CBD stick hanging out. I cut mine off, my friend pushed it into the filter, it worked fine both ways, though if pushing into the filter, a user will probably want to make sure not to push it through all the way.

The taste was certainly very minty, better than a standard cigarette. The sticks do burn down at about the same rate as the cigarette. At times it seemed slightly slower, but not terribly noticeable. There was no melting product, no weird smoke, and no foul taste. In terms of how well it worked in terms of CBD delivery, I felt it, but as I’m not a cigarette smoker, the results are skewed for me. My cigarette smoking friend did explain a feeling of calm afterward that persisted for a few hours. He is not a regular CBD user.

I can actually give this product a 10/10 rating. In categories of size/portability, ease-of-use, quality, and functionality it scores all points. It worked functionally, easily, and produced a CBD effect. At €29.99 ($33.79), for ten sticks, I consider it a decent price point, and give it both points there as well. A CBD oil will likely net more times of use, but a standard pre-roll (high THC or CBD) can go for as much as $20-40. It might not be considered the best deal for everyone, but considering pre-rolls can cost so much, $3.37 per joint is a pretty great deal for a quality product. I am not accounting for health issues in this rating, and it’s quite possible that I could see more issues when testing a THC product.


joints and spliffs

Overall, it is a super easy experience. It doesn’t take extra time, it doesn’t create a mess, it doesn’t look shady, it doesn’t require tools, and it can be done anywhere at any time, so long as standard smoking is allowed. It tastes good, doesn’t leave anything weird behind, and doesn’t given the impression that something weird is being smoked.

One of the only drawbacks I can offer, is that it requires the smoking of a cigarette. For those looking for safer cannabis options, or to limit cigarette smoking, this would not be the product of choice. In a world that gears more and more toward non light-up options like vapes and edibles, this is, in fact, going in the wrong direction.

However, it highlights that even in our changing world, sometimes older methods still prevail. It might not be the safest option, but let’s be honest, nothing is more popular in the world of weed than a standard joint (tobacco or not). Joints can be seen anywhere that cannabis is smoked, they can be smelled outside, and they are literally one of the most understood visuals today of getting high. Realistically, they’re not going anywhere, and especially in locations where tobacco is preferred when rolling, StickIt CBD sticks (and THC sticks when they arrive) actually key directly into the standard smoking behavior of using joints.


In a growing products market, sometimes the best thing to get ahead, is to simply come up with an idea first. StickIt CBD sticks truly are a novel product that works to simplify a process that is already used all over the world. I can’t say this product will take off in the way I think it could – things like availability, pricing, and competition will likely play a big role. But in terms of design, functionality, and ease-of-use, this company definitely came up with something very cutting-edge. I expect some kind of trend will be started, and I expect that in not that much time (especially if THC sticks are released), it could become the norm to create a joint by way of a stick in a cigarette.

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