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Put These Tobacco Alternatives in your Spliffs for Best Effects

tobacco alternative
Written by Steven Bridge

While many cannabis users have been mixing tobacco into their spliffs for decades, there are those who prefer to get the fantastic benefits of their herbs but without the deadly tobacco in the mix.

Even though it’s quite normal in Europe, The Caribbean, and some other countries to roll cannabis together with tobacco, many folks in North America find that concept abhorrent and completely counter-intuitive. For Americans these days, cannabis is associated with health – especially in those states that have a provision for medical cannabis, so naturally they would be more interested in an herbal, natural alternative to tobacco. 

To add something as nasty, smelly and life-threatening as tobacco seems pointless and futile. Nevertheless, there are likely millions of people who are doing just that, and many of them do so in order to make their cannabis stretch further and to feel the effects gradually and not like a steam train to the system. Below are some amazing tobacco alternatives that you can put in your spliff that taste and smell great and can even add to a more well-rounded overall experience as well as some other great health benefits.


tobacco alternative

Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is part of the succulent family

Kanna, also known as Sceletium tortuosum, is a naturally-occurring herb that offers a mood boost and can ease stress and tension in some people. Kanna is an excellent alternative to tobacco and leaves the user feeling relaxed and with a sense of wellbeing. There are those who even report that Kanna helps to boost their confidence in social settings and decreases social anxiety. Kanna is thought to work well with cannabis to create a full-bodied effect when smoked or vaporized together. Kanna is floral and tasty and comes with no toxic side effects.

CBD Buds

CBD Buds are flowers from the hemp plant that are specially cultivated to be high in CBD but with only tiny trace amounts of THC. This means that while they look, smell and taste similar to conventional cannabis they don’t get you high or leave you feeling disoriented. With all the different CBD Bud strains available these days online and via dispensaries in places where cannabis is legal, many people are using CBD Buds in their joints as an alternative to tobacco. CBD and THC are close cousins, even though they perform different roles. That’s why CBD Buds are a logical and natural filler for joints, and they also offer the much-touted “Entourage Effect‘ giving the user a better all-round experience.


tobacco alternative

Damiana has been used for centuries by many different cultures

While the Aztecs famously used Damiana as a remedy for impotence, they also utilized it to boost aphrodisiac effects and sex drive. Other cultures have also used Damiana for centuries to treat anything from headaches to anxiety, and all the way through to things like constipation and irregular bowel movements. Damiana is an interesting herb which is characterized by luscious yellow flowers and a fantastic aroma. Some people use Damiana by itself to uplift their mood, but it’s also very popular these days with cannabis smokers who want to add a little something extra to their bowl and don’t want that to be tobacco.


Lavender is used to make tea and also as an additive in cooking. The bold blue flowers emit a pungent aroma, and this is an aroma that some cannabis stains have due to the terpene linalool found in both herbs. Lavender is also very readily available as it grows wild in most parts of the world and is a familiar addition to any front garden or back yard. People have already used Lavender for years in herbal remedy settings to treat things like nervousness and insomnia. They are a fantastic addition to any joint but need to be dried somewhat before they can be used so that they will burn alongside the cannabis.


tobacco alternative

Rosemary is commonly used in cooking

Many people love Rosemary on their roast potatoes or stuffed into that leg of lamb on the barbecue. Rosemary is technically a wild herb that grows fast and covers some serious territory in its wake. Used in cooking and to make tea, Rosemary is also a wonderful partner for cannabis and offers a smooth, flavorful and aromatic smoke. Rosemary has also been associated with improved cognition and can give a boost to memory. It is even thought to help ease the symptoms of inflammation and is one of the tastiest herbs that can be mixed with cannabis in joints.


Sage is another one that had to make this list as it’s both tasty, effective and smells great. It’s also widely available in stores and grows in many gardens and also wild. Sage is a great addition to some foods and roasted meats but can also be added to spliffs instead of tobacco. White sage, in particular, is thought to have relaxing, calming effects when consumed or smoked and it also ensures that the cannabis inside the joint burns at an even rate from start to finish.


Greengo is a unique blend of herbs which is nicotine free and non-addictive. It was explicitly created as an alternative to tobacco in joints and consists of four amazing herbs. Papaya, mint, hazel leaf, and eucalyptus come together to provide a smoking or vaping experience that’s unparalleled to date. The proprietary blend is shredded to look just like tobacco and is sold in handy pouches much like rolling tobacco. Greengo produces only a fraction of the tar that tobacco produces and is totally natural and organic. 

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